Our Warriors Deserve Better


Penned by Sarah Palin Monday, March 5, 2012 at 3:55pm ·

Every American should be alarmed at Barack Obama’s priorities, which are illustrated starkly and astonishingly in his cuts to national defense. Those of us with family members in the military, especially, cannot help but be shocked and disappointed by the Commander in Chief’s decision to cut our troops and the benefits they have earned. It’s amazing when you consider all the government waste and the fact that the compensation and benefits of politicians (including the President) only increase, never decrease.


In a recent newsletter, Congressman Allen West points out

The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched. As well, we are looking at cutting close to 130,000 uniformed troops, but cutting only 7,000 Department of Defense civilians.


In addition, the Obama administration is looking to create a BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) commission to examine changing the military retirement system. If you do the analysis, you find that less than one percent of the American adult population draws a retirement from serving in the United States Military. The idea of taking out the United States economy budget woes on our military is despicable.


The most alarming points about the healthcare plan include: 


- Increases between 30 percent to 78 percent in TRICARE annual premiums for the first year.  After that, the plan would impose five-year increases ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent.  That's more than three times current levels....


- The new plan also hits active duty personnel by increasing co-payments for pharmaceuticals and eliminating incentives for using generic drugs.


- Veterans will also be hit with a new annual fee for the TRICARE for Life program, on top of the monthly premiums already being paid. In addition, some benefits will become “means-tested,” making them similar to the welfare system than as a benefit for Military service.


Congressman West is right. This is “despicable.” Instead of reforming our insolvent entitlement programs (which the President’s own debt commission recommended) and instead of taking a cleaver to all the waste, fraud, and abuse of our tax dollars perpetrated and perpetuated by the crony capitalism of the permanent political class in DC, this administration makes our brave men and women in uniform bear the brunt of our deficit woes. It’s shameful. The President’s actions are shameful!


For all his talk about slashing troops in the name of making the military “more efficient,” I believe Barack Obama will find these numbers will fall on their own. I predict our troops will cut their own numbers by not voluntarily enlisting at the levels we’ve previously seen or by getting out of the service as quickly as possible because of their Commander in Chief’s lack of support and lack of a clear mission for them.


After watching the administration “tsk-tsking” the conditions our brave men and women in uniform fight through everyday and listening to the apologizing for our troops’ actions in war zones, I stand amazed and impressed at our military personnel's loyalty to the office of the Commander in Chief. I understand and am thankful for that loyalty. They deserve better. They watch the President’s complacency as the media seems to forget our fallen by choosing to give more ink and airtime to a phone call the President makes to praise a 30-year-old college student’s “courage” in publicly speaking about her birth control desires than they’ve given to any of our recent soldiers’ ultimate courage and sacrifice on battlefields far from home. Has he made as great an effort to personally encourage the families of the fallen? His priorities are skewed.


For our courageous men and women in uniform and for the security of our nation, November can’t come soon enough.


- Sarah Palin



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  • We need all of our current military people home to take our country back from the marxists that have seized control of our beloved country.

  • Absolutely Shameless and I bet the Congress is going along with this, too.  Waiting on the call....

  • Why do you think mcCAIN wants to start bombing Syria, makes one wonder?


  • Everyday the BP is rising........there is an eruption point of devastating proportion...if the Dad that asked Mitt Romney to look him the eye and confirm that Mitt would take care of his son and all soldiers wasn't heart breaking, I don't know what is..  The sorry sack of sh...t in the White House reduced the son's benefits...a soldier with tramatic brain injury.......

    Talk about despicable.........the lowest of the low is Barack Obama, the first illegal president in American history.....and worthless to boot.

  • Yes, if the Congress does go along with these ridiculous changes, the military/defense of our country will be seriously jeopardized.  The military does need to remain "in country" in order to protect us from this marxist insanity.

    I see the only Republican candidate who is truly interested in defending our military and facing/ hammering Obama as Newt Gingrich.  Believe Newt would turn everything around that this impostOr has done to destroy the military, plus he will return the military to the prominence it deserves.

    • Here is my problem with all of the candidates for the GOP, all but one have "Anti-gun" viewpoints or will not respond to Survey's on their views toward the second amendment. I am also almost of the view, that a write-in vote is better than not voting for any of the anti-gun views of the present candidates.....There is not a good choice in any and I personally don't like how they all voted in past 2nd amendment legislation.  Just my viewpoint....

  • Think we'll still be in one piece by the time Nov rolls around with the chance that he may get another 4 years?

  • I had a gut feeling his intent was to destroy America. He has proven that gut feeling Right. What angers me is the support he has received from Congress -and from the Courts.It is as if the bulk of our Govt. is broken beyond repair.And what is the fix proposed by the Washington Insiders-- they want us to vote for a paler shade of Obama -Why because Barbara Bush and others want us to.

  • Sarah Palin is so right on. The way our brave men and women have been treated, and will be treated, if we don't get the the right person in the White House, is disgraceful, and must truly make them feel so humilitated to say the least.  I'm so proud of our courageous, hard-working, faithful men and women that are protecting our country, and because of them, we can lay our heads down at night, knowing that we are protected because of them. Thank you to all of you that have served, are serving and will serve.  Thank you for the sacrifice of yourself and your families....you deserve the best care, the best of everything America has to offer in medical care, salaries, honor and much more.  We HAVE TO GET SOMEONE IN THE WHITE HOUSE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING....A TRUE AMERICAN THAT LOVES AMERICA, LOVES ISRAEL, AND WILL HAVE THE GUTS AND BACKBONE TO STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.  I personally think that person is Newt Gingrich.  Who would you trust most, with the most experience, if we had a disaster or were attacked, or war came upon us?  I would trust Newt...I hope he gets elected, but ANYONE running would be better than what we have now.  Thank you Sarah Palin for being outspoken, bold, brave and not afraid to share the truth...keep standing!

  • Our wounded warriors are seriously getting the short end of the stick. In the Austin Statesman newspaper last week was a picture of soldiers at Ft Hood standing in line at a food bank.  Now I hear rumblings in the future that they want to "unionize" our military to collect the dues. 

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