Military instructor suspended over Islam course


Bring our troops home now! They're not even allowed to call their enemies by their names! The muslim in the white house is using 'Yes Brass Men' to do his bidding! WTH happened to having the backs of those serving under them? We the people say we have our troops backs - I call that BS! If we did, we would have demanded and made this crap stop! Hussein obama and his muslim brotherhood brothers wouldn't be able to continue this crap if we actually had the balls to stand up and do our duty!






(Reuters) - The instructor of a college course that taught top military officers the United States was at war with Islam has been relieved of teaching duties and the course ordered redesigned to reflect U.S. policy, a military spokesman said on Wednesday.

The elective course at the National Defense University's Joint Forces Staff College included a slide that asserted "the United States is at war with Islam and we ought to just recognize that we are war with Islam," Pentagon officials said in April as they launched a review of the course.

Colonel David Lapan, a spokesman for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Wednesday a review of the course found that "institutional failures and in oversight and judgment" led to the course being modified over time in a way "that portrayed Islam almost entirely in a negative way."

"The inquiry recommends the course be redesigned to include aspects of U.S. policy and reduce its reliance on external instruction," Lapan said in a statement. It also recommended improving oversight of course curricula.


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  • What can you expect of colleges, public education....their intent is indoctrination to the the one world order...the BEAST

  • Twana,

    Thumbs up.

    Um, Obama and his Brother Hoods.

  • Another example of the line in the sand, alliances with our Constitutional Representative Republic or the "other one", is being drawn within our military.


  • Twana: I can't agree more with your sentiments but the longer this goes on without opposition from congress as their failed obligation to act as a check and balance on the power of the Executive Branch, the only resolution we are ever likely to get is through means and methods none of us wish to contemplate but may in fact, prove necessary. This will be the most important and perhaps the LAST free election ever held in what used to be the United states. We are no longer united and only because we were not vigilant when we should have been and now, we are paying the price FOR it. Let us hope that through the polls and the Grace of God, there is a remedy we can all live with but, if not, I am ready to do what I think I must,. I hope and trust we ALL are!

  • Islam says we are to convert to their religion or be put to death, I am not going to convert therefore, my life has been threaten.

    It apears to me that I and the rest of the non muslim are at war. Why not teach the truth? Obumer has got to go. 

  • Well, what would you expect with a marxists mooslime usurper in the white house.

    • Steve~~~SaY  IT  LOUDER.  Some  peeps  have  WAX  build-up  in  their  ears..Besides  their  blind..!!

  • It is evident that there are some top brass that will sell their souls for power.  Hitler had the same useful idiots.  Keep a file on the useful idiots and when obozo is defeated then they can be tried for treason along with obozo and his band of thieves and thugs.

  • Should we expect anything less from our wonderful federal government. Remember the discussions on this very site about the training being held in cities around my state and in Fl. by DHS and FBI to "educate" people about the virtues of Islam? Why would we not expect them to foist the same type of garbage upon our military members. We must recognize that the mooslimes are peaceful and wish us no harm. Hell, even the shooter at Ft. Hood has been classified as workplace violence instead of the terrorist POS that he is.

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