The Amazing US Constitution

The Amazing US Constitution


The Constitution of The United States of America truly is an amazing document.

The United States Constitution has served as the supreme law of the United States since taking effect in 1789. The document was written at the 1787 Philadelphia Convention and was ratified through a series of state conventions held in 1787 and 1788. Since 1789, the Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times; particularly important amendments include the ten amendments of the United States Bill of Rights and the three Reconstruction Amendments.


The US Constitution is a very unique document, it is one of a kind among all nations on Earth. No other nation has such a ruling document.
It is the document upon which the Government of the United States is built and operates even today, 236 years later. It is also the document upon which the rights and freedoms and liberties of the people are preserved and protected.

Wildly misunderstood by many people it is also hated by many in our own Government.
The “progressives” in our Government believe that the Constitution should be viewed as a “living” document. Meaning that it should evolve and change with each elected Government administration.

Others believe the Constitution should remain as it is written and amended from time to time.
The Constitution of The United States of America is not only the document upon which our Government is created and granted powers and authority, but it is the documents which limits and restricts our Government from becoming tyrannical and over-burdensome to the people. Many people within our Government hate the Constitution because it limits them from doing what they think could and should be done. Our current administration for example views the US Constitution as being the biggest threat to their “Democracy” along with half of the US population, (the conservatives).


The Constitution guarantees the people and the States a Republic form of government. Note that this is not necessarily the Republican political party. But rather it means that we are guaranteed a free Republic form of Government. (Remember Jefferson said “A Republic Madam – IF you can keep it”)
The word Democracy – Democratic, or Democrat do not appear anywhere within the US Constitution.

The difference between a Democracy and a Republic (or any other kind of Government) is what makes America unique.

Under a Democracy the majority rules, and those rules can change with each and every change in the government administration.
Under a Republic the majority rules but only as far as those rules adhere and comply to the strict limitations placed upon the Government by the Constitution.

This is why the Democrats and progressives hate the Constitution so much. Because it limits and restricts them from enacting legislation and laws that would be considered tyrannical or overburdensome to the people.
The US Constitution was written to limit and control the Government, not the people.

Under the US Constitution the people are free, and our rights and liberties are guaranteed and protected by that Constitution. The Government however is limited and restricted.

That is why politicians hate the Constitution so much.

And it is also why the people must demand that the Constitution must be protected and preserved at all costs, and by any means necessary.





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  • The Constitution has been mostly ignored and severely abused since the swearing in of Abraham Lincoln in 1861.

  • I agree Lee. But it's worse than usual now.
    Being a southerner I understand why you hate Abrham Lincoln. But every US President and every congressional administration since that time has ignored and violated the Constitution in once way or another.
    The current Biden/Harris/Obama administration is by far the worst we have ever had in US history.
    These people treat the Constitution as though it doesn't even exist any longer.
    Instead they simply do as they damned well please. Open borders, shut down the Keystone pipeline and their war against our energy supply. The war against former President Donald Trump.
    And their constant battles against the Second Amendment. Their constant none-stop attacks and attempts to ban guns and weapons.
    This administration is in process of hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to go after the average little-guy American people.
    If they can do this kind of thing to President Donald Trump, then what can they do to you and I?
    How long will it be before they come after me - - again.?
    What chance would you stand against them? Not much I'm afraid.
    They will take your guns, your weapons, then your car and your bank accounts, and then your house.
    If you continue to resist then you will be incarserated and imprisoned, or shot.


  • My apologies for the foul language: Fuck the present government of the United States of America. I'd rather be shot than live under anymore tyranny. Hopefully the FBI reads this too.

  • When truth becomes lies & lies become Truths ...

    Doubt this mess can be fixed with politics as they are 99% crooked

    • What about the 97% of Americans that are nothing more than sniveling cowards that have allowed the crooked 99%?

  • Here's an image of Biden's border policy.
    By doing this open-border scheme they have effectively erased all American individual sovereign nation status. America is now a nation without borders.


  • Exclusive: Texas AG Warns Threat to ‘Sovereignty, Security’ of Americans by Biden Ending Title 42 ‘Cannot Be Overstated’

    The detriment to “national sovereignty, border security, and the safety of American citizens” caused by ending Title 42 “cannot be overstated,” warned Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who slammed President Biden for “prioritizing an open-borders agenda above any semblance of border security.”



  • VIDEO: Texas Military, Troopers Turn Back Wave of Migrants at Border River Crossing

    MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — Texas National Guardsmen and Department of Public Safety troopers set up barbed wire along the northern bank of the Rio Grande creating a barrier to physically keep migrants from climbing out of the Rio Grande. Governor Greg Abbott deployed the Texas Border Force earlier this week to help stop or deter migrant crossings as part of Operation Lone Star.


    • Liberal World Order  in Control .'

      North American Union & NAFTA Highway

      Biden is owned by China and his handlers hate America

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