The term “Natural Born Citizen” has been fought over through the courts and including the US Supreme Court several times.

None of the modern day definitions or interpretations have any meaning.
The only thing that matters is what the Founders intended it to mean at the time they wrote the Constitution.

And that is that in order to be eligible to hold the office of President of The United States a person must be born of a FATHER who at the time of the person’s birth WAS a US Citizen. They applied this definition in regards to where a person’s true loyalties would be placed. Those personal and family loyalties MUST be to the place of the FATHER”S citizenship. If the FATHER was a citizen of a foreign nation, and he was NOT a US Citizen that the time of the child’s birth then it was assumed and taken to apply that the Person (child) would also hold allegiance to the place (Nation) of the Father’s citizenship. Therefore that Person could not be expected to hold his/her allegiance to the United States of America or to the Constitution of the United States.

Again; The only thing that matters is what the Founders intended it to mean at the time they wrote the Constitution.

And the “Natural Born Citizen” Clause of the US Constitution MUST be enforced.

Article II; Section I;
No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Father; Donald Harris, is Jamaican and a naturalized US citizen who came to America in 1963.

Upon his arrival, Harris attended the University of California, Berkeley to get his PhD in economics.

He worked as a professor of economics while also serving as an economic consultant to the Jamaican government.

Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, 70, was an Indian immigrant. (India)

Thus, Kamala Harris, United States senator, former candidate for the president of the United States, and current prospective candidate for vice president in the upcoming election, has competing foreign citizenship with the country of Jamaica and preferential status with the country of India.

If Harris is picked by Biden, what does that say about the vetting process?  Americans would be asked to vote for a ticket that has a foreign citizen candidate — precisely the type of candidate that the Founding Fathers were trying to preclude.  What sense does that make?  The whole purpose of Article 2 and the natural born citizen requirement is to ensure that the president and commander-in-chief have no foreign influence whatsoever.

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  • We need to make a big deal of this, bring it up anytime there is a opportunity, maybe even bring legal action.

  • Here is a companion article on the same subject,

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  • The Democrats are already making excuses for this. Under the 14th Amendment Kamala Harris is a US citizen. She's an anchor-baby.
    But SO-WHAT ? THAT has nothing to do with the Article II, Section I requirement of being a "Natural Born Citizen".
    That argument holds no water, the two issues are not synonymous, not related in any way.
    The Democrats tried to play this same game with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and they were right that time.
    They also tried to play this game with Senator John McCain. Claiming that he was born in Panama. That one failed because McCain was born on a US Military installation and his parents were BOTH US Citizens.
    So the Democrats want to have it both ways, which ever way suits their purpose at the time.

  • New developments just in;
    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead at age 87.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87.

    This Will be significant since the results of the 2020 election will likely be decided by the Supreme Court.

    With Ginsburg gone the court now stands a eight justices, A potential tie situation.

    With Chief Justice Roberts being one of those NEVER-TRUMPERS,

    this could very easily be the deciding factor when it comes time for the Supreme Court to rule on who will be

    the Next President.

    It may be good, and it may be a disaster.

    This could also be very significant in the case of this discussion. The issue of Kamala Harris "Natural-Born"

    Citizen and eligibility to hold the off ice of President or Vice President.

    Ruth Ginsburg was a woman's-rights advocate and she would have been a sure bet to vote in favor of Harris being eligible.
    That decision is now up for grabs in the Supreme Court.

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at Age 87
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  • The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just before the November 2020 elections may prove to be the deciding issue in those elections.
    President Donald Trump has promised to nominate a conservative who will follow and obey the Constitution. Democrat Candidate Vice-President Joe Biden says he will nominate a black woman if given the opportunity.

    Attempting to take an objective view of this without allowing any kind of racist bias at this point is nearly impossible. After living through eight long years of the Obama administration, and after listening to ten years (or more) of racist hatred from black women like Michael Obama, Opra Winfrey, Woopie Goldberg, Maxine Waters, and Sheila Jackson Lee, how can anyone possibly remain objective and racially NON-Biased in such a decision.

    The selection of the next supreme Court Justice MUST not allow anyone with that kind of hatred and animosity towards more than half of America that these types of people have displayed over the years. While it may sound fitting that Justice Ginsburg (A woman’s rights advocate) be replaced by another woman, it will never be right to replace her with a racist bigot that hates America just for the sake of appearing to adhere to politically correct views that a Black woman should be selected.

    The Supreme Court is no place to be playing politics or “politically-correct” games.
    It is not the job or the authority of the Supreme Court to make decisions based on politically-correct or racially biased political views. The Court MUST adhere to the Constitution and it MUST obey the laws, not make them.

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