Constitutional Emergency

How many Illegal immigrants will be voting in US elections.

Numbers of illegal immigrants residing in the US as of 2019;
How many Illegal immigrants will be voting in US elections.

According to this short search of data available on the Internet the estimates range anywhere from 10.3 Million to 30 Million.
There appears to be no data available beyond 2017 at this point. Most of these estimates date back to 2015.
Some people say that since the time of the first European settlers to America we are ALL immigrants.
I’m not here to dispute or argue that issue. Immigration is not the current issue here. What is the issue here is how many of these illegal immigrants Vote in our American elections.

Hillary Clinton still claims that she won the popular vote in the 2016 Presidential elections.
She claims that she won the State of California by three Million votes.
But when anyone makes any kind of attempt to make an honest calculation based on legally registered US citizen’s versus the number of illegal votes cast, then that number could be closer to zero or perhaps even less. In other words once the votes from illegal immigrants and/or “Dead” people is removed Hillary Clinton actually LOST the State of California, plus most of the rest of the country.

That is a situation which the Democrats have no intention of allowing to happen again in 2020.
There is no good data available for how many illegal immigrants have entered the US since 2017.
But we do know the numbers are in the Millions.
The question is how many of these illegal immigrants have been registered to vote in the 2020 Presidential elections?

Several States like California and New York hand out drivers licenses to anyone requesting it. And right along with that drivers license comes a voter registration card.
While the State of Texas has a Voter ID requirement they also have an estimated 3 to 5 Million illegal immigrants residing in the State, of which about half hold a valid Texas drivers license. So just to be on the conservative side let’s just say that somewhere around 1.0 to 1.5 million illegal immigrants in Texas have a valid Texas ID card that allows them to vote in our State and national Elections.

Escalate those numbers now to the populations of the States of California and New York and we can easily be talking about 10 to 12 Million (or more,) illegal voters choosing our next President in November 2020. Can anyone imagine calling Michael Bloomberg Mr. President?
Or even Hillary Clinton if she still has time to register.
Take a look at the way they manipulated the votes in the Iowa caucus just a few weeks ago.
These people think they “Own” our election systems, and they may not be very far off.

The next question then is; How can we Stop it?
Our US elections systems are among the most important rights that US citizen’s have in this country.
Millions of American’s have sworn an oath to Preserve, Protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against ALL enemies, foreign or Domestic. That oath and those actions required to honor it do not necessarily always involve the use of weapons. (although that is always reserved as a last alternative).
But we must insure that our US elections are reserved to only those who are legally eligible to cast just a ballot.

It’s time for everyone to get involved to make sure our elections are fair and honest. No more depending on others to do the job. It is OUR responsibility, this is OUR country and OUR freedoms we are fighting for now.

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