ObamACAre: A Strategic Response for Individuals and Businesses – Our Middle Class Rescue Plan

I am excited to tell you about my new book! 


ObamACAre: A Strategic Response for Individuals and Businesses – Our Middle Class Rescue Plan

Bob Ostrander, Matthew Fields, Julie Klusty


I would really appreciate it if you could introduce this book to all your contacts.  Unless those in position of influence DO SOMETHING NOW, I’m afraid our republic will be erased in the next few months by way of the ACA. 


After Bob (financial advisor) Matt (attorney and health insurance consultant) told me what they learned from their respective expertise, I (American patriot) almost fell over myself to help them write and edit it.  Our audience is middle class, working poor, Christian, American citizens – or almost everyone in the whole nation!  We simply must reach them with a way to counter the radical, regressive agenda plaguing the halls of power and influence.


Here is the pitch:  All American employers and individuals need the proper knowledge before they make 2015 health care decisions …  Dropped coverage, rising deductibles, tax penalties, financial cliffs all make the future of healthcare and compensation uncertain for families, especially in the middle class. How will you navigate this complicated environment to ensure you are doing the best you can? The healthcare system is in crisis. People need help.


The report is available as a printed booklet OR as a download. Both are $9.99.  Please see more details here:  http://centerpointstewardship.com/


You can listen to my radio appearance promoting the report here: 


I encourage you to check it out and introduce this work to the shakers and movers.  There is a great danger that the ACA will wipe out American wealth unless we are a wise and discerning people. 

Our friends and family need to know this vital information.


Servant of Christ,



Julie Klusty

JFK Administrative Services, ltd

Columbus, OH  43221







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I hate to rant on your parade, but don't take it personally, but Do you have any idea how you are going to get this sold to the American People? Forget selling booklets and downloads, the people don't have enough VOTES to sell the idea, much less get the House of Representative and the Congress no goods to do the right thing. Boehner, the whiner will not do anything for the American People because he is all in on the Deception of the American People, he will not even tackle the "Impeachment" problem because he is part of the problem. The American People know it, but he ignores it, because he would have to do some more "Whining" over his spilled milk and that would make him look bad for the Republicans, who by the way are all in with Boehner the Whiner......They, the demorats all Voted for ACA and the Rino's maintain to keep it........

I am working with WND and other radio/internet entities who are like minded and see the need to get this information out. 

I am also contacting everyone I know in all the nationwide patriot groups, so they can pass it on to everyone they know...

Political games and tyranny aside... it is up to each of us to get the word out to We The People.

The elites certainly aren't going to lift a finger to help us.



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