Looks like Trump is going to do what Clinton, Bush and Obama promised to due but did not follow through. The sticking point with all attempted peace accords between the Arabs (who call themselves Palestinians) has been Jerusalem. If it is declared the capital of Israel this could force negotiations many believe. It could, it could also go the other way. For me the problem is almost everyone is ignorant of middle eastern history especially the history of the Jews and the Palestinians (so-called). By their own admission they say they are descendants of Ismael. G-d made a unilateral covenant with Abraham, Isssac, Jacob and their descendants to give Israel to His chosen people the Jews. Not to the decendants of Ismael. So, they have to claim the Bible was corrupted by the Jews and the Christians even though we have written historical (the latest being the Dead Sea scrolls) and archeological history the the Bible has been successfully transcribed except for a Word here or there and a few punctuation errors which in no way change the meaning of what was written. The Jews have had a presence in Israel even after G-d dispersed them because of disobedience since they entered the land under Joshua. When they began to return to their ancestral home land the Arabs had let the land deteriorate into swamps. From the beginning of time they have been “hurders of animals” wandering nomads not farmers. They sold the land to the Jews for exorbitant amounts of money and when the Jews turned the land back into a vertual Oasis they claimed to be “Palestinians “ and proclaimed the land to be theirs since it had been named Palistine. There is no historical record of a Palestinian people per se. No alphabet, no language, no medical, scientific or technological contributions to humanity. And the Dome of the Rock wasn’t built until the 7th century 700 years after the destruction of the Jewish 2nd Temple. And it was built as a Shrine for pilgrims passing through the area not as a holy site. 

Bottom line:   The “Palestinians “ have repeatedly said its not the land, they want the Jews wiped off the face of the earth, so how can you negotiate with people who only want you dead. This conflict along with North Korea move us dangerously close to another world war. Hamas and other Muslim groups are calling for violent protests, our military is on high alert and spread so thin and made so weak in numbers thanks to Obama, many of our aircraft in all branches are inoperable, our Navy has been reduced and people and not enlisting in adaquate numbers. So far Trump has shown he’s a man of his word he’s doing what he’s promised unlike the other weaklings that have went before him. Trump needs divine wisdom and protection and many are praying for just that. These next weeks and months will reveal much. 

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