My letter to General Kelly and the President, Hammond and Bundy ranch

To: General John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff; Donald J. Trump administration.

I am sending this to you Sir because there appears to be no other way to get this information to President Donald Trump. PLEASE Sir pass this letter along to the President.

RE; Information pertaining to the reported sale of US uranium resources to Russia by (then) Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton. This message contains information pertaining to American citizen's currently being incarcerated in Federal and State prisons, and the ongoing prosecution and imprisonment of American ranchers in Oregon and Nevada by federal law enforcement agencies aiding and abetting those uranium transactions as well as other resources.

Presumed innocent until proven guilty; but that is not always the case when someone gets in the way of Hillary Clinton or other members of Congress. Particularly where there are large sums of money involved.

Secretary Clinton may still be presumed innocent until proven guilty but there are Oregon and Nevada ranchers who are currently incarcerated and serving prison terms so that those sales of western land and resources could be accomplished.
Ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond are currently in prison in California because they owned land in Oregon which was part of that uranium transaction. The ranchers had to be removed. This was accomplished by recruiting the aid and assistance of the Bureau of Land Management and the National Wild Life Administration. The Hammonds were charged and convicted as “Domestic terrorists” by the BLM when they set a grass back-fire to extinguish range fires, the back-fire techniques were successful and the range fires were extinguished. However the back-fire set by the Hammonds crossed over their own property lines and burned approximately 120 acres of federal open range grass. A practice that the BLM uses themselves on a regular basis to control range fires. But when the Ranchers did it they were charged as domestic terrorists. They were removed from the Oregon land. The BLM set requirements and demands which included a fine of Two Hundred and fifty thousand dollars, ($250,000), plus the sale and transfer of the Hammond land to the BLM. Mission accomplished, the Ranchers were removed and the way was opened to complete the sale and transfer of uranium deposits to Russia corporation Uranium One. The two ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond remain in prison to this day and their ranch is gone. The family is left destitute living in Burns Oregon.

Case #2; Cliven and Ammon Bundy, Nevada.
A similar transaction and sale of American land and resources was attempted by Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. This can currently be referred to as the Bunkerville Stand-off at the Bundy ranch in 2014.
Once again the Bureau of Land Management was employed along with the EPA to remove ranchers from the land. Prior to the stand-off at the Bundy ranch there were 57 ranchers in the Bunkerville valley, 56 of them had already been removed. The BLM virtually drove them all into bankruptcy and confiscated their lands. Mister Cliven Bundy was the last remaining rancher on the land which Senator Harry Reid was attempting to sell.
(Presumed innocent until proven guilty) Senator Harry Reid enlisted to aid of the EPA and the BLM.
The BLM increased the grazing fees on federal land and also implemented demands that required the Bundys to relinquish ownership of their land to the BLM in order to continue and maintain his water rights in the valley. Water rights and deeds to property which have been owned by the Bundy family for several generations. The EPA was employed to declare a desert tortes an “Endangered Species” and then declared the Bundy cattle a danger to those turtles. Mr. Cliven Bundy refused to pay the BLM extortion fees for grazing rights and refused to relinquish his land to the BLM over the new demands for his water rights. Mr. Bundy said he refused to pay the BLM when they used that money to run him out of business.
The Bureau of Land Management set out to remove the Bundy cattle from the range.

Bundy reportedly asked for help from his friends and neighbors. This is what lead up to the Stand-off at the Bundy ranch in April 2014.

Upon hearing that the BLM was going to confiscate (and sell) the Bundy cattle several hundred men descended on the Bunkerville ranch and stopped the round up of the Bundy cattle. This was the Bundy Stand-off. The BLM eventually retreated, but Senator Harry Reid declared “This is Not over yet”.

Senator Reid employed the services of his close friend and federal district judge Gloria Navarro to charge the men and Cliven Bundy with several charges. Enough to insure the removal of the entire Bundy family from that Nevada land.

These charges and the trials of Cliven Bundy and several others continue to this day. Several of the men are currently standing trial for the third time because previous juries were unable to reach an guilty verdict.
Cliven Bundy and his Sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy and several other men face life in prison if convicted on ANY of the many charges against them. Judge Gloria Navarro has already sentenced several other men to extreme prison sentences for their participation in the Bunkerville stand-off. Since when is it a federal crime to stand up and defend your friends and neighbors, There was no malice in the hearts of these men, these men did not intend to shoot anyone. They simply prevented another Waco Massacre, this time at the hands of the Bureau Of Land Management and the FBI.
Fortunately no one was hurt or killed during that stand-off in Nevada, not a shot was fired from either side in Nevada. However Arizona rancher Lavoy Finicum was shot and killed by the State Police and the FBI in Oregon. Robert Mueller was director at the time. But the Bundy men are being charged as Domestic Terrorists none the less.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions took a brief glance at the charges and allegations and declared “the prosecutor is doing a good job, I'm not going to get involved”. But A.G. Sessions never looked at the whole story, he never bothered to investigate or research any of the back ground behind what was the root causes or the purpose behind that Bunkerville or Malheur stand-offs. A.G. Sessions has never looked at the Clinton uranium scheme.

The Bundy trials are scheduled to resume on October 30th 2017 in Las Vegas Nevada.

One man is dead already, (Lavoy Finicum), The lives of many American citizens, several of them US Veterans, is at stake in Nevada. This is a total miscarriage of justice and a grievous misuse of Federal Government power, both by Senator Harry Reid and by Federal District judge Gloria Navarro, and including the Federal district prosecutor Steven W. Myhre, and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It MUST be stopped NOW.

Thank you for your service Sir, and thank you for your assistance in getting this information to the President.

Mr. Ronald McKinley
Veteran USAF 1960-1966.

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I posted that letter here on our Patriots For America web forum site so that anyone who wishes to copy and paste it or to also send it to General Kelly and the President could do so.
If you copy that letter and send it to anyone please be very careful how you edit or revise any portions of this. This letter is an appeal to General Kelly for his assistance in forwarding information to the President and it is NOT intended in any way for any other purposes or for the misuses of this information by anyone.



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