Constitutional Emergency

“A rifle behind every blade of grass”

Anyone older than 60 years old and anyone who has every studied American history will recognize that sentence as the response by Japan’s Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941.
He knew the Japanese could never attack America’s homeland because as he said, “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”.

The Communists and the current crop of Democrats also know this. They are all too well aware that they can never defeat the American militia. They can never fully take total control over America as long as We-The-People are armed and ready to defend our Constitution and American sovereignty and freedom.

The strategic political maneuvers being made by the Democrats and Communists to counter act that problem is to systematically nullify the American militias. How can they possibly do that ?
By making it nearly impossible to travel anyplace withing the US if you are carrying any weapons.

Think about that for a minute, and take a look around at what they have been doing over the course of just the past ten years.

The City of Washington D.C. is a virtual fortress. It is the most highly defended city in the world. While it may appear to be open to anyone traveling around that area, it is actually a Military compound. The entire ten square miles that comprise the City of Washington D.C. can go into a complete Military martial law lock-down in a matter of minutes.

But even at this the Communists and Democrats are still uneasy, they still do not feel secure from an invasion from the American Militia revolt that would surely come if and when they decide to complete that “Fundamental Transformation of America”. To help bolster those defenses around Washington they have now expanded the perimeters of that defense zone.
With the addition of the State of Virginia into the zone of defenses they have now secured a 500 mile perimeter around Washington D.C.

Think about that for a moment, and look at what they managed to do. Look at the gun control laws in the surrounding States.
Maryland; No guns allowed.
Pennsylvania; No guns allowed. (Yes the citizens all have their guns but anyone traveling through the states will be stopped and searched.)

West Virginia; Still reasonably free but they do have their anti-gun laws.
Even as far north as Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. These States have all now banned the civilian populations from owning weapons. In the State of Massachusetts it’s an automatic five years in prison for entering the State with a weapon.

They are now going after the State of Kentucky.
Everything within a 500 mile radius of Washington D.C. will soon be a Gun-free zone. And it will all be enforced by the various State and local police. They don’t even need the Military to protect them.

This is why passing legislation such as the new anti-gun laws that were just passed in Virginia is so critical to the Democrats and Communists.

Virginia was a test case. And so was the attempted impeachment of President Donald Trump.

They are pushing to see just how far they can go before the American people revolt. And when that happens they want to be sure the American people can never reach them.

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Notice also that Barack Hussein Obama and his family have moved to Martha's Vineyard, Cap Cod Massachusetts. The location is another veritable fortress. No one can even enter the State with a weapon. The Massachusetts State Police patrol the highways like the German gestapo. Anyone entering the State with out-of-State license plates can expect to be stopped. And immediately sent to prison.

First Virginia, Then Kentucky, Oregon, Now Utah push anti-gun legislation's.
This is going to keep spreading until somebody gets killed.
And then of course they will blame it on the guns.
"GEE - I can't imagine what pissed him off".

Does anyone wonder why having Constitutional Judges sitting on our court benches is important?
This kind of stuff is why the Democrats hate Donald Trump so much.



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