The 2020 Presidential elections.

For the past 20-30 years we have heard that each Presidential Election was “The most critical Election America has ever faced”.
Well unfortunately this time I believe that is true.

What are our options? What are the real choices American’s are facing in this election?
A return to the previous status-quo that has ruled Washington politics for 50 years or more, or we can continue on the road to try to drain that swamp of corruption.

Donald Trump says “Make America Great again”. And the Democrats have called him every name in the book, they have accused him of every crime imaginable from tax evasion, theft, fraud, collusion and even murder and genocide. They have attempted to accuse Donald Trump of killing hundreds of thousands of Americans by not acting quickly enough to stop the flow of this COVID-19 virus pandemic. First they accused him of being a “xenophobic” and a racist because he shut down all travel into the Country from China when the virus was discovered. And then they accuse him of not shutting it down soon enough. They even impeached him in the House of Representatives and tried to remove him from office over a fake transcript of a phone call with the President of Ukraine as it was “Read” by FBI agent Peter Strzok.

But lets look at the REAL record, if that is even possible or allowed.

Russia collusion:
It was Hillary Rodham Clinton, NOT Donald Trump, that signed off on the Uranium-One deal that sold 20 percent of America’s uranium deposits to Russia. It was Hillary Clinton, NOT Donald Trump that was paid an estimated $145 MILLION dollars for that deal by Russia.

It was Hillary Clinton, NOT Donald Trump, that paid $8 Million dollars for the phony Russian Dossier accusing Donald Trump of “Colluding” with the Russians.

Ukraine: Quid-Pro-Quo and extortion.
It was Vice President Joe Biden and his Son Hunter Biden, NOT Donald Trump, that threatened
to withhold government funds from Ukraine relief efforts unless they (The Ukrainian government officials ) Fired a prosecutor who was investigating dealings with the Brisma gas company and Hunter Biden. It was Hunter Biden, NOT Donald Trump, that was paid an estimated $150 Million dollars over that Ukrainian extortion scam.

And it was Joe Biden, NOT Donald Trump, that was caught on a phone conversation making those threats to the Ukrainian Government officials over Hunter Biden’s dealings.

And it was FBI agent Peter Strzok, NOT Donald Trump, that made up that phony transcript of Trump’s phone conversation with Ukrainian President that was then used to try to impeach Trump.

It was Joe Biden, NOT Donald Trump, that was at the heart of the Ukrainian scam.

China: Another Pay-to-play scam.
Once again it was Joe and Hunter Biden, NOT Donald Trump, that received millions of dollars in under-the-table payoffs for doing virtually nothing to earn it.

It is Joe Biden, NOT Donald Trump, that is obligated and beholding to China over these political and financial dealings.

The US Military:
It was Donald Trump who spent Billions of dollars rebuilding our Military after eight years of the Democrats and Barack Hussein Obama dismantled it all. Every time the Democrats gain power in Washington one of the first things they do is to defund and dis-mantel the US Military.

It was Donald Trump, NOT Joe Biden or Barack Hussein Obama that pulled our troops out of the endless 20-years of war in Afghanistan. It was Donald Trump that destroyed ISIS Islamic caliphate.

It was Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden that made the deals that gave the Iranian mullas the ability to develop a Nuclear warhead. It was Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden that transferred $150 BILLION dollars to Iran, (In cash).

It is Donald Trump, NOT Joe Biden that placed sanctions against Iran to try to stop them from developing those weapons.

North Korea:
It was President Donald J. Trump, NOT Joe Biden or Barack Obama, OR Hillary Clinton, that was the first US President to step across the DMZ into Communist North Korea in peaceful and friendly meetings with the Communist leaders. It was Donald Trump who managed to stop North Korea from developing and building Nuclear weapons. It was Donald Trump who averted a potential war with North Korea, NOT Joe Biden.

Financial’s and the US economy:
It was Donald J. Trump, NOT Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, who rebuilt the US economy during the first three years of his administration.
It was Donald Trump, NOT Joe Biden or Barack Obama, who managed to bring American businesses and corporations, and jobs, back into the US by lowering tax rates enough to compel those businesses to come back to the US.

And it is now Joe Biden, NOT Donald Trump, who wants to raise those taxes back up to the point where those corporations and businesses will once again escape to cheaper foreign labor markets.

It’s Joe Biden, NOT Donald Trump who will send those American jobs back over to foreign markets.

The Constitution, and the Second Amendment;
It’s President Donald J. Trump, NOT Joe Biden, who wants to preserve protect and defend your rights to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment. It’s Donald Trump that will allow Americans to defend themselves against terrorists and thieves and killers. The Democrats and Joe Biden have been waging an all-out war against American citizens owning guns and weapons necessary for self defense. But it IS the Democrats under the guidance and the organizing of militant terrorist anarchists gangs such as ANTIFA, BLM, NFAC, and Obama’s OFA that have been burning cities, looting, and murdering people.
THAT is NOT Donald Trump nor any of his followers or any “Right-Wing” militia groups no matter how much the left-wing fake-news media wants you to believe it is.

The intention there is to get Americans angry enough that they will finally agree to give up their weapons and allow the Government to eliminate that Second Amendment. Once they eliminate the Second Amendment and seize all our weapons what else will they eliminate from the Constitution? All of it?

This list can go on and on and on, the corruption and deceit is nearly endless, but the bottom line is that YES – This IS the most critical Presidential Election we have ever faced here in America. While Donald Trump says “Lets make America great again” the Democrats and Joe Biden say they want to continue with their “Fundamental Transformation of America” as they push Socialism and Communism.

We do have a choice next November. That choice is between preserving, and protecting America as a free and sovereign Nation, a Constitutional REPUBLIC, or we can continue along the road followed by the Washington bureaucrats and their Deep-State Swamp of corruption and devastation.
We can vote to at least try to make America great again, we CAN protect our freedoms and liberty, or we can vote to turn America into another Communist Marxist hell hole like Venezuela.

We DO have a choice, and it IS critical that we make the right choice.

Get out there and vote America, and do it in person.

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