Constitutional Emergency

It looks like I'm the last one standing, everyone else is gone. So as long as I'm still here, and since I'm paying all the bills to keep this forum site open I guess I can post just about anything I want too.

Therefore I will use this web site as my personal forum and blog site. I will try to outline and lay out the criminal charges and law suit against those people responsible for the death of Lavoy Finnicum. And for the incarceration of Dwight and Steven Hammond as well as the entire Bundy ranch men and those who stood against the Federal Government, but are now also incarcerated and standing trial at the hands of a NAZI Blood Judge by the name of Gloria Navarro.

There is information contained within the pages of this forum site that could be included as portions of the testimony against these people. If anyone cares to read and search the pages of this forum to try to dig out that information so that it can be included in the law suit and criminal charges, your assistance would be appreciated.
Otherwise I will do it myself.

Thanks for the help, And thank you all for participating in this PFA site over the years, and to all those who DID attend our OAS Mission to Washington, Thank You.

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Old Rooster.... I feel your pain and frustration... they screwed up my wife's Medicare insurance and now we're paying more than we have for her medications than we have. Family alone is keeping her in the medicines she needs. Hopefully I'm told we can get some things changed in her coverage it but not til the beginning of the year. I will commit to sending something next month but I cannot give on a regular basis. I know I come at these issues were concerned about from a different perspective than a lot of the others here. I've always tried to share my heart and be honest in what I believe God is showing
Me. If I've erred or offended anyone please forgive me I'm just trying to be faithful to God and not just tickle people's ears with things they want to hear. The world is corrupt and no matter who is in charge they will be corrupt or become corrupt because man is sinful to his core. Knowing that we should continue to voice our concerns of upholding our founders vision and maintaining a limited government. For those of us who believe we must remember Jesus said the world hated Him, they shall also hate us. My primary focus is not this nation as with some. There's always going to be people committing evil in the world, I can't change that. What I can change with the help of God is people's eternal destiny. I'm convince many have been kept so busy with the things of this world, they put all their effort into temporal things, things which are passing away, the hater of our souls has caused us to have a temporal view of this life rather than eternal view. In eternity there are only two destinations. Tell me if your vision is temporal and Satan has blinded you if eternity you are His and what has he promised you, what is he going to reward you with when you are put in his abode for eternity?
"Do not be so earthly minded you are no heavenly good". Remember also all the good you do here be it for your government or even for God if you didn't do it strictly out of Love for Him it will profit you nothing (1st Corth. 13) wood, hay and stubble only to be burned up in that day when all our works will be tested by His holy fire. People come, people go. Nations come, nations go. The only thing constant in this life is change. Only God does not change. It is my prayer for all here to grab ahold of He who is eternal, constant, unchangeable nd know that His government is coming. Then nations will beat their swords into plowshares and nations will learn war no more. For those who read this if you don't remember anything remember this: WE ARE NOT, I REPEAT NOT IN THE LAST DAYS...............................................
May Yeshua come confirm this to your heart, In Christ's Name I pray Father.., Amen and Amen..
Can anyone give me any idea as to why so many people hate "Trump" the outsider to politics and are hell bent on wanting professional politicians in charge? Haven't they seen enough of crooked politicians who seek only self enrichment, power and control? How bad does a person have to suffer before he makes a change? They actually want him dead! Their like the Pharisees and Sadducees when Pilate said he found nothing this man (Jesus) has done that is worthy of death, yet the continued to cry out "crucify him, crucify him!!". What has Trump ever done in the past but raise a great family and became financially independent? And what has he done since in office to warrant his impeachment and death? All I see is the economy is turning around which by polls is the nations number 1 concern, immigration is down, stocks are up, companies are expanding here not overseas, hes strengthening the military, expanding VA health and benefits, re establishing our leadership role in the world even gas prices are fairly stable something we never saw during the last administration! So what's up? Could it be he doesn't want to lay down in a bed of adultry with the prostitutes in DC? Could it be he's a free thinker and doesn't go along with the pack, which the left hates? Could it be he wants those who are feeding off the government to stand up, brush themselves off and become self-reliant ? He wants unity (Pluribus Unum) and they want "diversity" which is separation. Because they are blind they can't see the "unity of diversity" that God has created right in front of their own eyes. Look at the millions of flowers all types all colors living together, look at the million types of trees all living together. God could of just made one type of tree, one type of flower one type of animal. The creation is a reflection of God Himself. He is diverse: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Yet He is unified. Co-equal. Co-eternal, every aspect of the Godhead shows unity in diversity and He's given us a peek of Himself in the creation. Jesus prayed "Father, I pray that they may be ONE even as you Father and I are ONE". And look what we have a million different beliefs, a million different denominations within a particular belief seperating because of their own particular beliefs instead of what the Bible says. How do you get so many opinions and denominations from the same book?
Something's wrong with the world and something is wrong with the church. God wants unity, the founders built the nation with the idea of unity found in the Scriptures.
Each man has gone his own way doing what's right in his own eyes.
Our Constitution, our founding documents, our statues and our laws are for the purpose of unity.
One nation under God. What we have is a divided nation under man.
Good luck with that. Everyone is willing to blame the other guy. King David when the Prophet confronted him about a sin he had committed didn't blame others, he manned up and said "I'm the man". Would that this nation of excuse makers would man up......

