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Unknown.jpeg?width=241Obama’s re-election has caused a major boost in confidence for countries like Britain and France in their wanting to topple Assad. But, it has also given confidence to Turkey, in their desire to oust out Assad; but the goal of the Turks is to conquer Syria, in order to revive the Ottoman empire. Photo above right is Obama hugging his favorite foreign leader, Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan.


Theodore Shoebat  A little while back, I reported on the Turkish plan to revive the Ottoman empire, and that Syria will be a primary target for the expansion of their universal empire. Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Hamed al-Hassan, had this to say:

Turkey is trying to reconstruct the Ottoman Empire in the region … “When Turkey’s Justice and Development Party won the Turkish parliamentary elections, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented his party’s victory to the people of Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Central Asia, and the Balkans which were once parts of the Ottoman Empire.





For over 500 years, the Turkish Ottomans ruled the Middle East, and in the years to come, they will arise once again as a regional superpower. The Islamic World is incapable of uniting voluntarily. It is, however, capable of being dominated by a Muslim power. Throughout history, Turkey has been the Muslim power most often able to create an empire out of the Islamic world. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has led the rapid Islamization of Turkey. This is the same Erdogan who actually spent time in jail, when Turkey was still a secular state, for the writing the following overtly radical poem: “The Mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, the believers our soldiers. This holy army guards my religion. Almighty our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom.”


Now with Obama re-elected, the Turks, England and France, will be pushing the U.S. more than ever to push for the ousting of Assad, with the help of NATO forces. That this is Obama’s second term makes this situation even more dangerous, because the president now has nothing to loose, since he does not have to worry about campaigning for a subsequent victory. His actions can be reckless, without the danger of not getting re-elected.





Expect to see Obama’s actions on the Middle East to be reckless, and the cause of chaos. We must expect to see the rise of Turkey following the future fall of Assad thanks to the U.S., Western allies, and NATO. With Assad gone, Turkey will then gradually take power over Syria.








pm-erdogan1-300x150.jpg?width=300Syria will be the first nation to go under Turkish rule because of its closeness, and the expediency of invading such a country, on account that Turkey is trusted by the West, and that Syria will voluntarily allow itself to be under the power of Turkey to fill its absence of a strong enough government. Though, I believe that before this occurs, Syria will be under the Muslim Brotherhood.



This will give rise to a Turkish superpower, which will ultimately expand throughout the Near East, which will pose a threat to the West and Israel. The fall of Syria, and the rise of Turkey will be the result of Obama’s re-election.



Obama removing his shoes at a mosque in Turkey in preparation to lift his ass in prayer to Allah, which he memorized when he attended a madrassa in Indonesia

Within hours of Obama’s second victory, Western allies had already designed a development for Syria, expecting a much more aggressive approach to Syria by the president. England and Turkey are already discussing the use of NATO against Bashar al-Assad, expecting more support from Obama.

British prime minister David Cameron stated that

There is an opportunity for Britain, for America, for Saudi Arabia, Jordan and like-minded allies to come together and try to help shape the opposition, outside Syria and inside Syria … And try to help them achieve their goal, which is our goal of a Syria without Assad.

Turkey is working with rebel groups, stating that NATO has discussed on using Patriot missiles to protect a supposed safe zone inside Syria.

Shashank Joshi, an analyst at London’s Royal United Services Institute, a military and security think tank, made a statement indicating the confidence felt by Western forces in their plan to oust Assad, on account of Obama re-election:

With the re-election of Obama, what you have is a strong confidence on the British side that the U.S. administration will be engaged more on Syria from the get-go

According to British Foreign Secretary William Hague, American, British, French, and Turkish diplomats are already scheduled to meet with Syrian rebel groups in Doha, Qatar.  David Cameron also said that he will press Obama to try and end the Syrian revolution.

As I have reported numerous times, the Syrian revolution is not peaceful, nor is it for the cause of peace and democracy, but for the establishment of a Islamic state in Syria, and primarily, for the configuring of a Caliphate. This recent video says it all:


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  • Are we just going to kneel down and let the mooslimes chop our heads off?


  • This is a scarey thought.

  • I am a little confused about Syria- the media has said that Assad was killing his own people- surrounding the city of Mons

    (This was some months ago). However, the Syrian People may be worse off under the rebels (AL Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood) I heard a report that the rebels were merciless with captured troops- beating them and decapitating them!

    What do you think- In Libya, before when Kadaffi  (Sorry I can't remember the spelling!) was in power, there were media reports that he was killing his own people. So USA made decision to go help the rebels who wanted to fight him. At first, I thought maybe this was the right thing to do, as he was attacking his own people, and the Lockerbie Bombing in the 1980s. Then, there was a report that Kadaffi said "How would you treat Al Qaeda?" and then I heard reports that the rebels treated their captives horribly, executing them, and that Kadaffi had not been a threat to USA for a while (I remember he changed when Bush went into Iraq- he backed off the Nukes)  so now I think the people of Libya were better off under Kadaffi then they are now under the Muslim Brotherhood, and now we know that Obama is arming Al Qaeda!

  • I was in Israel last May and June and a cab driver told us that we are foolish Americans to not know that Barak Hussein Obama is the secret head of the Muslim Brotherhood. He said that the entire Muslim world knows it and that is why the uprisings were happening all over the 10/40 window. I tried to email and write several people in the media and no one responded. I believe him.

    • Rev...

      Yet he got re-elected. Amazing isn't it?

      I woke up this morning thinking it was all a bad dream or a hallucination, then I made the mistake of turning on the News.

      God help us!

  • i purely hate the ignorant voters in this country that put this Muslim back in office for 4 more years on all of us.

    How brainless have the people in this country become.

  •   In the next 4 yrs  we are going to lose many rights and freedoms.  Hang on, cus the next 4 yrs is going to bring some changes in your lives, as no other time has yet.

    • Emily,  Hatred blocks your ability to think and act righteously. Remember WE are Americans and barak "evil" hussein is not. I was so shocked that this piece of filth won. I even asked God why he let this happen and my daughter said, mother, no. She was right.To blame OUR God is foolish and accomplishes nothing. So AMERICANS arm yourselves, stock pile ammo, water and food. We are in for a long haul. Militias get ready we are in for the fight of our lives. To think that evil resides in OUR White House bring all kinds of images of his followers the muslim brotherhood. They hate us, we all know that. I am trying to get myself together as I go to church Sunday and I know the people who voted for this filth. God bless us all.
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      • I have my home in mine and my brother's name...under Sharia law females are not recognized land or property owners and their property can be siezed if the muslims in control deem it necessary or logical to take it over. It is important to know the law that may be coming. I believe that the reason the whole thing is being "allowed" to happen by the Lord is that the Jews in America are not returning to their land. They have left every other nation to go home, except America. God said that if they did not return He would send the fishers. (Christians are fishers of men). If they still did not return, He would send the hunters...they would be from the Caananite line, and Esau line of people...muslim.  

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