Is America worth fighting for?

Is America worth fighting for?


America, - What is it?
To some people those two questions may seem ridiculous, why would anyone even ask such seemingly heavily loaded questions?

To others the answer is a resounding – NO. No way in hell.
The way America is right now I might even have a tendency to agree. This is NOT the America I grew up in, NOT the America our forefathers built, fought and died for. This is NOT the America our Founding fathers created.

Elections 2022, the Democrats accuse the Republicans of trying to destroy their Democracy.
Half of the population believes the Constitution is a subversive anti-America document.
That same half of the population also believes that America is NOT worth saving. Instead they believe it should be dismantled and transformed into something different. These people hate America, they hate what America is and what it has become. Even though this is the American democracy THEY voted for. America today IS the Democracy THEY voted for and that THEY built.
And I agree, THIS Democracy isn’t worth a shit. This is NOT the America I grew up believing in.
But these people are too damn stupid to see that the answers to their discontent lays right at their feet. It’s right in front of them. The answers have been sitting there for over 240 years.
America is NOT a Democracy. The word Democracy or Democratic does not even appear in our Constitution.
America is a Constitutional REPUBLIC.

Words have meanings, and there is a very very big difference between a Democracy and a Republic.
A Democracy means that the majority rules, it’s MOB rules. Those who hold the majority get to make all the rules they want, and the rest of the population must obey. Obey or suffer the consequence. All that is needed is fifty one (51) percent of the votes. And anyone with the biggest mouth could get to set the rules.

America is a Constitutional REPUBLIC.
Under a Democracy 51 percent of congress could vote to eliminate our second amendment rights to keep and bear arms. They could vote to eliminate our first amendment rights of free speech, and our rights to worship the religion of our choice.
But under a Constitutional Republic even 100 percent of congress does NOT have the power nor the authority to take away any of our rights. Under a Constitutional Republic our rights are NOT granted by Government, Our rights are inalienable, granted by our creator, and can NOT be taken away by any form of Government.

These people are right, their Democracy is NOT worth saving. And it’s not worth transforming into any form of socialism or Communism.
But our Constitutional Free REPUBLIC IS.

And it is worth restoring and preserving it.

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  • RP...   I agree with you ... We have not done our job keeping the Republic..

    A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    "A Republic, if You Can Keep It" - The New American
    America's Founding Fathers created a republic, not a democracy
  • When the vast majority believe we are a democracy and are happy with it, there is little anyone can do in trying to explain just how wrong they are. Our very own Federal government has educated that vast majority into believing we are a democracy. Our Senators and Representitives have grossly violated their oathes of office and that vast majority have no clue.

    Is our Constitutional Republic worth saving? YES!

    Will our Constitutional Republic be saved? I don't see how.

    • Lee   I agree with you .. Evil is gaining ground sadly ..

      • Sadly not enough agree with that reality, the "strong delusion" if you will.

  • How about those free and fair elections? Them Computers are...?

    • voting machine 


      The Left’s Big Steal Underway, CO Man Caught Inserting USB Into Voting Machine
      Following election night 2020, a massive amount of money and effort has gone into identifying any potential security risks built
      • There were a number of issues in a small number of states and it sure does look like 2020 all over again.

        Looks like the Democrats have perfected the cheat with those electronic voting machines.

        Time to burn this country down and re-instate our Republic. Violence is the only option remaining.

        I'm sure I'll get another FBI visit, yet I'm not capable of initiating the violence required.

        • We have sadly become 2 countries and are in the same position we were in during the 1860s. I, for one cannot see any other alternative for America, the ideal, to survive. 

          • Yes Ron, pretty similar as it was over 160 years ago.

  • This division is deliberate and planned. It's part of the scheme, part of their agenda.
    They can not bring about the full transformation of America without some level of civil unrest. What they really want is an all out civil war.
    As I have said several times in the past - this mess is being driven by only a small handful of individules, perhaps 500 or less.
    The rest of them, those who agree and simply assist when required are what is referred to as the "useful Idiots".
    If we can dig out and expose those top echalon 500 leadrers of this Communist party then they can be eliminated.
    There is no need for a civil war, No need for any nation-wide violence. But that will probably come no matter what.


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