Looks like Trump is going to do what Clinton, Bush and Obama promised to due but did not follow through. The sticking point with all attempted peace accords between the Arabs (who call themselves Palestinians) has been Jerusalem. If it is declared the capital of Israel this could force negotiations many believe. It could, it could also go the other way. For me the problem is almost everyone is ignorant of middle eastern history especially the history of the Jews and the Palestinians (so-called). By their own admission they say they are descendants of Ismael. G-d made a unilateral covenant with Abraham, Isssac, Jacob and their descendants to give Israel to His chosen people the Jews. Not to the decendants of Ismael. So, they have to claim the Bible was corrupted by the Jews and the Christians even though we have written historical (the latest being the Dead Sea scrolls) and archeological history the the Bible has been successfully transcribed except for a Word here or there and a few punctuation errors which in no way change the meaning of what was written. The Jews have had a presence in Israel even after G-d dispersed them because of disobedience since they entered the land under Joshua. When they began to return to their ancestral home land the Arabs had let the land deteriorate into swamps. From the beginning of time they have been “hurders of animals” wandering nomads not farmers. They sold the land to the Jews for exorbitant amounts of money and when the Jews turned the land back into a vertual Oasis they claimed to be “Palestinians “ and proclaimed the land to be theirs since it had been named Palistine. There is no historical record of a Palestinian people per se. No alphabet, no language, no medical, scientific or technological contributions to humanity. And the Dome of the Rock wasn’t built until the 7th century 700 years after the destruction of the Jewish 2nd Temple. And it was built as a Shrine for pilgrims passing through the area not as a holy site. 

Bottom line:   The “Palestinians “ have repeatedly said its not the land, they want the Jews wiped off the face of the earth, so how can you negotiate with people who only want you dead. This conflict along with North Korea move us dangerously close to another world war. Hamas and other Muslim groups are calling for violent protests, our military is on high alert and spread so thin and made so weak in numbers thanks to Obama, many of our aircraft in all branches are inoperable, our Navy has been reduced and people and not enlisting in adaquate numbers. So far Trump has shown he’s a man of his word he’s doing what he’s promised unlike the other weaklings that have went before him. Trump needs divine wisdom and protection and many are praying for just that. These next weeks and months will reveal much. 

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Michael. Is this prophesied anywhere in the scriptures or Bible?
Please forgive my ignorance, and also my failures to quote some of the names and things correctly, but There is something in the KJ version of the Bible that talk about when Israel was made whole again, ie the 1948 declarations to rebuild the Nation of Israel.
Also there is mention in Ezekiel and leading up to the last days before then end. It gives a number of days after the declaration to "Rebuild the Holy City",,,,,,,, I've always taken that passage to mean the city of Hebron which is south of Jerusalem.
I know most people think that that terminology, ("The Holy City") always referees to Jerusalem, but Hebron is mentioned or described as being   "THIS PLACE IS HOLY",,,,,,, in the scriptures that I remember.

This event of Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel and moving our embassy back there has to have some real historical significance. (Biblical significance. ).........
This is not just some kind of political maneuverer, it's far bigger than American politics. THIS IS A REALLY BIG DEAL.

