Americans apparently now consider winning the next presidential election as being some sort of revolution.

The fact is there may never be another Republican president in America.

According to democrat Sheila Jackson Lee, Obama’s legacy will be that he left the democrats with an election system that guarantees there will never be another Republican president.

Joe Biden’s own comments about how they have put together the best, most complete, election fraud system ever, also serves to warn you that you will never see another Republican in the White House.

We no longer live in a constitutional free Republic. We now live in a Marxist/Leninist Communist oligarchy.

The January 6th investigation committee and recent actions being taken by the FBI prove that.


Russian communist leader Joseph Stalin said it doesn’t matter who votes or how many people vote, the only thing that matters is who counts the votes.

So it all comes down to who counts and who reports the votes of any election.

You can vote all you want, it doesn’t matter anymore, the Republicans will never win the White House again until we fix this system of fraud and deception.


We now know how they did it, watch the two videos, one by Dinesh D’Souza and one by Mike Lindell and his team. Also read and watch the reports from True the Vote people. These videos and reports reveal how the 2020 election was stolen.

The only remaining question is how do we fix this mess and how to repair our election systems.
The answers as usual lays within the US Constitution.



High Crimes and Misdemeanors:

Article I, Section 2, Clause 5:

The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.

What recourse do the people have if/when the Speaker of the House of Representatives refuses to bring forth impeachment hearings? What can the people do if and when the Speaker of the House and the President are both from the same party? Can Congress be forced to bring impeachment hearings?

Jon Voight calls for Biden to be impeached





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  •    First thing to do is get rid of RINO'S and get people in office who actually want to serve America. Elect more Veterans and non lawyer types. If those two things are done, we have a chance.


  • I don't see a way of restoring our election system. We watched the 2020 election be stolen right before our eyes. Everything about it was in our face election crimes. YET, we as a country allowed it to stand as a "won' election when in fact it was everything but won. It is still not fixed, AND we still have people out electioneering as if we can somehow allow the thief of that election to happen with no consequence BUT win this new one in 2024. 

    I have followed and learned about election crimes starting for me during the 2008 election. I assumed there was no election fraud and crimes and set out to prove that. However, I was wrong, and instead of proving what I thought I would, I learned how our country was being stolen right before our eyes and many knew this yet still played the electioneering game in hopes of maybe one true honest election. 

  • You are right again Twana, The 2020 election WAS stolen. And everybody knows that.
    Why we allow that to happen is beyond me. If we don't fix and correct this problem we will never see another Republican in the White House again. That is Barack Hussein Obama's legacy according to Shelia Jackson Lee.
    What we are facing here is fifty ++ years of corruption, and Billions of dollars being poured into "fixing" the elections.
    These problems will never be corrected unless and until the American people get very heavily involved.
    According to our Constitution each State is responsible for conducting, controlling, and managing their elections. And this includes the National elections.
    The problems of election fraud will never be resolved until each and every State is forced to correct their election and voter registration discrepancies.
    The people in every State have to take responsibility for allowing their States to continue with this election fraud and corruption.
    Among the things that need to be corrected are;
    Voter Registrations,
    Mail-in ballots,
    campaign funding, and the money poured into some States by people like Zuckerberg, Soros, and others.
    The collection, counting, and reporting or votes and ballots.

    The American people have gone for 230 years believing that our system of elections was always fair and honest,  ("This is America - it can't happen here").
    Well it IS happening, and it has to STOP.
    It has to STOP - RIGHT NOW.




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