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As part of their “National Sharia Campaign,” the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) will bombard the Kansas City public with billboards and radio ads. In the words of ICNA member Sabeel Ahmed, who is behind the campaign,

We should use every opportunity presented or created to sensitize non-Muslim peers and school staff with Islam and establish an environment in which every where a non-Muslims turn, they notice Islam by it and eventually accept Islam with Allah’s guidance, insha Allah … Indeed Islam came to tear down the pillars portrayed in a positive way and get influenced of kufr (infidels) and replace them with the pillars of Islam.

ICNA’s press release tells us, “During this campaign, which runs from Jan. 23, 2012, until Feb. 19, 2012, ICNA Kansas City will air messages on Shariah through KMBZ 980 AM (Radio) and post a billboard on Shariah at I-70 and 38th street. The campaign messages are expected to reach over 200,000 people per week. The messages will invite the public to call 1-855-SHARIAH hotline or visit our website at http://defendingreligiousfreedom.com to learn and ask questions about Shariah and Islam. The visitors to the website and the callers to the hotline can request a free copy of the English translation of the Quran and other free literature on Islam and Shariah.

For those wondering just who is “Defending Religious Freedom,” the ICNA was included on a Muslim Brotherhood document entitled “A list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends,” which was submitted (unopposed) into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial. This document identified ICNA as an entity or affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. Further, ICNA was named by the Department of Justice (DoJ), which prosecuted the case, an unindicted co-conspirator.

Always nice to know who’s educating us about “Religious Freedom.”

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    I will not pull punches with a cult faction they are of SATIN.

  • Bring it on you muslim dirtbags.  Who will be brave enough to walk up my driveway with a burqua and a dog collar?  Who wants to meet Allah now rather than later?  We are the show me state, but that goes just so far!  We don't need to be shown THIS ABOMINATION!!!!!!  Someone needs to go have really good look at that billboard, a real CLOSE look!

  • In the first place, I don't consider Islam a religion, it is a cult. But first and foremost, I can tell yo what would happen to this billboard if they tried to put it up in my part of Missouri. It would accidently be shot down or catch on fire. Our good ole boys would not stand for this kind of malarky at all. Bring it to Missouri, camel jockeys.

    •      I wish they'd take your attitude in the state where I live.  But, instead, we put up with the Muslims taking over entire cities and making U.S. citizens feel like we are the foreighners when we pass through their neighborhoods. .  Not kidding.   Dearborn, MI  where the street signs are in Arabic! 

          This is not the religious "freedom"  our Founding Fathers had in mind.   They had in mind that religion would be an individual choice without complusion from anyone.  They never intented that some foreighn religion come in here and start demanding that we, the Infidels,  put up with their ways of hacking off the hands of children who steal because they're starving,   hiding women under a tent (burka)  so that they can't be seen at all, and the killing of family members who get out of line and "dishonor"  the family in some way.  They would not call this religious "freedom",  nor freedom in any way. 

      • What street is it?? I'd like to post a picture and let everyone know.

        • It's not just one street, it's whole neighborhoods in arabic.   Just drive through and you'll see them. 

  • Religious Freedom for Muslims only. As they go after the Judea-Christians of America.

    It has been simple Historical knowledge for Centuries, that they are of Satin. God warns us over and over of them.

    A cult with a Political agenda to take over the World. They have now called for violent Jihad and no more stealth Jihad.

    Bring it on, I say. Americans are ready. You will never win, you will again be driven back into your dark deep hole.

  • Pam


    I'd like to invite you and some of your good ole boys up to  my home.  By the way I live in Kansas City!  Maybe they could get up close and personal with this particular billboard!   roflmao

  • Chain saw.

    • Do you mean for the sign or the ones who posted it?

This reply was deleted.