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Thanks Old Rooster.. I have to use my cell Phone since my kids have high jacked the computer! Let me try to answer your question the best I can as to my understanding the Scriptures to Trump’s doing what prior presidents said they’d do and did not and how it fits into the final days which I think you meant when you said “This is a really big deal”. It is a really big deal in more ways than one both in a secular sense as well as in biblical prophecy. Many believe we are in the final days before Christ’s return. However, they have been hoping that since His ascension. The Apostiles were saying “The coming of the Lord is at hand”.
I think the Bride of Christ (believers) throughout the generations were waiting for his return with baited breath. However, no other generation except ours has seen so many prophecies being completed as our generation has. Many of the Old Testament prophets including Zechariah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Amos, Isaiah even Jesus tells us what has to occur before he returns. Some have said that Jesus when he spoke of the end times in Matthew 24 equate the fig tree to Israel, however, he could of also been talking if the destruction of the 2nd temple in 70 C.E.. but even if you discount that there are so many other portions of scripture that point to our generation, things that couldn’t of happened until now. And there too many to be coincidences. I’ll try to name a few as to draw a picture of what was prophesied and what has taken place then each one can judge for themselves. One thing is consistant in all that the prophets have said and that is after G-ds chosen peopled entered the promised land they would be taken into bondage and scattered because of their disobedience “but” that at some point in time G-d would bring them back to the land that he had promised them when he made a covenant with Abraham and the descendants of Issac and Jacob and that they would never be removed again and that the nations of the world would rise up to destroy them Yeshua would physically return to defeat their enemies and usher in the Millennial reign of Christ. Israel went interesting captivity a number of times. They were scattered around the world, the early Christian Church murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews, Hitler tried to wipe them off the face of the earth after thousands of years being scattered in 1948 they reclaimed the land that G-d had long ago promised them, This we have witnessed with our own eyes. Here are some prophecies that have taken place:
They would after at Time in the end return to their own land.
The ruins of Israel would be rebuilt (Amos 9:11&13), we saw thin when Israel returned the Arabs had let the land deteriorate into a vertual swamp land, the Hews turned it back into such furtive land the Arabs to call themselves Palestinians then wanted it back.
And Eastern nation would be capable of fielding a 200 million man army for the final battle recorded in Revelations. No eastern nation or nations have had that ability until now (China & India). The generation that would see Yeshua’s return would obtain the ability to view an event simultaneously all over the world (Rev 11:9 & 10). This wasn’t possible until satellite technology.
Russia, Iran and a host of African nations and the surrounding Islamic world will together forge an alliance to attack Israel (Ez 38 & 39). Today vertically all these nations are capable n alliance with each other for that very reason. In the final days the 3rd temple called in scripture “Ezekiel’s temple would be rebuilt (Rev 11:1,2, Dan 9:27). This has been under way for at least a decade. I am in touch with a group known as the Temple Society based in Israel. They have already completed much of the furniture and priestly items needed for the temple including the priestly garments. They have been working on producing a spotless red heifer for sacrifice. Just ran out of characters and space, have to make a second post.
Continued.... With Trump declaring Herusalm the capital of Israel this might help that come true. The last prophesy I’ll cite (since this is getting long in the tooth!!), is scripture says “In the last days knowledge will increase (Dan 12:4). Knowledge has increased at a rate never before seen in th last 50 years. But I believe this is not just talking about secular knowledge but biblical knowledge as week. Within the last ten years for example we have discovered revelations hidden within the words of scripture. I’ll just name one person (my favorite) Yakov Rambsel a Hew who has come to know Hedus as the true messiah says the Holy Spirit revealed to him words hidden that could be identified by using what he has call “equal distance lettering sequences. For instance Isaiah 53 talks about the suffering servant (the first coming of Jesus). But doesn’t mention this servants name even though it is a perfect picture of Jesus and his dying on the cross and since the Jews refuse to read the New Testament they refuse to see the similarities. Yakov said the Holy Spirit told him: start in the tenth verse and count every 10 letters starting with the first Yod (the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. When he did he found out it said “Yeshua is my name”. Hidden right in front of our eyes is revealed Jesus is the suffering servant in Isaiah 53! I would recommend two books by Rambsel (you can also see his interviews on Utube):
The Genesis Factor And Yeshua the name of Jesus revealed in code in the Old Testament. There about it $5.00 I n Amazon. You will come away knowing that the Bible is inspired and written by G-d. If you don’t believe it after what he has found it’s because you choose not to believe.
Anyway, knowledge is increasing in all areas as it never has before. I’ve only touch on a few prophesies that could not have been fulfilled until our generation.
Correction concerning Isaiah 53 where Jeshua is revealed as the suffering servant. “It’s starting in the 10th verse starting with the second Yod, not the first and counting every ten letters. For those who know Hebrew and which to verify his word Yakov says that all the time he’s found (and some here are hundreds and still counting) he uses the orthodox “Masoretic Hebrew text”.
These equal distant lettering sequences do not hold true with other translations. Nor do they work in the rabbinic writings I.e. the Talmud the Mishnah the Aphocryphal writings of Tobit and the Maccabees.
Here’s a video about the Palestinian people I commented about in these posts.




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