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Like almost every discussion on earth at present, the topic of gays serving in the military is convoluted. The level of false information surrounding this debate is staggering and people have to decide if it is due to mass gross ignorance or intentional misdirection on the related facts.

CNN Washington Bureau is reporting this morning – “Failing to repeal the law (DADT) prohibiting openly gay and lesbian people from serving in the military leaves the services vulnerable to the possibility the courts will order an immediate and likely chaotic end to the policy, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told reporters Friday.”

This is the opening paragraph in the CNN report and the premise upon which the discussion is being held. Gates, speaking aboard an aircraft as he traveled in the Middle East, said that “my greatest worry will be that we are at the mercy of the courts and all of the lack of predictability that that entails.” Gates premise is factually incorrect from the start, on the following basis…

• Serving openly in the military as a gay individual was illegal before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT)
• DADT did not make open service in the military legal for gays, it made it legal to serve in the closet, not in the open
• Repealing DADT will not make serving openly in the military legal for gays, quite the opposite - it returns the issue to long-standing military code on the matter
• Contrary to popular belief, the civilian courts have NO constitutional authority or power over the military or military policy. Civilian judges have no authority to dictate military code

So, the push to repeal DADT for the reasons stated makes no sense whatsoever. On this basis, one must ask, why the big push for repeal? Why is Gates worried about courts which have no such authority?

To a gay person serving or hoping to serve in the US Military, I’m sure that Gay Rights is a huge issue. But in the grander scheme of things, as a nation at war and one with many internal challenges as well, threatening the safety, security, sovereignty and stability of the USA, I’m not sure it’s our highest priority of the day.

Current national threat assessments place the rick of a terror strike on US soil over the next 30-90 days at 100%... Yet this news is missing from the CNN headlines and instead, Gay Rights take priority above the fold.

If DADT were to be repealed, long-standing military code denying gays the right to serve in the military in or out of the closet would return as the law of the land on the matter. DADT did not alter military code. It stopped the aggressive pursuit and prosecution of gays in the military, by military command. The code reads as follows…

“(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.

(b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished, as a court-martial may direct.”

In other words - NO gays in the military, in the open or otherwise. Repealing DADT will NOT make openly serving in the military legal for gays. So, why are gays so anxious to repeal the Clinton era mandate, Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell?

The civilian courts have no authority over the US Military or military code. So, why is DOD Secretary Gates worried about what some judge might say on the matter?

Last but not least, how could CNN and so many others get their facts so wrong on the issue?

Do they all really want to return to open pursuit and prosecution of gays currently serving, and restrict new recruiting efforts to only heterosexual applicants? This would be the result of repealing DADT.

This thing doesn’t add up…

Congress is the only branch of government that has the constitutional authority of military oversight and congress did not pass DADT and is refusing to review or repeal DADT at present. Neither the judicial or executive branch has any constitutional authority on the subject.

Gates is not subject to the whims of a federal judge somewhere, who hopes to press Gay Rights from the bench. Is Gates seeking the power to once again pursue and prosecute homosexual members of the military?

Why is CNN not asking any of these questions?

The decision concerning whether or not gays should be allowed to openly serve in the military must be left to experts in that specialized field who must lead young men and women in battle. Nobody else is qualified to answer the question, nor do they even have a dog in the fight.

But the discussion must take place on factual grounds and I am deeply troubled that the discussion is clearly taking place on false premises…

I’m even more concerned that our Secretary of Defense, charged with protecting and preserving the US Constitution, doesn’t seem to know what the constitution says on the matter. How about you?

JB Williams



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      I can see it now " FALLING FAIRIES FROM THE SKY", BROKE A NAIL OH MY' wtf.Do not even get that crap started......

  • Gays have, historically been security threats.  For that reason they whouldn't be in the military at all.

  • gays in the military bad idea. talking about a security threat not to mention a threat to safety. They would be worried about how they looked or something or about doing something to some one else that it would cause a big time problem for the entire company. Besides a gay in the military would not be looking out for you he or she would be watching you and more than likely thinking about you. I would not want to serve with a person that was gay. On the other hand I don't think that a gay person would be able to handle a combat situation for any length of time.

  • this is no place to mix gays,  this is not a racest thing, this is WAR..what you do behind closed doors, i could care less........obama, gates should be ashamed, and if the people don't like they can leave (per gates)  don't push yourself gates it could bit you, and you 

    and it won't be your a$$.. have a nice day in the sunshine?

    • SUSAN you got that right

      You can also tell them where to go and what to do with themselves and what implement to use. these knuckles heads do not have to serve with them so they do not care. They only to destroy the morale of our troops on the ground. For all we know the queers will be looking down the pants every chance they get. remember gates and some of the others prefer the gay vote because that's all they can get. We need to get the queers out of the house and bac k where they belong and that's in the zoo in the monkey cage.

  • I just turned 80 years old on Oct 4th and never in my life have I seen such a mess of pottage in any direction one looks at the Obama administration.  The nation has been running away from morality for a century.  approximately 55 million babies aborted, homo's in the military causing havoc among the congress and top military brass,  extorting favortism at the ballot box, adultry and fornication everywhere, congressmen serving only to get a good retirement plan,congress failing to keep a check and balance on banking institutions, a corrupt federal reserve system which usurped the congress in printing and regulating the value of currency, congress permitting the use of useless paper money. where will it all end?  It'l end in  a crash.


         b%#*h  OVER BOARD......

    • Does anyone know what the word "Havoc" means anymore?  When I refer to "crash" I mean we will--nestle into a bitter communist dictatorship because our leader (misnomer) Barak Heussein Obama is gouging the mortar from the bricks of our Constitutional Republican for of government.  Thats why he can stroll by the oil spill some 65 days after the fact; and whistle past the Mexican border crisis and ask the UN to be involved into the Arizona dilemma.  Why isn't Congress bringing charges against the direlect who passes his time in the oval office weaking havoc on the nation?

      • Because most of congress wants the same thing he does and being the total destruction of the country that's is why he is SURRENDERING OUR SOVEREIGNTY that has already begun and we are under the thumb of the UN, This is taken out of the AMERICAN RIFLEMAN last month. this gay of a perz. that we have along with everybody else on his staff have been doing everything they can to wipe our constitution and our country off the map and make us no better than the lowest third world nation. That is his intention and as such he is doing everything he can to accomplish that. Remember what he said in some of his speeches " AMERICA IS NO LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION BUT A WORLD NATION AND A MASLAM ONE.

      • Best guess; besides the ones from the Democratic Socialist Party who WANT his agenda too; the rest are too scared of POSSIBLE backlash from the "minority" communities. mainly the blacks, especially the likes of Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al,  to stand on the principals of the Constitution and force him out on charges of treachery and fraud, among other egregious acts!  And I do know what havoc means; it's exactly the correct word for the situation!

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