The Impeachment trial in Washington is turning into a circus;
SCOTUS Chief Justice scolds both side with "Remember where you are", Senate tells Nadler "This is the US Senate, You are NOT in charge here".

And in the meantime NY Mayor Bloomberg vows to spend two Billion dollars to remove Donald Trump from office. Bloomberg will spend millions across the country to run television and news paper ads telling Americans that Trump must be removed.

Remember if Bloomberg wins the election next November one of the first things these Democrats will do is pass massive gun control and confiscation laws.

Also in the meantime, the potentially violent protests against Virginia Governor Northam and the Democrats gun control measures has gone and was completely peaceful, to the disappointment of the Democratic news media.  They were all hoping for some deadly confrontations so they could point their fingers at those "Nasty-Ugly-American gun owners".

All of this "News" and the potential outcome next November 2020 could spell some really nasty times for America if any of these people are allowed to win the presidency. If these Democrats seize control of our Government we can all kiss the US Constitution good-bye. The first thing to go will be the Second Amendment, then the first Amendment, 4th, 5th, and 7th.

When Hitler took over Germany the first thing they did was to confiscate all the people's weapons.
When Stalin took over Russia the first thing they did was to confiscate the people's weapons. .

China, Cuba, Venezuela, and even Iran; It's always the same, the results are always the same.
Tyranny, oppression, death, starvation, and them total devastation to the people.

Understand something here please; I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, I am a Constitutional Conservative. I am now 77 years old, I've spend nearly my entire life studying world history and watching what is happening around us. We have all seen and read about all this stuff before, there's nothing new to any of this. President Donald J. Trump may not be the ideal person to lead this country, but at this point even Donald Duck would be better than any of the people running against him. And any of these people who are trying to destroy him. Remember - It's NOT really Donald Trump they are after, It's YOU that they really want to destroy, AND the US Constitution.

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Several years ago some guy wrote a book entitled "How to Kill 11 Million People".
It hit the best seller's list for a few weeks.

The story was about how the Nazi's managed to round up all the Jews in Germany and convince them to board the trains heading to the death camps.

The final answer to the question turned out to be very simple. "It's Simple - you lie to them"

The next version may well be entitled "How to kill 65 Million People". But the answer will be the same.
It's the Democrats mantra.

This impeachment mess is a mask, it's all a charade to cover up what they are really doing behind our backs.
Pay close attention to your local county and State elections.
Communists and Marxist candidates are being installed into State and local positions where they can influence and control who is on the ballots and who eventually is declared the winners.
Remember Joseph Stalin said "It doesn't matter how many people vote, or who they vote for, the only thing that matters is who counts those votes."



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