July 19th, 2018; Nevada judge Gloria Navarro has sentenced Todd Engles to an additional 14 years imprisonment over and above the time he has already served.
I am in hopes that this thread will be used to help gather and collect the names of ALL the men involved in both the Bundy ranch stand off and also the Malhaur Wild Life reserve in Burns Oregon.
Several men have already been sentenced to extremely long prison terms by the judges from Nevada and Oregon.
If the friends and patriots who support these men are ever going to present any type of petitions to President Donald Trump then it should include the names and places of ALL of these men. It should include the names of all the judges and prosecutors and anyone else that was involved is prosecuting and sentencing these men.
This page and thread is not intended to collect the names of these judges and prosecutors so that it can be used to threaten or cause physical harm or danger to these people, but so that if and when possible these people may be removed from the offices or our Federal and State judicial systems. We believe these people are corrupt and abusing the authority of their offices for their own personal BIOS and animosity and political hatred for America and our current President Donald J. Trump. This kind of corruption  and abuse of legal authority must be stopped, these men did no more than to stand up against the corruption of the Federal Government to prevent the intended murder of the Bundy family and also to protest the sentencing of Dwight and Steven Hammond who the President has already pardoned.
It is now time to free Todd Engles and all the other men who are currently incarcerated at the hands of these corrupt Federal officials.
Help us gather those names so that proper petitions can be presented to free ALL of them.

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  • ABOLISH THE BLM.....Reconstruct a different agency to manage federal lands...To much crime embedded in the BLM...

  • This is a sample letter that was written to the Governor on behalf of Terry Trussell. It can be edited and modified for use in trying to get Jerry DeLemus and the others released.
    People more familiar with these cases should be the people who try to write these letters.
    IF you would like you may copy this letter and use it as a format to write one that is appropriate and fitting for Jerry DeLemus and Todd Engle.
    Once someone has written a good letter it can be posted here on this site and then many other people can also copy it and send it to the president.


    Governor Ron DeSantis

    State of Florida
    The Capitol
    400 S. Monroe St.
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

    Dear Governor DeSantis;
     Congratulations on your election as Governor of the great State of Florida.
    We wish you success in all your endeavors as Governor. We are confident that under your leadership the State of Florida will continue to grow and prosper.

    However there is one issue of great importance that we must beg your attention to. That is the release and clemency of a 75 year old Vietnam war veteran who is currently being held in a Florida State penitentiary for what we consider to be false and excessive charges.

    Governor DeSantis, Sir, This is a request for consideration for commutation of sentence, a request for clemency, and the immediate release for Mister Terry George Trussell.

    Terry Trussell is currently being held in a Florida prison serving 8 ¾ years for “Impersonating” a public official of the court and “harassment” on a Public official.

    If anyone were to simply read the prosecutors indictments and the charges against Mister Trussell they would be lead to believe that Mr. Trussell is a dangerous and potentially violent criminal, a potential terrorist.

    Nothing could possibly be further from the truth.

    Terry Trussell's "harassment" on a public official was that he attempted to file a complaint against a State Attorney for misconduct. That's it - That is all he did. There was never any kind of actual "Assault" or harassment, no physical confrontation nor any threat of physical harm of any kind ever occurred nor was any type of physical confrontation ever attempted. He ATTEMPTED to file a complaint and for that he was charged with harassment on a Public official. A crime which is generally reserved for violent terrorists and acts of terrorism.

    Impersonating” a Public Official:
    When his attempts to file a complaint with the County judge failed and were rejected, following US Common-Law procedures, Mr. Trussell was invited to discuss those complaints with a People's Common-Law Grand Jury. For that he was charged with Impersonating a Public Official of the Court.

    Eventually there were 14 charges and indictments filed against Terry Trussell. All of them surrounding these main allegations. Mr. Trussell was convicted on five of the fourteen charges and sentenced to eight and three quarter (8-3/4) years in prison by Tallahassee Judge Hankinson.

    Governor DeSantis, we respectfully request that you and the State of Florida board of Clemency take immediate action to review this case and these charges against Mister Terry Trussell and issue an immediate commutation of sentence and complete clemency, and the immediate release of this US Vietnam war veteran.

