December 2022;
How far away are we now from total totalitarian government regime?

We are not very far at all, all that is required now is for government to declare that they have seized ownership of all personal property. And who is to say they haven’t already done that.

As we can see now who is sitting in the position of President of the United States no longer makes any difference, it doesn’t matter because we can see Joe Biden is not running the country. Prior to the 2020 election Barack Obama told Joe Biden “You don’t have to do this Joe, you really don’t”.
The democrats will run who ever they decide and that candidate will win. No matter who it is. And it doesn’t matter because that person will not be running the country anyway. Our elections don’t matter anymore.

The US Federal Government has been operating like a NAZI gestapo regime.
They have raided Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Florida home, They have confiscated Mike Lindell’s cell phone, Raided the homes of several other people such as Roger Stone. As far as we can tell right now the number of homes and personal effects they have raided and confiscated numbers around one hundred.

The January 6th Committee, Pelosi and her Gestapo DC Police have an estimated 870 prisoners being held for connections to the January 6th 2021 march against the Capital. Many of these people still have not been arraigned or even formally charged.
The January 6th committee has now released their final recommendations against former president Donald Trump. They are recommending the DOJ prosecute Trump on four criminal charges. What they are really doing is to attempt to prevent Trump from ever holding office again. Who in the hell do these people think they are?
Donald Trump has announced that he will run for President again in 2024. But this committee is trying to decide that election two years ahead of time. It’s not going to be the American people who decide the elections in 2024, this committee has already decided that it will not be Donald J. Trump.
I’ll say it again – Who in hell do these people think they are?

Open Borders; Without firm and secure borders we have no nation. Under this current regime in Washington over four million people have entered the country illegally. But they still have to plans to stop the flow.
The Economy, inflation, deficit spending and our debt. This Biden/Harris administration is spending borrowed money like it was free to print, and it IS.
Our currency is based on phony fiat currency. As I am writing this today they have introduced and passed a 1.7 TRILLION dollar Omnibus spending bill.
This is not the first one, they already passed a 1.75 TRILLION dollar “infrastructure” bill. This is all borrowed money.
And what do you suppose they have submitted as collateral against all the money?
You guested it – It’s all your homes, your lands, and all your assets, as well as your labor for the next 20-30 years.

We are only one step away from complete and total Communist totalitarianism.
And most of the American people don’t even know it.
Ask yourselves, Who IS running this country? We all know it's not Joe Biden, so WHO is it then?








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  • What gets me is that we are not the only ones who see this. Everyone does and no one is doing a damn thing about it. People can't get their heads out of their cell phones. The new DRUG of choice!!!

  • The vast majority of those in the USA are completely oblivious to what is happening to their country.

    I believe less than 3 percent can see what is going on and, because many of us in that 3 percent did nothing 14 years ago when it could have made a difference, the end in inevitable. February/ March the end of our Republic will have been achieved.

  • Well, i copied OLD ROOSTER'S ESSAY HERE to e-mails and sent out over 500 around our U.S.A,  I've done the same thing before but only about 3 to 400 and like Ronald says, aint no one doing anything. BUT when you consider that folks pay county,State and federal taxes understanding that "they" would represent us instead of oppose and rule us, it is just amazing how Americans are allowing Communism to creep in.  Maybe it's the roof, enough food and entertainment that keeps our specie's focus off of tyranny and treachery. So BIDEN BUCKS will get all our thinking "P.C.ed" by FEB/MAR and new vaccinations will thin us out........ZIG HEIL  With A SMILE.

    • End times Richard, Biblical happenings, oh to be born in such a time as this... buckle up, Feb/ March is close.

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