Life is not all politics. And since I am paying for this web site, I can write and post what ever I want. So here is one of my other interests. Science.

(President Donald Trump is NOT impeached by the way unless and until Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives turn over those article of impeachment to the US Senate.)
OK, enough of politics for now.

Gravity, What is it?

Gravity is the electric energy of the universe flowing into the planet.

That energy is then dissipated as heat into the planet. It’s what keeps the core of the planet hot and molten.

Einstein’s description of a sag in the fabric of space was almost right, but a perhaps better example might be to view Gravity as the same effects of draining a bath tub or a pond. Even the water at the farthest end of the tub or pond will be pulled down into the drain. The equations formulated by Einstein and Newton are all correct.

Nothing there is changed, only our perspective of how to view gravity and what it is.

A hollow basket ball, a feather, and a lead ball will each reach the earth at the same time when dropped from a tower, just as we have shown when the effects of the Earth’s atmosphere are removed.

Gravity simply depends on the mass density of an object, just as the Newton equations say. The more density of an object the greater the pull of gravity. It just simply depends on the distance between the two objects. (Newton’s equations of force and velocity).
Velocity is a constant, it is the same for a basket ball or a lead ball. They each fall at the same velocity.

Only the force between objects is different according to the mass density of the objects.

The only thing that is changed is the way in which we visualize what gravity is. Is it a “sag” in a fabric, or is it a flow of energy into the planets? What is that fabric?

A “sag” in the fabric of space only gives us a method to visualize the effects of gravity, it does not give us an explanation of what gravity is. What gravity IS escaped even the great minds of Einstein and Newton.

If we change our visualization to the effects of draining a tub or pond and to the flow of energy then we can determine that gravity is energy, the flow of energy. Energy like water in a pond will always flow in the direction of lowest resistance.

James Clerk Maxwell’s equations on unifying the forces of electromagnetism and gravity. Maxwell was never able to formulate that illusive Grand Unification theory. He was never able to fit gravity into those equations because they didn’t know what gravity is or what causes it.

Albert Einstein came the closest to developing a description and definition of what produces and causes gravity with his E=MC2 theory when he said E (Energy) is equal to M, (Mass) times C (The speed of light) squared.. In other words energy (E) equals Matter (M) at some point in the formulations where the two will equal respectively. Einstein’s theory of relativity is also correct (No disputing that at all).
It’s just that his theory of Space and Time are no longer relevant, Space and the universe are filled with energy, (Einsteins fabric and Newton’s ether), and Time is relevant in accordance to where you are WHEN (Where and When , When and Where). But Time has nothing to do with energy or electricity except Where you are and WHEN those events or effects are observed.

If scientists view Gravity as the flow of energy then gravity can be determined described into the Maxwell Equations. And the problem of formulating a “Grand Unification theory” can finally be completed. Gravity IS nothing more than the flow of energy and it needs no special theoretical designation.

Here is the really intriguing part to this, if we adopt the view of gravity being a flow of energy into the planets. Science says that Gravity is the weakest among the forces of nature, that magnetism and electricity are far more powerful. And we also know that gravity is universal, it is everywhere, and it effects everything. No matter whether an object is conductive or magnetized or not. That is because the FLOW of energy doesn’t care one way or the other, just as water in a draining tub doesn’t care what is in that tub or pond, if the drain is pulled open then what ever is in that tub is going down that drain.

All of this opens the possibility that if we view gravity as simply the flow of energy then we can also determine how to counter act that energy flow. Gravity unlike magnetism does not have a reverse polarity. So it is neither a positive nor a negative polarity, the same is true for electric currents. Gravity is neither a positive charge nor a negative charge. It is not a flow of current nor a flow of magnetic fields into the planet although both appear be present. It is the presence of that flow of energy that causes the existence of both magnetism and electricity.

Pure energy, like electricity, does possess a frequency. Scientists say that we can hear the remnant sounds of the “Big-Bang” by tuning an old tv set or a radio to an empty channel or frequency. I don’t believe that this “static” sound is the remnants of the “Big-Bank” but is instead the frequency sounds of this energy flow into the planets.

If that energy has a frequency and amplitude then we can “tune” to that frequency. Frequency and amplitude also have a point a which they can be balanced, the point of resonant Harmonics.