    Subject Contact Data;
    Terry George Trussell, I15405

    Union Correctional Institute
    PO Box 1000
    Raiford, FL. 32083

  • Posted on FaceBook by Susan DeLemus, 10/16/2018;

    Please send Jerry DeLemus a letter or card. His birthday is November 25th.
    His address is:

    Gerald DeLemus 15263-049
    FMC Devens
    Federal Medical Center
    P.O. Box 879
    Ayer, MA 01432

    • It think I finally got a list of the Bundy related men that are in prison, along with their names and where they can be contacted. These names and prison addresses can be used to generate letters to the President seeking and asking for them to issue Consideration for commutation of sentences.
      Please note the wording here, it's NOT a Pardon they are seeking. A Pardon is used only for those who have already served their entire prison sentence and have been released.

      This is the same thing we are seeking for Terry Trussell except that these man were sentenced by a Federal judge, Terry Trussell was sentenced by a Florida State judge.

      At any rate, here's the list I got.

      For those of us who want to write each week to a P3. There are still 4 left behind in prison, Here are their addresses. Your letters and your prayers will be much appreciated.
      <3 :)

      Todd Engel #18427023
      USP Lompoc
      US Penitentiary
      3901 Klein Blvd
      Lompoc, CA 93436

      Greg P Burleson #56875408
      USP Allenwood
      US Penitentiary
      PO Box 3000
      White Deer PA 17887

      Jerry Delemus #15263049
      FMC Devens
      Federal Medical Center
      PO Box 879
      Ayer MA 01432

      Francis Schaeffer Cox #16179-006
      FCI Terre Haute
      PO Box 33
      Terre Haute, IN. 47808

      Thank you for everything you are doing for the remaining P3s.


  • I thought all members of the Bundy trial had been released and pardoned? That is not true?

    • No Sir, About 14 members who stood up against the BLM are still in Federal prison.
      Todd Ebgles, Jerry DeLemus, and Ryan Payne and Jake Ryan are among them.

  • Militias and Patriots Statement on Political Prisoner Todd Engel

    July 23, 2018


    George Curbelo


    Below is the public statement of Militias, III%ers and patriot groups from across the country outraged by Judge  Navarro's sentence of Todd Engel. 


    Free Todd Engel


  • This is Jerry DeLemus...He was Trumps NH Veterans Representative. He stood up at the Bundy Ranch to protect the Bundy family. He is a Marine that served his country with Honor. He is imprisoned in Devens Mass. for preventing a massacre at the Bundy Ranch. This man should be free, he stood up for the Constitution. he is one of our Brothers and we need to do what we can to obtain his freedom....God Bless this man that stood up and risked his life for what he believed in...he is a good man.

    Nevada judge Gloria Navarro sentenced Jerry DeLemus to 68 years.


  • Deanna Buettner Ronald Perry McKinley I don't know how complete or correct this list is but I had it stored for a long time, not even sure where the hell I got it, ..... LIST OF PATRIOTS WHO STOOD AT MALHEUR: Dylan Anderson
    Sandra Anderson
    Sean Anderson
    Jeff Banta
    Schuyler Barbeau
    Jason Blomgren
    Ammon Bundy
    Cliven Bundy
    David Bundy
    Melvin Bundy
    Ryan Bundy
    Gregory Burleson
    Blaine Cooper
    Schaeffer Coshawna Cox
    Gerald Jerry DeLemus
    Orville Scott Drexler
    Duane Ehmer
    Michael Ray Emry
    Todd Engel
    Jeanette Finicum
    David Lee Fry
    Dwight Hammond
    Steven Hammond
    Corey Lequieu
    Rick Lovelien
    Micah McGuire
    Ken Medenbach
    Joseph O'Shaugnessy
    Eric Parker
    Jason Patrick
    Ryan Payne
    Jon Ritzheimer
    Joe Robertson
    Jake Ryan
    Peter Santilli
    Steven Stewart
    Darryl Thorn
    Neil Wampler

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