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“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”
— Franklin D. Roosevelt


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Notice FDR said Nobody will ever deprive the American people the right to vote except the American people? Seems to me we had an American President up til BO was selected. and some did not deprive the American people the right to vote--the progressives merely deprived them the right to have their vote counted. And some  made it most difficult for our troops to vote in a timely manner. When I served 69-77  I chose not to vote believing I served whoever the people elected. when I was honorably discharged I believed the propaganda about the Democratic Party being the Party of the People and the Republicans being the Party of the Rich. When I agreed to give Clinton benefit of my doubts the scales fell off and that wicked Party could Never again BEGUILE me.One has to watch the actions--and the voting record not just the promises.

Can ads to notify service members be purchased in The Army Times...or better yet...The Armed Forces Radio Network (AFN)?

It's ironic that FDR's quote is used, a president who said of himself: he had "committed enough illegal acts" to be IMPEACHED AND JAILED for "999 years". That includes committing PERJURY before a Naval Court of Inquiry during an investigation of a homosexual corruption ring at a Rhode Island Navy base while he was Assistant Secretary of Navy during W.Wilson's cabinet and WW1, referred to as the "Newport sex scandal". A Senate subcommittee at that time found: "Roosevelt's actions displayed an utter lack of moral perspective." Roosevelt also boasted of ILLEGAL weapons purchases without approval from Congress or Wilson and as president LIED to Congress about about incidents involving the USS Greer and USS Kearney, ordering them to shoot German vessels on sight in attempt to get Congress to declare war on Germany in WW2. His economic policies as president were a disaster for America during the 30's, keeping unemployment high throughout his administration with an orgy of spending and he basically implemented the first twelve planks of the Socialist Party platform with his policies--the NEW DEAL which was soundly repudiated by American voters in 1938 after government spending went up 83% from '33 to '36. He had proposed spending $10 BILLION on $3 BILLION of federal revenues. Sound familiar to the current administration? He was instrumental in forcing industry and corporations into labor union controls with the National Recovery Act (NRA), thrown out as UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the U.S. Supreme Court in '35. Likewise his Agricultural Administration Act, which forced thousands of dollars of crops to be plowed under and caused the senseless slaughter of MILLIONS of animals at cost of $700,000 over two years, was ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 1936. This was a president who tried unsuccessfully to stack the U.S. Supreme Court with 6 new Justices in 1937 with the Social Security Act and Wagner Act pending before the Supreme Court, prompting Congress to defeat his bill in '38 and to take actions to limit terms of U.S. presidents to two terms. Roosevelt was supported by communists and Communist Party of U.S., openly supported communist ideology with his policies, he protected communists from deportation and prosecution, PROHIBTED the FBI from arresting communists after 12 members were arrested in Detroit, Michigan in 1940. The late Senator Joe McCarthy, father of future president JFK, complained to FDR that he was "surrounded" by communists in his administration and the House Un-American Affairs Committee of 1940 released the names of 563 communists in FDR's administration. Russian newspapers during the '32 election published FDR's photograph with the caption "the first communistic president of the U.S."--as stated by Senator Thomas B. Schall. He LIED, used the IRS to investigate enemies, used the FBI to tap wife Eleanor's phone, used his office to enrich himself and his family at expense of taxpayers and had numerous affairs. FDR's administration promoted a stagnant economy, high unemployment his entire time in office, huge DEBT and spending policies, more control by government and unions over the private sector and taxpayers--sounds just like the current WHouse occupant whose whole platform is more government control and wealth redistribution.  For reference: "President Roosevelt and the Coming of War" by Charles Beard,  "And I Was There" by Admiral Layton, NY 1985; also check out website: http://whatreally



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