How to defeat the US Military.

How to defeat and destroy the US Military.

For over 230 years the Military of the United States of America has been the envy and fear of every other nation on Earth. No invading force would ever dream of attacking America. Even Hitler, Germany, and the Japanese during WW-II knew better than to attempt to invade the American homeland. In the war in the Middle East, the US defeated the Iraqi Army, we defeated Al-Qeida in Afghanistan, killed Osama Bin-Laden. Every potential enemy on the planet knows there is no possible way to defeat the full power and might of the US Military.

So – if you were given the task of defeating and destroying such a strong Military force, how could you do it?

So far in the 230 years of American Military history there has only been two people who have even come close to destroying the US Military forces. Both of these two people belong in part to at least one common American foe, The Communist and Socialists Party.

These two people are President Jimmy Carter and President Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro.

Both have used the same tactics and plan. Carter came very close in the 1970's when he and his supporters underfunded and reduced the Military to the point of being unable to even mount a successful rescue mission against the Iranian militants who had invaded and captured our Embassy in Tehran. The attempt ended in disaster because of a lack of training and funding.

Now 35 years later the same groups of people have now learned the lessons taught to them by President Jimmy Carter and a former US Naval officer turned traitor by the name of John Kerry.

The US Military had already won the war in Viet Nam. But John Kerry was able to turn that Military victory into a defeat at the hands of the Communist Party and the US Media forces. They used the media to turn the American peoples support and admiration against our military. Through the use of the US and world news media these people, (1960's radicals) were able to turn the American peoples love and admiration for our Military into hatred and disdain.

Now by using these same techniques and by adding a few more of their own, such as demoralizing the forces still in battles around the world, by making the US Military an undesirable career choice, by purging the Military of the best men and women we have, these people are now on the verge of nearly a complete total defeat and destruction of the US Military.

Obama's latest attack on the US Military involves the discharge of a young Army Green Beret Sargent for the supposedly “Dishonorable” act of defending and protecting a young Afghan boy from his rapists and molesters. This treatment and punishment of the Green Beret is not as much about punishing the Sargent for defending the boy as much as it is about destroying the moral, spirit, and dedication of America's fighting forces.

By destroying the moral, by reducing the funding, by making cuts in all aspects of Military equipment, training, and benefits, by reducing benefits for those wounded in battle, by discharging or re-leaving them from duty, the Obama administration has nearly succeeded where every one else has failed for over 230 years.
Would you have your Sons and Daughters join the US Military right now? Would you advise your Sons and Daughters serve under this administration? Would you encourage anyone to re-enlist if they are already serving?

The answer is probably NO.

And there lays the answer of how to defeat and destroy the US Military. Simply elect your enemy as President of the United States. There is also the answer of who is your real enemy, who is the biggest threat to America today.

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  • Old Rooster,

    I believe that the Military Personnel, Veterans and their families are the Americans who most support and defend this country and the U.S. Constitution. The current political branches seek to slowly destroy it - to take away our American Freedom.  There appears to be an agenda to destroy our military personnel and Veteran population. 

    No one has said anything about the more than 300,000 Veterans who have died waiting for access healthcare. Anywhere else on this planet, the deaths of a group of 300,000 people would be considered genocide - the deaths of a group of 300,000 sick, disabled citizens may be construed as ethnic cleansing.  There should have been an investigation begun by now that includes all the metrics/specifics of these Veterans' deaths. 

    Certainly can't ignore the facts that there are tens of thousands of unemployed, homeless/soon to be homeless Veterans in this country - and that many, both Veterans and military families have to depend on food stamps to survive. 

    All the candidates who want to be president in 2016 haven't had much mention of these facts - and those who are career politicians have not done much to change things - except ask for more money - as they watched this nightmare happen for decades. 

    We need to legally develop and fund a well armed militia for our home front to defend us from all enemies foreign, domestic, corporate and governmental.  Especially a militia that will not unlawfully turn on us, no matter what the corporations and politicians may demand. 

    Heaven help us. 

  • Wasn't General Butler warning people that the US military was replaced with the banksters' military since around WW1?  Figuring this out would be enough to ruin any war.

    Beautiful ideals were painted for our boys who were sent out to die. This was the ‘war to end all wars.’ This was the ‘war to make the world safe for democracy.’ No one mentioned to them, as they marched away, that their going and their dying would mean huge war profits.

    ~ “War is a Racket,” Major General Smedley Butler, 1935

    The waste, fraud, and abuse, the destruction of the moral law, the weakening of logical thought: All this serves the banksters' purposes, not to "destroy" the military but to make it enforce the racket.  Yes, military capacity suffers, yet such Orwellian measures are the only way to trick enough people into dying for the NWO.

  • 'Beyond Belief': Obama Moves to Close Last US Uranium Plant

    This effects all of our Naval Forces, Our biggest carriers and battle ships, plus our Submarines, all run on Nuclear power. It also effects our space programs, and all our future nuclear power plant operations. If THIS is not an attempt to destroy America then please - somebody - explain this.

    Read Latest Breaking News from
    • "Today, however, U.S. production accounts for only about 10 percent of the global supply, with Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Holland producing the bulk of the world's enriched uranium."

      There's your answer, Rooster: As long as the banking cartel has its claws in other countries enriching uranium, the US can just import it from them.  It helps create an artificial dependency.

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