"I was reading a piece on a page run by Greg Hunter today and noticed this on the comment section of that piece."



"How can anyone be patriotic to a nation they don’t trust and government that they think is a failure?"



That is a question that each individual has to answer on his/her own. No one answer can speak for everyone.

For me the answer is clear and simple;
My allegiance stands with the Constitutional Republic of The United States of America.

I hold NO allegiance what-so-ever to the “fundamental Transformation of America”; I hold NO allegiance to the current administrations holding power and authority over our federal government, our agencies, or any departments. I hold NO allegiance to either political party.

The Constitution of The United States was written and crafted over the course of many years. It was written with the spirit and intention of protecting and defending life, liberty, and freedoms of all Americans. Each individual citizen was guaranteed the same equal rights under the Constitution. The Constitution was also crafted and written to limit and restrain the powers and authority of the federal, (and all local and/or States) governments).
Stating the rights of the people are inalienable granted by our creator The federal government was restricted from violating certain rights of the people, the restrictions and limits are spelled out within the first ten amendments to the Constitution.

The primary roll of our federal government is intended to protect preserve, and defend those freedoms and liberty of the people, and well as the Nation as a free and sovereign Nation.


It is these and all other freedoms, liberties, and rights guaranteed by our Constitution that these so-called- “Progressives” and communists seek to destroy and systematically alter and destroy, including those currently in power and in positions of authority granted by this administration. It is in fact the very freedom, existence and sovereignty of the United States of America that many of these people seek to destroy.
While many seek to destroy us still others currently in authority seek only more power and more authority strictly for the sake of power.

These individuals are no better than the administration and deserves no loyalty or allegiance.



The pledge of allegiance to the flag reads as follows;


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


Note that this pledge of allegiance says "To the Republic for which it stands",  It does NOT say to the Democracy nor "To the administration" or the burocracy which controls the federal government.

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  • We are no longer that Republic left to us by the founders. Until we get it back I owe no allegiance to what remains of the U.S.A., only to the ideals of that Republic, which I do not believe we will be able to restore.

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