UPDATE 9-17-10

Harry Reid's Illegal Alien Student Bailout

The High Cost of Cheap Labor Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget

Washington (CNN) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he will add the DREAM Act, a controversial immigration measure, to a defense policy bill the Senate will take up next week. The decision means the defense bill, which often passes with bipartisan support, will be home to two major, thorny political issues – the other being the repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell"

Reid called the DREAM Act "really important" and said it should be passed because it provides a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants who go to college or serve in the military. DREAM is an
acronym for Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act.

"I know we can't do comprehensive immigration reform," Reid said at a news conference. "But those Republicans we had in the last Congress have left us." Many Hispanic voters are angry with Democratic leaders for not doing more to pass an immigration overhaul. The decision by Reid to add the DREAM Act now could help soothe that anger. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell called Reid's decision "needlessly controversial." The Senate will need 60 votes to take up the bill next week, and Reid said Tuesday he doesn't know if he has enough votes.


Sen. Pryor of Arkansas 202-224-2353

Sen. Landrieu of Louisiana 202-224-5824

Sen. Stabenow of Michigan 202-224-4822

Sen. McCaskill of Missouri 202-224-6154

Sen. Baucus of Montana 202-224-2651

Sen. Tester of Montana 202-224-2644

Sen. Conrad of North Dakota 202-224-2043

Sen. Dorgan of North Dakota 202-224-2551


Sen. LeMeiux of Florida 202-224-3041

Sen. Collins of Maine 202-224-2523

Sen. Snowe of Maine 202-224-5344

Sen. Brown of Massachusetts 202-224-4543

Sen. Johanns of Nebraska 202-224-4224

Sen. Gregg of New Hampshire 202-224-3324

Sen. Hutchison of Texas 202-224-5922



Sen. Murkowski of Alaska 202-224-6665

Sen. Lugar of Indiana 202-224-4814

Sen. Brownback of Kansas 202-224-6521

Sen. Voinovich of Ohio 202-224-3353


Sen. Begich of Alaska 202-224-3004

Sen. Shaheen of New Hampshire 202-224-2841

Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico 202-224-6621

Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio 202-224-2315

Sen. Wyden of Oregon 202-224-5244

Sen. Casey of Pennsylvania 202-224-6324

Sen. Johnson of South Dakota 202-224-5842

Sen. Warner of Virginia 202-224-2023

Sen. Webb of Virginia 202-224-4024

Sen. Goodwin of West Virginia 202-224-3954

Sen. Rockefeller of West Virginia 202-224-6472

Domestic Enemies of the United States

(AR) Lincoln
(CA) Boxer
(CA) Feinstein
(CO) Bennet (not Bennett of Utah)
(CO) Udall (not Udall of New Mexico)
(CT) Dodd
(CT) Lieberman

(DE) Carper
(DE) Kaufman

(FL) Nelson

(HI) Akaka
(HI) Inouye

(IL) Burris
(IL) Durbin
(IN) Bayh
(IN) Lugar
(IA) Harkin

(MD) Cardin
(MD) Mikulski
(MA) Kerry
(MI) Levin
(MN) Franken
(MN) Klobuchar

(NV) Reid
(NJ) Lautenberg
(NJ) Menendez
(NM) Bingaman
(NY) Gillibrand
(NY) Schumer

(OR) Merkley

(PA) Specter

(RI) Reed
(RI) Whitehouse

(VT) Leahy
(VT) Sanders

(WA) Cantwell
(WA) Murray
(WI) Feingold


  • Nelson (D-Neb.)
  • Hagan (D-N.C.)
  • McCain (R-Ariz.)
  • Graham (R-S.C.)
  • Bennett [R-Utah)
  • Hatch (R-Utah)

this list is compiled by Roy Beck and NumbersUSA.com

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This is such typical "Dingy Harry" dirty politics. I am SO FED UP with these damn politicians sneaking stuff into bills that have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the original bill. People like him and Pelosi COUNT ON on our supposed representatives in DC NOT reading the bills, so crap like this gets passed into law without our supposed "law makers" even knowing nothing about. And who gets to live with their trickery? Why We The People do.

