Constitutional Emergency

What do we need to do to force asshole Sessions to appoint a special counsel to investigate ,Hillary ,Comey, Lynch, Obama ,and whoever else was involved in the illegal Fisa crap...

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Damn good question.

The founder of Judicial Watch has offered to head a special counsel for this type of investigation.

Tom Fitton and JW have some pretty good lawyers and investigators on staff, yes. They would make a good team.

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch has also offered to head a special counsel for the same.

You know what this whole damn thing is getting ridiculous...There are claims that ASSHOLE CORRUPT Rosenstien is actually running the DOJ and that Mueller the LYING CORRUPT HILLARY LOVER is running the FBI...What does Sessions do ..NOTHING...What is it going to take to get Sessions off his ass and do something about this....We have a Deputy DOJ Rosenstien who may very well end up in jail and he is in second in command....That is a joke....Iam beginning to wonder if Sessions may have been bought off...I know that is far fetched but he certainly is not acting like he is protecting the President..He seems to be more concerned about protecting the Liberals who were involved in the whole FISA mess....There is know way that Rosenstien should have any job in government let alone 2nd in charge of the DOJ...

Sessions was a Senator, Yes he MAY have been on the Intel committees, but he is taking guidance and directions from Rosenstein. ("You can do this - but you caint do that") Rosenstein is leading Sessions around by the nose. And Sessions is  too damn dumb to know it.
PLUS I can just about guarantee he has been "Informed" that if he goes after Hillary he wont live long enough to see her go to trial.

Rosenstein will not "allow" Sessions to investigate Hillary because he is involved in all of it. The whole damn place stinks like a sewer. (SWAMP)

If any of you out there are watching 'Q' - Jemome Corsi, and Infowars channels ,,, 'Q' is reporting that something is going to happen within the next two weeks. Forecasting massive arrests and Military tribunals for many. Hope that's true.



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