Constitutional Emergency

I posted this on my personal blog and shared it every where else I am socially connected.

Makes me sick to my stomach.

I just can’t get over this and it upsets me to no end and from Texas too.

Texas House declares “Muslim Day” but no signatures required on res...


"Why not? Why wouldn’t politicians in Texas follow the normal procedures and sign this important resolution declaring it Muslim Day across Texas? Why wouldn’t these politicians want their constituents to know they supported a day for Muslims – a day to advocate for sharia law in Texas? More importantly, why were the rules changed for Muslim Day? via The Dallas Morning News.

Muslim Day resolution procedure is altered

House members deviated from their usual practice Thursday for a resolution declaring it Muslim Day at the Capitol.

The sponsor of the legislation routinely asks that all names of House members be added to resolutions.

But Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, said that as a courtesy to some members, he would not ask for the names to be added.

Instead, he asked those who wished to honor Texas Muslims to sign the resolution in the House clerk’s office.

Islamic organizations and mosques from across the state came to Austin to meet with elected officials and advocate civic participation by Muslims and interfaith partners."


Watch the guy in the beanie when he starts to talk.

House Invocation - Imam Islam Mossaad - January 31, 2013

On a government platform he gives glory to his supposed god and puts him above JESUS.

The government officials didn’t even have the balls to put there names on the bill.

Talk about taking over from with in.

Why isn’t there an uproar or something about this?

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
In the Name God, the Infinitely Good All Merciful

Al-Fatihah (Opening Chapter of the Holy Quran)

Creator of Adam, Rescuer of Noah, One God of Abraham, Oh Most Holy who spoke to Moses from the burning bush, Oh Most Compassionate who blew into Mary mother of Jesus from Your blessed spirit and Oh Infinitely Wise who Chose Mohammed as Your Last Messenger to be a herald of Mercy to all of the nations and worlds, may your Peace and Blessings be Upon them and upon all your Messengers whether they be known or anonymous.

Praise is for you that befits the Majesty of Your Face and Vastness of Your Kingdom

We seek your Divine guidance in deciding matters for this State and the People of this State — decisions that will lead to the vindication of love over hatred, promotion of well-being over malady, expanding prosperity over poverty, and cultivation of strength over weakness.

We ask that you envelop this chamber and State with tranquility and calmness married to sincerity of purpose.  We ask that you free our hearts from prejudice, greed, and malice.

We ask you to protect our families from deterioration generation after generation.  May You inspire us and our children to be men and women of truth, and guardians of the Most Sacred Vocation.

We ask you who has set the balance to lead us to median avenues that do not tyrannize the wealthy or abandon the poor, that do not stifle growth or harm the creatures who Glorify You by day and by night.  We seek your aid in being better guests and better hosts in a land that is Yours One Nation Under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All.

All Praise is for You Most High, Subtle and Aware, Knower of the Hidden and Manifest.

Mr. Raheem, We who believe in the real God know without a doubt that your Koran, Mohammd and Islam is of satan and is against all that is HOLY AND TRUE!!!!  I am sorry that you believe in such a vile untruth as you do.  God the Father, Jesus the Son and the indwelling Holy Spirit is the truth.  The Bible is the inherant Word of God and is the only thruth on earth!  Believe me the time will come that you all will know you have been unmercifully lied to.    It is not too late to learn of the love and grace of Christ who died for us all on earth.  Jesus is the only way to God in heaven...certainly not by your jihad as you all talk is by love one goes to heaven not killing anyone that does not agree with Islam...that is jus not correct!  Love  always wins over hate and evil anytime and it is the truth that will set you free of the subjigation you and all of your people of the lies you have always been under!  JESUS DIED FOR ALL PEOPLE, FOR ALL SIN-FOR ALL TIME, PERIOD!

take the time to learn the truth -- study--you will be surprised if you honestly study and accept the truth.  How  much better your life will become in the peace that does surpass all understanding.   Mohammad was just a person; Jesus is and was the SON OF GOD..huge difference!! He came to save your nation of people too..accept him and live, deny Him and spend eternity in hell!    There is NO PURPOSE to human life without faith in God who  created all of us and decides what is to happen....It is out of any of our hands-but that we believe the truth of Him and not the deception of satan, the devil and your totalitarian governmental system of Islam or being Muslim!  THAT IS THE TRUTH-PERIOD:   YOU ALL WILL HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT BECAUSE THE WORLD IS NOT SO STUPID AS TO FOLLOW YOUR INSANITY.   BECAUSE THE TRUTH OF GOD, THE BIBLE AND JESUS THE SAVIOR IS SO CLEAR WE ARE ABLE TO SEE THE EVIL OF WHAT YOU STAND FOR....YOU HAVE BEEN SO LIED TO.     JUST LOOK AT WHAT AND WHOM MOHAMMAD WAS...HE WAS EVIL AND VIOLENT AND NOT ANYTHING LIKE JESUS!    GOD FORGIVE YOU YOUR BLINDNESS AND MAY YOU FIND THE TRUTH OF THE LOVE AND GRACE OF GOD THE FATHER, JESUS THE SON AND FIND THE HOLY SPIRIT INSIDE OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!  THAT SIR IS THE TRUTH, PERIOD!

Jesus is Lord Muhammod is a false God. Do Not try to pull that crap On me. Muhammad rapes children at a young age. Muslims believe in a Pedifile. Your Koran states to come and kill all the Infidels. So bring it on!! For you have foresaken God. I love Jesus and I Love only one God.  Not a false God. You Better wake up before God takes care of you spreading false lies. I can not hate you for God tells me not too but I refuse to believe in your ways. We do not strap bombs on our children like you all do. Godbless You Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

All heresy. It blasphemes Jesus.

I will be meeting with Greg Abbott Tx AG, and I suspect he is going to run for office of Gov.  I will bring this up.  I want to know WHO sponsored this bill?

I also WANT a Baptist Day, Methodist Day etc...

17 Oaks good luck with that. Christians, holy cow we are the scum of the earth according to these people.

I hope Texans will vote the people who sponsored this not to vote for them again.

17 Oaks.  Thanks!!  Please post the outcome of your meeting with the TX AG!  I am very concerned!!! If you could get a list of politians that signed the resolution in the  House Clerks office, please post it here so we can know who NOT to vote for.  And so we can contact the scum bags. 

Would like to hear what you find out.

Thats right," I also WANT a Baptist Day, Methodist Day etc..."

Be interested to hear what reason they would have for saying no.

I am so sick of these people elevating what's his name above OUR GOD. This is not acceptable by any strtch of the imagination. TEXAS, have you lost your mind. A state that has always been held high has sunk to a new low. Shame on you.




In the USA we have our own laws. The rude, pushy religion of Islam has a history of gross human rights, gender bias, brutal physical atrocities. They cannot be called a religion. The religion of Islam members can assimilate or leave America. I refuse to bow down to the devil.



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