That’s the state motto of the State of New Hampshire. That’s where I was born and raised. I spent most of my life living in New Hampshire. Live free or die is more than just a catchy State motto, for us it’s a way of life, it’s part of our DNA. Even over the past thirty plus years when the Democrats have taken over control of the states politics, that mental philosophy has remained strong and true.

Live Free or Die; It means just exactly what it says. We will fight for our freedom, or die trying to defend and protect it.

Throughout all of human history scarcely five percent of all humans have ever lived in freedom. Throughout all of human history there has always been some form of tyrannical regime, or group of maniacs who have managed to gain control over the population and then forced their will upon all others.
This is what really makes the United States of America unique. It’s what really sets us apart from the rest of the world. It’s what makes America a very special place. Freedom and liberty. The right to live your own lives the way you decide. Not in accordance with the rules and demands of some other unelected bureaucrats in some unknown place. In America no one has the right or the power and authority to tell you how you may or may not live your life.

It’s written in our US Constitution. And it’s also what the latest crop of liberals and Democrats hate the most about America. The fact that THEY do not have the power and authority to dictate how the rest of us can live. They absolutely hate the fact that someone like Donald Trump can become so rich. They hate the fact that people like Donald Trump can earn and keep most of his earnings for himself and for his family. “The rich should pay their fair share” We hear that all the time. The truth of the matter is that the rich already pay 99% of all US taxes. So what these people really hate is freedom. Freedom of people like Donald Trump to become rich. And freedom to live our lives the way WE decide – not them.

What they really hate is the fact that THEY do not have complete and total control over everyone else.

What they hate is the fact that you (and I) do not have to accept what they tell us. WE do NOT have to accept what they are trying to force upon us.
LIVE FREE OR DIE. And the Democrats and Marxists hate that.




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    My Answer To A Letter

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    By Ray DiLorenzo —— Bio and Archives May 28, 2022

    My Answer To A Letter
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  • Don’t ever give up your guns


    America, Don’t ever give up your guns.


    Our founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they included the second amendment in our US Constitution.
    The second amendment was written to guarantee Americans would always have the means to defend themselves against a tyrannical government and out-of-control government officials. It has nothing to do with hunting rabbits or food. It’s intended for self defense.

    In the wake of the recent school shootings every government agency including especially the Biden White House is screaming for more gun controls. They want a complete ban on all “assault” rifles and anything else that could be labeled as a dangerous weapon.
    It is obviously a stupid idea to shot up a school or a grocery store or any place else. Anyone that does a thing like that has to be mentally ill. Anyone who does a thing like that has to be a deranged crazy person.


    But that is NOT a reason for the federal government to ban guns from all Americans. It’s only another opportunity for these government officials to seize more power and control. It’s an opportunity they will never pass up. They said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

    If you don’t think this government would ever turn against our own people guess again;
    Remember Ruby Ridge and Randy Weaver where they killed his wife and son, The Branch Davidians and the Waco massacre where they killed 85 men women and children there. Remember Lavoy Finnicum in Oregon. Remember the Hammond ranch in Oregon. Remember the Bundy ranch in Nevada.


    These are only a few examples of how and when our governments have gone completely out of control and turned against the American people.

    This Biden administration has labeled over eighty (80) million Americans as “Potential domestic terrorists”. They have called all MAGA Trump supporters “white supremacists”. Anyone who opposes their left-wing liberal agendas is now a potential threat, a potential terrorist.
    They will grasp any opportunity, use any event to try to eliminate the second Amendment and to seize all our guns and rifles. They will do literally anything to disarm the American people.
    Don’t let them do it. Don’t allow them to take away your rights to defend yourselves and your family or our nation.

    America – NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. No matter what happens.



  • Agree give up your weapons become a SLAVE instantly ....Look what happened to the American Indians

  • America - Don't EVER give up your guns.


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