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Song 4 Political Prisoner~LT COL Terry Lakin, THE FORGOTTEN MAN

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I dont even know what to say since they have sent political prisoner, Lt. Col Lakin to Jail for questioning Barack HUSSEIN Osamas long form b.c.. So, here is a song below for LT COL Lakin, THE FORGOTTEN MAN.

Here is the LTCs information:

Terrance Lakin #89996
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027






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Can someone do something for his family.  We are at war and need to take care of our own.

A fund opportunity has been set up for Dr. Lakin and his family.......this is the PFA supported fund.


Harry Riley



thanks for the info; i've contributed & forwarded this info on.   there are so many out there who support terry...


 I know hind sight is sometimes better than 20/20. Terry could have insisited that being Obongo's father was a non citizen of the usa , Obongo was not eligible to be potus. Both parents need to be US Citizens. That was never mentioned . Col Larkin is a political Prisoner and recieved the meritorious SHAFT from our elected officials. SHAME ON AMERICA. IS THERE SOMETHING WE ALL ARE MISSING THAT IS GOING ON WITH THE LEADERSHIP OF THIS NATION ? I think not. Defense in the courts is being staged now as Judges rule on past case's not the Constitutional laws. So is the Constitution being rewritten by the bench judges local , state and federal. Larkin did nothing wrong but ask a question that could have been answered by showing the papers . Shame on America and the UCMJ.

Well, without a doubt, our once great country has finally caught up with the likes of China, Russia, and other countries who hold "political prisoners". The only consolation is that since I believe in the God above, I also believe that all those who are in on this will answer in the end.

The first 18 years of my lift were lived while Mao was taking over in China.  Mao studied at the Soviet School for revolution, came back to china and began his trek to power.  Mao never turned back once he got going.  We have a similar crew in Washington who have no intention of turning back and they are just as radical as the Mao group.  To fundamentally change America, the Stock Market is a prime target of the change.  America is being incrementally changed in a peaceful manner but gets closer and closer to the edge by the day.  The stock market is no place to be.  By the time the Republicans gain control in January America will already have a chain around its neck.  And that will be the price we pay for having limp wristed flits serving in Congress.  There is very little substance in congress these days.  And yes, something should be done for the mans family.


"I dont even know what to say since they have sent POLITICAL PRISONER, Lt. Col Lakin to Jail for QUESTIONING Barack HUSSEIN Obamas long form birth certificate."

Here is the LTCs information:

Terrance Lakin #89996
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

I would put it on the back of my garage....which faces a main street going into the 500 mile track here in Indy!  Where are the petitions to have his sentence reduced?  Between this, many other rights being striped away one by one....the DADT....I am furious....what gives THEM the right to force EVERYONE to accept what goes on that should be kept private???   I definitely will be an ACTIVE foot soldier for the next election, KNOCKING ON DOORS.....EDUCATING PEOPLE!!!


"I dont even know what to say since they have sent POLITICAL PRISONER, Lt. Col Lakin to Jail for QUESTIONING Barack HUSSEIN Osamas long form b.c.."

Here is the LTCs information:

Terrance Lakin #89996
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027
Bring THAT to the now, GOP or bust T-party's. 
This song just about fits LtC to a T.
I am so sick and sad over this.  Him and CMDR Fitz.

He is a modern day hero. were all with you Mr Lakin.

Major General Karl Horst,

Dear General Horst,

It's a sad, sad day in America...millions of Americans are wondering who the man that claims to be our Commander in Chief really is...we don't know officially if Barack Obama is eligible to serve as president or not. LTC Lakin desperately tried to find truth, not for himself, but for our Republic.

In my opinion, LTC Lakin's action was not about Obama, his religion, his race, his ideology or any other personal's about the US Constitution, whether it is being violated, and the oath of a soldier.

Virtually everyone in the US Congress, Supreme Court and throughout America know Obama is not eligible to serve as president based on his own writings.  It's clear he fails to meet Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution.

LTC Lakin made a choice to challenge the eligibility of Mr. Obama, a courageous act, an act that those with the power and authority to pursue have been without courage or unwilling to step forward. If not LTC Lakin, who?

It is most disturbing that a soldier can be courts martialed and denied discovery...denied the right to present a defense.  What have we become?

I appeal to you.  Consider in mitigation the exemplary record, service, family, and integrity of LTC Lakin in your decision process...

Must a soldier go to prison because he challenged the eligibility of the fraud in the White House, while homosexuals are granted legal freedom to claim perversion.......something is very wrong in America.




Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret., 111 Overview Drive, Crestview, FL 32539, 850-689-1818



God gives us free-will and expects action in support of His laws.


This is an attack on decent. If you disagree with your government you will go to jail yourself !

We must not let this stand.


What people are not seeing is that the communist have infiltrated are Gov. from COUNCILMEN TO PRESIDENT in every dam city in this country including the F.B.I. C.I.A.and the rest ,most of the judges to, highest in this land, just look at our ATT. GENERAL SHOULD SAY IT ALL.



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