NY AG Alvin Bragg has crossed the line.

Let it be known that NY AG Alvin Bragg has crossed the line.

Alvin Bragg has made it official, it is now against the law to oppose the sitting Democrat party or a Democrat president.

Bragg has taken a Presidential campaign and turned it into a criminal offense.

The indictment of President Donald J. Trump is completely and absolutely political persecution and an interference with an American political campaign.

The Democrats have turned the American legal and justice system into a weapon to be used against their opponents.



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  • In order for Alvin Bragg to prosecute Donald Trump he needs to convert a State level misdemeanor crime into a federal felony crime. This means he needs an underlying federal crime which has not been defined yet.
    No one knows what federal crime Bragg will charge Trump with, - Including Bragg himself.
    “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime”, (even if I have to make it up or create one).
    And this is precisely what AG Alvin Bragg and the democrats are doing. They have no

    federal felony crimes committed by Donald Trump so they will invent one.
    After seven years, multiple investigations, including the Russia – Russia – Russia investigations by Robert Mueller and his teams of Clinton attorneys, two impeachment trials, they have all failed at this point. So Alvin Bragg and the democrats will have to invent one.
    THAT is a gross misuse of our justice system, it is an abuse of his office and his powers and authority as an attorney.
    They are turning the process of running for president against a democrat incumbent or any other democrat into a crime.
    There have been many others throughout history who have done the same things in the past, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong and many others have used the power and authority to persecute and prosecute their political rivals.
    If they can do this to Donald Trump then they can (and will) do this to anyone.


  • Trump Indictments:


    34 Felony charges against President Donald J. Trump;
    Why 34? Why are there so many felony charges? This is an example of how the government officials can twist the laws to make sure the defendant is found guilty of something, anything.
    You’ve heard the old saying, “ If the right one don’t get you then the left one will”.
    It’s called padding and stacking the deck.

    They only have to find Trump guilty on one of these charges.


    There are not 34 separate entries in the Trump business records, there are actually only around three or four entries. These business records are submitted in the Trump State tax returns.



    They concern wether or not Trump payments to his attorney Michael Cohen are deductible as business expenses or not, and what the payments were for. Trump did not pay the hooker Stormy Daniels for anything, Michael Cohen paid her out of his own accounts, on his own. Cohen then billed Trump. So the question becomes what was Cohen billing Trump for? And were those payments a business expense? Or were they some kind of Trump personal expenses?

    You may notice that Alvin Bragg never charged Trump with paying for sex. Bragg never charged Trump with paying Stormy Daniels directly. Trump never paid her anything, Cohen paid her. And then billed Trump for the expense.
    I am NOT an attorney, nor am I a tax accountant. While I have run my own businesses and have hired and paid several attorneys in my day, but never on this scale. And I never had to pay any New York State income taxes.
    AG Alvin Bragg is accusing Donald Trump of falsifying business records for the purposes of concealing another crime, that of falsifying federal campaign records. But he is jumping over State and Federal lines here. State business records have nothing to do with Federal campaign laws. And if found guilty of falsifying State tax records it still has nothing to do with federal campaign laws. Plus those charges would be State misdemeanors, not Felony's. So Bragg is trying to marry a State level misdemeanor charge onto a federal felony crime which Bragg has no authority to do. Bragg is a State attorney, NOT a federal prosecutor. And he has no authority to charge Trump (or anyone else) with a federal campaign violation.

    So in the end the whole thing is a made-up bunch of Bull-shit. Bragg really has no case here. It’s all just made up and prosecuted so that they can get Trump on something, anything, that will put him in prison and keep him out of the White House in 2025.

    As I said earlier, If the right one don’t get you then the left one will. They only need to find Trump guilty of one of those 34 charges.
    By stacking the deck with 34 felony charges, and holding the trial in New York city democrat district, along with a Trump hating judge, they think they are virtually guaranteed a victory.
    They will get Donald Trump one way or another.
    If they can do this to an Ex-President then they can do it to anyone.

    Donald J. Trump Indictment
    The indictment charging former President Donald Trump with falsifying business records.
    • Remember - Under US Constitutional law, Anyone, Everyone, is Innocent until proven guilty.
      The burdon of proof here is on AG Alvin Bragg, NOT Donald Trump.
      But Trump has already been found guilty of all 34 counts in the Left-wing media.
      That's called guilty by accusation.

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