It is time to show this dirtbag the door with a dirty bootprint on the seat of his trousers.
This like everything the Commissar Reed does is not only Anti-American but wants to give these immigrants that can be and many are also Islamic Terrorist smuggled in to our country a smarmy way to get citizenship. Hide out for a couple of years in the Military. We know that these people are very patient and will take big advantage of this Progressive/Marxist Loop Hole.
I agree that any thing tacked on to a defense bill would be struck down as non essential to the health and welfare of the troops. Reid is lower than a whale turd at the bottom of the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.
defence bill, dream act.........it would be nice if everyone votes no.....won't look good.......DEMAND dream act to be taken out........reid is the lowest piece of s%#@, pelosi & obama are behind this...... AMERICANS we cannot wait till nov. the illegal in our W.H. must be taken down, CONGRESS this is your job, the more time he has, the worst its going to get....look what is being done to the LT. COL. when a court will not allow him to present anything cause it might be a
THE REASON: they all know he's an ILLEGAL president, and it would be trouble, trouble like we are not in enough trouble NOW....i really think i would fight now, then wait ....it will be bad, deaths etc, but i think its worth a good fight to get our lives on the right track. the army will back the U.S.A. they knows whats going on......thank you all for listening to me.....love you all, susanm
I wouldn't bet too heavily on the Army or any of the military just now; the Army War College is accepting papers from students at mid-level officer ranks who are seeking to advance to higher ranks that are anti-Christian, and anti-American as VALID! Moreover ADM Mullen, and others seem to be in lockstep with their CIC on everything he's doing that's against the best interests of the US and our military as such. The lower level officers, younger men and women have never learned about the Constitution in school, as we older folks did, at all, so really don't know what it is they took that oath to. As a veteran, it pains me to say such things, but I honestly don't know if we dare trust in our own military just now. I fear it could get many of us killed to do so, should push come to shove in the US, as I expect it will before too much longer. Patience is wearing thin and frustration is mounting proportionally, with our present government.
Mullen is the sorriest excuse for CJCS that I have seen in my 52 years on this planet. Just utterly pathetic. A CJCS that thinks that gays should be allowed to be OPENLY GAY in our military tells me all I need to know about that scumbag.
Toss in that he's fully on board with the rest of Obama's agenda, and you have the REAL scum rising to the top of the pond! Makes me ashamed to admit I served in the same Navy, almost!
There are a lot of us here in Nevada that are working hard to remove this commie from office, If you don't live in Nevada and can't vote against him then please pray that the knuckle-heads that still support him would see the light.
thanx and God bless,
Does ANYONE find it odd that there is NO OTHER COUNTRY complaining about, "immigration reform"?
That's because they are either overrun with them and are now powerless like France or Britian, or like Australia, are clamping down and actually DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT
Not sure what you mean, here. France is taking some steps trying to deal with their Muslim influx, and so is Australia. So they clearly see a need to deal with immigration reform, in their nations. However, other south of the border nations are complaining, if not as loudly as Mexico, probably because their economies aren't so dependent on getting rid of their welfare population to the US and getting our welfare monies sent back into their economy to keep it afloat,which is Calderon's biggest beef in reality; he's just hiding it behind the rhetoric of "racial profiling" which is absurd,since "Hispanic" isn't even a race. HUMAN is the race with 3 major subgroups, {Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasoid} and blends thereof. That makes the "racial profiling" argument moot. Besides the fact that the first question any cop asks of ANYONE he/she encounters in the line of duty is some variation of "may I see some ID please?" regardless of who or why. How do you construe racial profiling out of that? This is about AGENDA and MONEY, nothing more or less than that.
For those that CAN, we will be patrolling the west Texas border in October. http://TexasMinuteman.org Either join us with boots on the ground or by sending funds to help support the operation.

Semper Fidelis,
Gregory Romeu



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