Judge Reinstates Gag Order in Trump Election Case

Judge Reinstates Gag Order in Trump Election Case



U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan imposed the gag order at the Justice Department's request.

These people are deranged, gone completely crazy.
But the truth is they really don’t give a damn about Donald Trump. These people are all what Joseph Stalin referred to as Useful Idiots. They are all elected or appointed by George Soros money and financial backing. Soros is a left-over NAZI from World War II. They don’t care about Donald Trump at all, all they want to do is start an American civil war.

As far as they are concerned a civil war is their fastest and best option to destroy America. That would allow the federal government, the US Military and National Guard, to fire upon and shoot anyone who resisted or attempts to stop the communist take over of our federal system. A civil war in America would allow them to declare and designate anyone (the MAGA Trump followers and patriots) as terrorists.

The Biden/Harris/Obama administration has already declared that all Trump followers are the single most existential threat to their Democracy. They have stated that the MAGA followers and also the US Constitution itself are a threat to their Democracy. That includes all eighty five (85) Million Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and in 2020.


The gag order on Donald Trump prevents him from attempting to expose them. He is not allowed to tell the people the truth of who and what these people really are.

They are useful idiots working to destroy America and turn this nation into Communist China.
This is all part of their “Fundamental Transformation of America”.



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  • According to a report I read some time ago, had the 2020 election been fair and above board the popular vote total was 103 million for Trump and 34 million for the babbling criminal idiot.

  • Instead of trying to save this country, which cannot be done as the damage is too severe and a large proportion of the population prefers tyranny and oppression over liberty and freedom, we should be preparing local groups of like minded individuals for life beyond a Constitutional Republic. Controlled anarchy might not be such a bad idea?

    • I like that terminology, "Controlled anarchy" , sounds like guerrilla warfare, which is what it will take.


      • Basically it is a type of guerilla warfare. I picked up that phrase from a reformed militia organization here in Virginia, The Virginia Liberty Guard.

  • If my last idea is unappealing then the 3% of us that do understand need to unleash hell-fire (scorched earth) rebellion, to the best of each ones abilities.

    • guerrilla warfare, controlled anarchy, requires only one traitor at a time. No unintended casualities. only the guilty.
      I still believe those numbers are around 1,000 to 5,000, no more. possibly closer to 100-200.



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