Constitutional Emergency

I received thiis message from a fellow patriot. I checked out the disruption site listed. They are very serious about disrupting the inauguration on January 20th. I have not checked out the 'gofundme' site.


Hey everyone,

Just learned about a huge Soros-funded leftist and anarchist demonstration scheduled for January 20 in DC with express purpose to disrupt and prevent Trump's inauguration and to incite violence. You can see it here:  

'Bikers For Trump' were at the Cleveland Repubublican convention in large numbers in the face of a huge planned demonstration to shut down the convention. Apparently, the news that 'Bikers For Trump' would be there resulted in very few demonstrators showing up and the convention went on peacefully.

The left is claiming this will be the largest ddisruptive protest in US history, so the Bikers will be there in force again. They say they have 2 million bikers interested, but 'Bikers For Trump' needs donations for organizing and support services for the bikers.

I would really like to be there to help out, but in lieu of direct participation, I've made a donation. I'm passing this on to you in case you didn't know about this event and want to help out.

Their funding site is:

 from Patriot Ed


The liberal left & other hate groups that want the US destroyed will do everything they can to stop us from restoring our nation. God has given us a non-politician that spoke the words we have been saying for years. We are fortunate to have the Republican Party in charge of two government branches & the gift to add conservatives to the third branch. We must also continue to remind the GOP that they did not win the election. The people may be giving them their last chance to to do our wishes. RINOs will need to be watched & controlled.

Please assist the bikers and/or maybe Retired Colonel Riley can organized other groups to be there to stop the anti-US groups. Stay ever vigilant! 

God bless us & his nation


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Michael Moore has posted for the world to see encouraging people to disrupt the Inaguration. I believe if Any disruption takes place he should be arrested and tried for inciting a riot. Authorities have verifiable proof that he is organizing groups and encouraging them to destructive behavior. If one person is injured he should be held accountable as well.
PISSED OFF TODAY AND HERES WHY. That piece of shit, scumbag filthy mouthpiece for Obama had the unmitigated Gaul to tell the WW11 veterans remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor. "" I know some of you must feel bitter about what the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor and you carried that bitterness into the war, but you should put aside that bitterness for the sake of the Nation"" WTF is he talking about. The whole Nation was bitter. The American people wanted no part of the war that was taking place in Europe they remember the price we paid in WW1 and said no more. But they could not stand by after the Japanese FIRST bombed Peril and then declared war on the US. Who is this slimy piece of shit to tell these Vets not to be angry. And HOW is that somehow good for the Nation. Even the scripture says we are to have "righteous anger" over evil. I'm so sick of these M----R F-----s in The Whitehouse I could go postal. We're angry, yes we're angry and not just at the Japanese were angry at you because those who served before you were well aware of the attack and you allowed it because you knew the American people although fed up with war would go and die once more because of the attack. This is not some conspiricy therory. The truth is know today after communications intercepted by our government after cracking their code alerted us. That's why the more expensive ships were taken out to sea away from the harbour. And the military told a communications personnel who intercepted communications and informed the President on not 1 but 3 occasions was told he need not warn the president again as he had the matter in hand, he's got some balls to tell these survivors not to be bitter
For the good of the country, I don't know about anyone else but he doesn't speak for me and I'm
SURE he doesn't speak for them. I gotta go take another blood pressure pill. (No good piece of shit)



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