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Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher says there is a media "double-standard" over Herman Cain saying blacks have been "brainwashed." Belcher calls Mr. Cain a bigot and a racist and says this incident is a "teachable moment." CORNELL BELCHER, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: First of all, do you think you'...

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Racist bigots always call people racist biggots.  But in 21st century politics no candidate is really accaptable as such unless he has been called a racist bigot by America's racist bigots!

For some reason the slogan, "pot calling the kettle black" is stuck in my head when seeing this.


OMG you racist bigot you!!  LOL Dare I suggest you are calling a spade a spade?  I remember some dimwitted DC official getting all indignant when someone used that phrase, suggesting that it could somehow have been taken as a racist comment.  And then there was the the DC idiot who demanded the resignation of a very scholarly and intelligent black man who was installed as head of the cities finances when he promised to use city funds in a "niggardly" (stingy)  fashion.
Yes he does, and with the experience of having taken failing businesses to great success.  Well, at the moment, our government is the largest "failing business" in the world!  And, boy, does it NEED someone with some know-how; and just a bit of a magic touch, which Mr Cain seems to have as well.  As for the claims of racism, in psychology, we call that projecting; and when one projects something, it's ALWAYS that in oneself which one does NOT want to admit is there, so it must belong to your opponent, else your ego might shatter.
Liberal's in general think a conservative is racist.  It seems to be worse for a black to be conservative in their eyes. Black liberals have no tolerance for black conservatives. But Oh thank God that there are black people out there, that share the same conservative values as I do. Herman Cain is one of them,  and I am proud to say that he is from the great state of Georgia, my home.
Actually Pat, they realize full well that practically all racism resides on the left.  They know we are not racists but elected Repubnlicans can be counted upon to cower at the label.  You can always tell what criminals are guilty of because they accuse others of doing it.  And I too am sure that this miserable racist is a porfessor somewhere!
The teachable moment is this over indoctrinated Black man who has never been taught history.  He would not even know what the rhumb line the Democtrats have been on for ever.  It is called diversion as they tack back and forth to confuse their people of their real destination but always and forever staying the course, their rhumb line the direction of distruction.  The black community is their deckhands along to adjust the sails but never to steer the boat.
Wasn't this stooge the same stooge who was afraid to debate with Lloyd Marcus? Cornell: "Keep your bad boys out of prison!" Let Herman Cain put the good girls and boys into jobs he knows how to make.



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