Each and every day there seems to be a new reason to beat my head against the wall. I read the article below and wondered to myself if they actually know that the American people think this Administration is pathetic and the world sees them as laughing stock. Every move that they make is the wrong one. You would think if they were just completely inept that they would get one or two things rights by now. They have not so far though. Why would we want to tell our enemies when and where we are testing a missile so that they could set it up to be able to learn everything they could about it. For those Nations to be able to possibly see or find a weakness in it and exploit it for themselves. 

President Obama has decided to pre-announce to the world once-secretAmerican ballistic missile tests and satellite launches.
The Democratic administration's goal is to show a friendlier face toother countries and to coax Russia to do the same.
It's part of a confidence-boosting initiative launched, so to speak,last fall when Obama suddenly abandoned the U.S. missile-defense systemin Eastern Europe that had exercised the Russians, though it was aimedat potential future missiles from Iran.
Obama hoped such a unilateral U.S. forfeiture would encourage Russia toput pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear weapons development. So far nogood on that.
Of course, the point of secret tests by any state in an insecure,suspicious world is to deny advance notice to potential enemies, makingit more difficult if not impossible for them to gain intelligence bymonitoring the tests themselves.
According to George Jahn of the Associated Press, a confidential U.S.note sent to 128 other countries two weeks ago said:
The United States ... will provide pre-launch notification ofcommercial and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)space launches as well as the majority of intercontinental ballistic andsubmarine-launched ballistic missile launches.


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  • Obama is the best intelligence agent our enemies have in place........deep cover in the open.......
  • Obama should be drummed out of the our White House and ...! Where is the guts of most of the entire Congress!
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      One week to raise the money, or I'm hanging it up, folks. If no support, then I'll just hang it up and sit on the sidelines and we'll all stew together while we ask, "who, why, where, how, etc."

      To those of you who don't wear your feelings on your sleeve and understand where I'm coming from and know that now is the time to act.....THANK YOU!
  • How did we ever get to where we are today. A coward and traitor in the White House and enough more in the House and Senate to fill the empty jail in Illinois. We now live in a County where the 3 most Patriotic American politicians are named Sara, Michelle and Jan. We must make a difference in 2010 & 2012 and even then it may take a generation to repair the damage our government has already done.
  • Sure as the sun comes up we have something else to fear about this Obama Administration. Never in my life have I seen such inept people in leadership positions. We are no longer "UNITED. "
  • Time to run the traitor out of the country! This idiot makes Clinton look like a conservative. Impeach now!
  • Inept is too slight of a word to describe this administration! They are a national disaster! I think we need to call in the military to clean up this disaster!!!!
  • We need to increase missile defence systems in europe and the middle east.This friendly face crap BS
  • Obama demonstrates daily that he does not believe in enforcing illegal immigration laws, protecting our National Borders, threats to National Security, the Free Enterprise system, English as a National Language, American Exceptionalism, American Patriotism, the Rule of Laws, the Three Branches of Government, or the US Constitution. Now he hands over US secret codes to the world.

    The man who has no transparency at all in his administration, holds no press conferences, wags his finger at us, denouces American Tea Partiers as "tea baggers," and acts like a mafioso thug with intimidation and accusation against political oppents... this man... has no problems being completely transparent with our National Defense Codes.

    Have you had enough yet America? How's that hopey-changey transformation thing workin' for ya?
  • Obama is Our Country's ENEMY!
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