Russia Ukraine war

Russia Ukraine war


You may think the war over in Ukraine doesn’t effect us, what and why do we care?
I’ve got some different questions.
It’s not just Russia vs Ukraine, it’s Russia AND China vs Ukraine.

We know that the governments of Ukraine have been corrupt for many years.
Go back and watch some of the news clips of when Joe Biden was bragging about holding back several billion dollars of US funds from Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor investigating his son Hunter.
With all of the dealings Son Hunter and Joe Biden have had with Ukraine over the years you can bet they have a lot more information concerning this Russian invasion than anyone knows.


The big problem for us is that it’s really not only Russia versus Ukraine. The Biden's have had financial ties and dealings with both Ukraine AND China. I asked the question before, What exactly is it that China was paying Hunter Biden for?? WHAT “services” is it that Hunter Biden was providing to China for them to pay them millions of dollars each year for his work? It’s being reported that Son Hunter Biden collected close to eleven Million dollars from China. What has Son Hunter (and father Joe) provided for all that money?

And where the hell does that leave the US in the world wide scheme of things?


We know Putin (Russia) wants to take back all of the European nations that made up the old Soviet Union. Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Empire. And we know both Russia and China would love to get rid of the United States.
The “New-World-Order” and One-World-Governance crowd also want the USA done and gone.


It’s not just Russia versus Ukraine, It’s Russia, China, all of the One-world-order bunch versus America and the rest of the free world.

So again I ask – What has Son Hunter and father Joe Biden provided China for their “services”?


The 2020 US elections become a little more clear when we look a little deeper.


I think we had better start asking questions if we want to maintain American independence and sovereignty.


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  • As I understand Russia and Putin today; Putin has implemented capitalistic free-market ideas in Russia. There are NO indications Russia or Putin want to return to the oppressive Soviet system that ruined the Russian people nor does Russia want to force any former former Soviet nation to ally with them but would welcome any of those nations to freely join the Russian Federation.

    Short of a complete overthrow of our now totally corrupt U.S. Federal government we will never know the truth about the Bidens and their "services".

    If Russia loses this conflict (highly unlikely) and the Democrats are successful in collapsing our country (very likely) the NWO will be in comlete control of the world and Putin will NOT sit back and let that happen without unleahing nuclear hell on the entire planet, with the full blessings of the Beijing Communist leadership.

    Get ready for the SHTF that is coming.

    • First Thank you Lee for still being here with me. It seems most of the people on this PFA have either joined the democrats or gone sound alseep.

      Any faint hopes of following money or bribes payed by Ukraine vanished the moment Russia crossed the border, no chance whatsoever now of Ukraine biting the hands that feed it and any previous skulduggery will have vanished into a black hole of now immense and growing proportion.

      I have not seen any of the information concerning Putin and Russia that you refer too.
      Everything that I see indicates that Putin wants to rebuild the old Soviet Empire. I will however accept your information as good and valid. And Hope you're correct except for that WW-III part.

      As for the questions concerning the Biden's and why China has been paying them, I think those are questions the American people should be asking.

       We should also be asking what this NWO will look like and what will it do to America.
      My guess is don't give up your guns.


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