Obama enters the war and bombs Syria

By now you've all heard the news about Obama bombing Syria and the ISIS headquarters.

There are a few interesting things about this air strike:

First, it took him over a year to make the decision. And now he only does it to improve his political position before the mid term elections.

Secondly, Have you noticed the group of allies that chose to participate? All Arab nations, not a single one of our usual coalition allies participated, not even Egypt. Egypt President said he would but was sceptical about Obama's long term commitment, would he strike and then cut and run leaving the allies to fend for them selves afterwards.

The third thing that is interesting and perhaps most telling part of this. Iran was notified prior to the raids. And why did they conduct the raids at night? When the compounds were empty, no one was there. All they accomplished was to break a bunch of windows. There was no air defence system to threaten them from Syria, so they could have waited until 8:-10 am local time when the compounds would have been filled with military commanders from ISIS groups. Instead Obama chooses to bomb empty buildings and break a bunch of windows, but not to actually kill anybody.

Don't get me wrong here folks, I welcome any action taken to put these bastards out of action, but this air strike and the way it was carried out is less than a slap on the hand, and amounts to no more than a political stunt to make Obama look like he's a strong leader.



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