Iran threatens Israel and the US

Iran is threatening intervention if Israel retaliates against HAMAS in Gaza.
That's pretty good, - something like Adolph Hitler threatening England and Europe if they try to retaliate against the NAZI take over 1939.
We are expected to accept that HAMAS can attack and murder hundreds of Israeli citizens, but god forbid if the Israeli citizens fight back.

This entire mess started when Joe Biden and Barack Hussein Obama bailed out of Afghanistan leaving billions of dollars of US military equipment and hundreds of US citizens and our allys behind for the Muslims.
Iran, and all of America's enemies now see the USA as totally incompetitent and weak, which we are now under this Biden administration.
Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea now see this as their opportunity to not only wipe out Israel but also the USA and half the free world.
In the meantime Biden , Obama, continues to fund HAMAS and the Palistinians to the tune of hundreds of millions of US dollars.
The Biden Obama administration has opened our US borders to anyone that can cross our borders and enter the usa. And at the same time they continue to push for national guns and weapons control here to unarms all American US citizens. Congress sits on their collective asses and cain't even decide who should be speaker of the house.

Good job Joe, Good Job Barack (SIC) you might actually succeed in starting WWW-III after all.

In the meantime the rest of us can sit here worrying about our gas and fuel prices, whether or not we can afford to buy a new electric vehicle and get 300 miles per day.
Nothing to see here folks, just sit back, watch another old western movie, turn in your guns and weapons, Walk to the grocery store if you still have any cash left, and don't worry Joe Biden and Barack Hussein Obama are at the reigns,,,,,, everything has to be great and wonderful.

And don't worry about the 2024 elections; they have already decided that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, (or Michelle Obama) will win that.
What could possibly go wrong?



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