The difference between the the patriots and the rest of them

I don't know about you but I'm getting sick of the truth being called a lie and the lie being called the truth. I AM PATRIOT. I AM PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.
As promised I finally registered to vote. I used Rock the vote just for kicks. In the box which asks what motivated me to register I wrote that I was sick and tired of the politicians not following the constitution. That should get their goat. In the party affiliation box I chose none. I do not even want to be associated with any of these parties.
Here is the difference between me and the people who are affiliated with the various "official" parties. Most parties, like special interest groups, have a private agenda, and so do I. The problem is that these parties go around the constitution in order to accomplish their agenda. I only ask that they follow the constitution, that‘s my agenda. The insult added to my injury is that these parties and special interest groups are being treated as though they are telling the truth and I am being treated as though I am a lying irrational bigot.
What is the truth? Party politicians agree with each other in this manner. If you allow me to violate this provision of the constitution in this way, I will allow you to violate it in that way. I have a news flash for you. The Constitution was not written to create laws and acts by mutual violations. Justice and equity is not obtained by both parties getting an equal number of violations. You don’t have to violate the constitution to get you way. The document has a process to alter the provisions when the need arises. It is called an amendment. If you want national health care to be provided by the federal government then simply amend the constitution to allow for that provision.
Special interest groups understand how the system works, wink, nod. They know how to grease the wheels of the legislative wagon. Just donate a lot of money to their campaign fund and tell them you have a block of votes that you can guarantee to vote for them if they simply support their agenda. The problem is that the agenda that they put forth is unconstitutional.
There is the difference between the Patriots and the special interest parties, or the special party’s interest. The Patriots are not asking the elected officials to do anything they're not required to do according to their own oath of office, or that they agreed to do according to that oath. The special interest parties are side stepping the constitution in order to get special provisions that are not guaranteed by that constitution. The special party’s interest is keeping in power by negotiating deals with other special party’s to mutually violate the constitution for their own self interest.
This is why we need to sever our ties with these “special” party’s. Our special interest should be to get back to the Constitution, which is the original agreement between the governed and the government, by the consent of the governed, dictated bt the provisions of the governing documents.
Kevin Zurrin

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Well said Kevin. You are now considered a member in good standing of the MOB and are considered a domestic terrorist of which you will find yourself in very good company. Go forth, spread the word and multiply. Semper Fi
TRUST NO ONE., and like Ronny said verify everything.
You nailed it Kevin....I view the political party apparatus as an incestuous relationship with the sole objective of satisfying each other and keeping their despicable behavior amongst themselves, fully knowing what they are doing is a violation of moral law, of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Founding Father principles.

America is slowly grasping the magnitude of the betrayal, deception, and slippery slope to destruction.......God help millions more to wake-up within the next few months........
Right on Kevin!
Linda G
Nice one, Kev'. The continued arrogance of our 'elected' politicians is astounding. Bill Nelson of FL can't see us and acts like we're talking chinese.
There's a whole litany of losers who are going to collect their salaries for life and their spouses collect after they die.
We need to stop them.
I agree and am proud to be a member of the mob. I think that we should vote a clean sweep. If they are in office, they need to go unless there is a VERY good reason (aka A responsible person who takes their oath seriously,)

And while we're at it, we should cut their salaries. Pay them the same wages as say a policeman, a fireman or a member of the military. Check with your city government. You would be surprised as the salary of the cop on the beat. And they risk their life for us daily. The average earning of a police officer in 2006 was $47,500/year. (This is listed Career Toolkit. You can compare this to the annual salary of each senator, as of 2009, is $174,000. (This is listed at wikipedia

Its no wonder they get up there to those ivory towers and get stupid. They need to come back to earth, remember what it is to be a normal human being and worry about everyday life. They need to worry about following the Constitution and satisfying their constituants, not each other and their special interests.
Perhaps we should keep the salary the same, but only if they do their job 100%. If they only read 1% of the bills that they vote on, then they get 1% of their salary. One of two things will happen. Either they will do a lot more reading, or the bills will get a lot shorter. Either way we will benefit.
We shouldn't have to be chosen by a party to be put on the ballot. If I satisfy the constitutional requirements I should be able to put my hat in the ring and let the "People" decide. People in any of the parties are threatened by non party members because they think they will split the vote in their party. NEWS FLASH the parties do not own the vote. And quite honestly the parties do not deserve the vote. Don't take this personally Evert, I don't need to vote in your primary because your party hasn't put up a candidate worth voting for in decades. Perhaps we should shuck the whole "Party" system and vote for people based on their own merits. Maybe then you won't have to choose between sh*t and stink. This is said with all due respect of course.
You sound a bit perturbed. First, I did pay attention to what you wrote. When I said your party, it didn't matter which party you belonged to. None of the major parties have put up a candidate worth voting for in a primary or otherwise. Obviously you didn't pay attention to what I wrote. Do the election laws allow anyones name to be put on the ballot? What are the requirements for my name to be placed as a choice? You see my friend I do plan on getting involved. But I refuse to get involved with any of these parties. If the demander in cheif can use the internet to get himself elected, then we could conceivably get an unknown candidate elected into any office. Read what Lincoln had to do to form thr republican party. Of course now it's the re-puppet-ian party
Kevin Zurrin

Can you put up a list of things the American citizen should know or look into regarding the election process....e.g. the election official is in each State; what a primary is; who can vote in a primary; registration impact and period before an election, et al..........perhaps someone else would like to help.......??

Maybe we need a special page on PFA to locate this information........

Harry, Good idea. We'll have a bunch because as you know, each state is different. Like our constitution, this is something all of us should understand about the election process in our respective states.
Kevin you have said it all! I am PROUD to have you with us, and we like you are PROUD to be part of the MOB. LET THEM CALL US WHATEVER THEY WANT! ARE MOB IS GROWING EVERYDAY, AND SOON THEY WONT HAVE MUCH TO SAY!



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