Political Prisoner Jerry DeLemus to be rerleased




by Ken Eyring / 5 November 2021

Liberty and freedom in America as defined and protected by our state and federal Constitutions are taken for granted by too many people – because those people do not realize and appreciate that our freedom is not free. The cost comes in many forms, and sometimes the price is very high.

Our servicemen and women swear an oath to the Constitution and then pledge to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As an honorably discharged veteran of the US Marine Corps, Jerry DeLemus took that oath, along with so many others who have sacrificed and died so that you and I, as well as our children and children’s children, can continue to reap the benefits of what many have called “The Great American Experiment” – where all power resides in We, the People.

That unique concept of self-governance is preserved because patriotic American citizens like Jerry willingly pay the cost of freedom by being vigilant defenders of our Constitutional Rights against an ever-encroaching government filled with rogue officials who violate their oaths of office.


Many times, freedom-loving patriots put our country above all else; their families, their friends, their livelihoods. Their sacrifices always come with a cost. Sometimes it is their treasure, or lost time with loved ones. Other times the cost is paid for with their freedom.
Jerry DeLemus is one such patriot who has sacrificed dearly. He is a leader of leaders, inspiring others to step up and hold those government officials accountable.

It is an unfortunate but true statement that in today’s America, there are political prisoners – brave, principled people who have stood up for our Rights – who are then falsely accused and convicted for crimes they did not commit. People like Jerry are used to make an example of to send a message to other strong patriots.

Jerry DeLemus was accused of crimes he did not commit, in connection with his role as a peacekeeper in the Bundy Ranch saga. When authorities threatened to file charges against his son and best friend (who was dying of cancer), Jerry agreed to plead guilty in order to protect them.

Shortly after the plea deal, Jerry changed his mind, but the judge refused his request to withdraw his plea – although she knew at the time that the fabricated charges against all other defendants in the case were destined to be dismissed: Cliven Bundy standoff case thrown out in another stunning blow to the government.

Jerry has been a political prisoner for nearly six years. He is coming home this Tuesday, November 9th. Please join us in giving him a hero’s welcome home. He put his life and freedom on the line to do what others could not, and would not do – defend the Constitutional Rights of others against a tyrannical government.

Where have I heard the "news" that one of our Political Prisoners was about to be released?
Oh Ya  Now I remember, It was Terry Trussell.
Unfortunately Terry Trussell suffered a heart attack only five days prior to being released. He never made it home.

While stories like this one about Jerry DeLemus may temporarily make us feel a little better I can not resist the urge of thinking – don’t calibrate too soon, and don’t hold your breath while waiting. We’ve been here before, we’ve seen all this before.
Pray that Jerry DeLemus actually does make it home.

Hampshire. You can join the motorcade in one of three places:

  • 4 Ryans Way, Devens, MA no later than 8:00 AM (in front of Bandoleros Restaurant)
  • At the Route 95N NH Welcome Center no later than 8:30 AM
  • Rochester Home Depot parking lot no later than 10:00 AM.

Other ways to participate:

  • Place “Welcome Home, Jerry”, NH Marine or NH Patriot signs along with American & Marine Corps Flags on your vehicles.
  • Place signs and flags on Route 95N overpasses from the NH Welcome Center in Seabrook all the way to Route 16N to Rochester, NH; and along the road near the entrance to the Rochester Home Depot parking lot.


You can also help welcome Jerry home by generously donating here. Six years is a long time for a family to go without their primary source of income.

Please call Jack Kimball with any questions or offers to help: 603-235-2862

We respectfully request no open-carry firearms.

More information on Jerry’s ordeal can be found here.



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