One prophet in the Old Testament thought he was the last one too. GOD showed him the at he was not the only one.

I am sorry that you feel that way but when are we the conservative Americans going to stand up for our freedoms?

John. It seems that many who want freedom are just like members in the church. They enter the huddle... listen to the preacher call the play and then go back and sit on the bench!! Another play is called and they tell the QB: we really liked that last play, we even talked about it on the bench, we memorized it and can call it in Hebrew and Greek!!! The point of the play call is to "DO" the darn play. 95% of Christians have never led one person to Christ. Sad since Christ has given every Christian the ministry of reconciliation. We are ambassadors for Christ and we have the authority from God to instruct people how to be reconciled to God. But people sit and listen to the preacher or or in our situation the leader of a movement to restore our constitution
and all that winds up happening is talk. When we stand for God we arnt going to be judged on all the theological books we've read or preachers we've listened to. We're going to be judged by what we've "done". We will in the future be able to judge this nation as to its condition by not what was said but by what was "done". "Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves". I think this statement holds true in all areas of life not in just the Christian faith. Leadership, as in the military must be able to take his troops into battle, not just stay in base camp. For me, I'm going to spend my time in pray and work on performing as an ambassador for Christ. Let me know when you guys are ready to leave base camp and I'll join you.

Remember the song we sang in Church so Many years ago" Stand up. stand up for Jesus. You soldiers of the cross, lift high your royal banners. we must not suffer loss."

The western Christian has become lackluster and only slightly concerned about politics that guide their lives.

We need to find the ones still believe we are in a war. The enemy is a spiritual one namely Satan, but his Demons are hard at work deceiving the weaker Christians. One thing I don't get is how we can go to a football game or NASCAR rally and stand up and cheer for our guy(s), but we can barely sing a hymn of adoration to GOD in much more than a whisper.

You can tell what a man loves the most but what he does the most.
Speaking of the Church, I'd bet my life that most Christians including Pastor and leadership spend less than 1 hour in prayer a day. They work 8 they sleep 8 what are they doing with the other 8? 30 minutes 1 hour for God? Is anyone shocked the church is in the condition it's in? Is anyone shocked at the condition the world is in, the rise of cults and false religions? The Church bares the responsibility for much of it. If your too busy for God, your too darn busy. "God does nothing but by prayer" E.M. Bounds. If you love someone you spend time with them, you talk, you do things for that person, you don't want to do anything to offends them. In short you can't stand to be away from them, their the foremost thing on your mind constantly. Don't tell me you have royal blood of the King of Kings in your veins when you spend so little time with Him and you are not willing to live a Holy life in front of men and demons! If your not doing that you are no child of the King, you are but a hypocrite, an illegitimate son, a sinner dressed in religious robes. It's high time to take inventory each man to himself. Stand next to the Scriptures and see how you fair.
Most people just talk. But we will all be judged not by what we have said but what we have done. When I use to teach Martial Arts I told my students "Do not worry about the guy who talks and talks but take care of the One who talks not those I have found to be the most formidable of opponents".



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