That point of Harmonics is what scientists hear when we listen to the sounds emanated by the energy fields flowing into the planets and permeating throughout all of space.

Several years ago I wrote an article entitled “The Sounds of the SUN”. Now anyone with some degree of education in science would tell us that any time there is a huge explosion such as a nuclear blast, that there would be a tremendous noise made by that blast. Science also teaches us that the SUN is constantly exploding in thermal nuclear blasts. Therefore there should be a tremendous noise heard from those nuclear blasts. Science also teaches us that the reason we never hear those sounds is because sound requires some form of medium in order to be transmitted, and that space is void of any medium which could transmit those noises and sounds. That’s a good thing because the noise generated by all those thermal nuclear blasts of the SUN would be deafening to say the least.

Never the less those thermal nuclear blasts do create and emanate vibrations, and those vibrations in the “Fabric” of space is what produces and generates the “Flow” of energy into the planets.

The same could be said of the flow and the frequency of the Galaxies.
Scientists have now learned to monitor the sounds and frequencies of the galaxies and of space itself.
So far they have just simply ignored the possibility of that energy being what causes and the flow of energy into the planets and also what generates and causes gravity.

That constant “FLOW” of energy is what we know as gravity. We just have to find the point of resonant harmonics.

Of course the danger is that if we do find that point of total Harmonics that we could easily blow the whole planet up and destroy the entire solar system.
Now ask yourselves how did the early civilizations on Earth move those giant bolders and stones that were used to create the Pyramids and the stone walls of the per-Myan's era? And what happened to all those civilizations? Did they fry themselves out of existence? THAT is a very distinct possibility.

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Dam, Rooster, what was your major in college?   Science? or Politics?

Neither one Clois, The only college I ever went to was a trade-school college. My major in that was GPS/GIS. Which I took for one year and decided to test out. (successfully)
My original training in the Military was in Civil Engineering and explosives.
I did go to a small college for about a year, they asked me if I wanted to take the course or teach it.
That was in Computer Aided Drafting and design. (CAD)
Then I did the same thing in Computer Network systems administrations. They asked me the same questions.
After I started my own business I ended up working as the Systems Network administrator for the City of Londonderry NH.
My last real place of employment before I started my own business was as a Mechanical Design Engineer for a microwave technology company.

I would be interested in learning about possible alternatives for dividing up the USA, short of civil war.  I fear that we are finished as a nation as so little common ground exists between groups.  My searching assorted blogs was not fruitful as so many simply advocate civil war.  There must be alternatives.  What might they be and what do you think of their potential?

Well Burnetta, there's a problem with that idea. Don't fall for the trap. Dividing up the country has been a plan of the Communists for 100 years or more. Have you ever heard the cliché "United we stand - divided we fall"?
That old cliché means exactly what it says, and that is precisely why they want to divide the country up.
Is there a lot of talk about a civil war? YES there is. But where is most of this political nastiness and hatred stemming from? Who is driving all this hate and divisiveness? It's all coming from those who want to divide the country, from those who WANT to destroy America. And they are masters of deceit, they want you to believe that they number in the millions, that they make up half the country. But that's not true, not even close.
All of this political divisiveness comes from about 30-50 thousand people. That's it - that's all they are. I will even give them more credit than that and say there may be 200,000 in numbers. As I said they are masters of deceit.

Take a good look at the 2016 Electoral College maps and look at the numbers in each state of who voted Democratic or Republican, and look at where they are.

THAT Electoral College map will show you where the political divide is, and where this "Civil war" coming from.
Democrats and Hillary Clinton claim that Hillary won the "Popular" vote in the 2016 election. But when we look at the numbers all she had to win was California and New York States. There's enough people clustered into those two States (Plus a few million illegals and dead voters), to give the Democrats the popular count.
But that doesn't even come close to telling the real story of how American's voted or who really wants a civil war. Those numbers don't actually tell who really wants to divide up this country.
Don't fall for the trap, don't fall for the media lies, and don't forget that most of our main-stream media outlets are all centered in New York City and Washington D.C.
OK, New York City has ten million people in it, but not very many of them would really want to divide up and destroy America.
It's all being driven by less than 150,000 people. Those numbers are a lot smaller than THEY want you to believe.
They are masters of deceit, Don't fall for their lies, it's a trap.

Good question by-the-way, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spout-off again.



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