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Congress is the entity in charge of appropriating money, not the President. Instead of appropriating those earmarks they should just not appropriate the money that would normally go to earmarks. That way NO ONE could spend it and it would not go on the national debt. Does that make sense? It really has nothing to do with the President at all.

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INHOFE: The McCain-Coburn budget-balancing fraud
Senators need to drop symbolism, answer for real spendthrift votes

"A politically correct ban on congressional earmarks will give President
Obama even greater power and authority in the expenditure of taxpayer
funds. In other words, in the case of Mr. Obama, he would have more
money to pursue his liberal agenda. No wonder he was so quick to endorse
a ban on congressional earmarks."

Would someone please post the words of the constitution that addresses this issue?

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The attached PDF details the rules by which Congress may control the Executive Branch. It is not rocket science.

The second PDF was written to my Congressman.

The third PDF is in defense of the constitutional protections under attach.
The stimulus bill was a humongous ‘earmark’ for the progressive socialists! IF a moratorium or a ban on ‘earmarks’ is put in place it simply allows the government to use ‘earmark’ allocations for their own corrupt spending!

“Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate Republicans, supported an earmarks ban and voted to ban earmarks. But he knew there weren’t enough votes for it. Now that it looks like there are enough votes, McConnell is lobbying furiously behind the scenes to kill the earmarks ban.” Think Senator Jim DeMint!

Earmarks are simply nothing more than favorite projects that will get the professional, political, parasite a bunch of PR and hopes of reelection for 'bringing home the bacon', hence pork barrel spending.

Remember the "Bridge to Nowhere" by Senator Stevens of Alaska? What a hoot! America rejected this folly by a huge majority and Alaska voted him out! This is just one of the stupid requests by these greedy bterds. How about a $million bucks for the study and research on the sex life of the Japanese beetle? What's up with this?

Of course, there are many, many projects needed that could have improved the daily living status of American citizens in a particular city in any given state but, the monies to build or repair a bridge, highway or a railway trestle but the monies in most cases goes to what the governor and state Senators and congressmen/women of the state wants and NOT for what the citizens wanted and voted on.

This is where the resistance to ‘earmarks’ begins from "We the People..." who do NOT fancy paying for your project to improve your life in your city by your professional, political, parasite when it does nothing for anyone else in America! We realize ‘earmarks’ are a pittance compared to the unsustainable deficit!

My suggestion on how to BAN ‘earmarks’ is to use the current Census tally to allocate monies per capita to each state for needed projects, voted on by the citizens of their particular state on an annual basis for their state!
IF the amount of monies allocated is NOT sufficient to complete the project voted on in 2011 the 2012 allocation will be used toward completing the project voted for in 2011, et cetara.

Earmarks will be renegotiated after the next Census in 2020, thereby eliminating ‘earmarks’ per se and prevent the government from stealing, spending or giving this ‘earmarked’ money to the UN or corrupt Third World country despots.

This approach offers the Senators, Congressmen/women and “We the People…” a voice in the process of governance of the people, by the people and for the people that eliminates stupid ‘earmarks’ attached to every piece of any required legislation!
However, I believe more time and effort should be used to strike down laws writ that have a detrimental effect on the American citizens rather than creating more laws! For starters enforce the laws already writ, especially laws regarding the border and legal and illegal immigration, anchor babies and preventing Sharia` law to corrupt our Constitution…The supreme law of the land!
Hang a few of these politicians for treason or put them in front of a firing squad and they will change their treasonous behavior.
It is even more sinister.......many earmarks are not even evident nor are they included when legislation is passed..........THEY ARE ADDED AFTER THE LEGISLATION IS VOTED. And you say, "how can they get away with it"...the answer: The bastards make the rules as they go along......
Well geewhizzzzzzz! eliminating earmarks is an item that McCain said he would take care of if elected..................So now can see clear it would have given him more money to spend too, providing he had been elected; Rhino as he is. I wonder what he would have spent that cash on,that the taxpayers contribute.hmmmm. Thanks for this tip.INHOFE

ban on congressional earmarks will give President
Obama even greater power and authority in the expenditure of taxpayer
funds. In other words, in the case of Mr. Obama, he would have more
money to pursue his liberal agenda
Whats the difference between Pork Barrel spending and ear marks? I didnt think so. They either one need to go or both, Seems best to not support either party any longer and look for a new movement that will adhere to the original constitution and cut the money paid to these robbers of tax money . The system has been used and abused so many times everyday since modern times have arrived. The new idea needs to also go and back time congressional pay scales to 1958. The outlaws will not be so eagar to get into office. The biggest problem people have is other people.
Senator Kyl (R-AZ) is the world's biggest hypocrite in adding a $200 million earlmark 3 whole days after taking the pledge.
It took Senator Kyl three whole days for Senate Republicans to break their earmark pledge. Kyl was among those new converts railing against the scourge of earmarks, even while he sought nuclear pork as a condition for assenting to the new START treaty. Kyl’s a complete hypocrite. Second, Democrats actually managed to pounce on this. Patrick Leahy said on the Senate floor, “I do know an earmark when I see it. And this, my friends, is an earmark.” Third, this benefits the state of Arizona, home of longtime porkbuster hypocrite John McCain.

Only three days after GOP senators and senators-elect renounced earmarks, Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, the No. 2 Senate Republican, got himself a whopping $200 million to settle an Arizona Indian tribe’s water rights claim against the government.

Kyl slipped the measure into a larger bill sought by President Barack Obama and passed by the Senate on Friday to settle claims by black farmers and American Indians against the federal government.

It certainly meets the know-it-when-you-see-it test, critics say. Under Senate rules, an earmark is a spending item inserted “primarily at the request of a senator” that goes “to an entity, or (is) targeted to a specific state.”
Democrats have tried to get the black farmer and Native American trust accounts settled for almost two years, blocked every time by Republicans. Until Jon Kyl.

Enough of the policy. On the politics, this is great and kind of hilarious. Kyl’s clearly running scared from this; he declined an interview with the GOP. So far, that low profile is working; none of the usual tea party suspects have picked up on this. That may be a matter of time, or they may adhere to IOKIYAR orthodoxy. Either way, Kyl looks fairly ridiculous, and due to his position in the GOP leadership, that should be exploited.

As a total, earmarks add relatively little to the budget but, damm it, we must send a signal Congress is out of control.
Not a problem, thanks for the letting me know.
Don Nelson produces evidence of a politician saying one thing and doing another........Kyl's action should be shouted from the rafters........tar and feathers at a minimum......after he's run out of Congress.........
It is going from bad to WORSE!

Boehner is totally out of control, he has appointed Hal Upton as committee chair on energy. Upton is a total RINO, hell, he might as well say he is a progressive.

More importantly, he has appointed Hal Rogers chair of the appropriations committee. For Example: Rep. Rogers (R-KY) is one of the biggest "Pork Hogs!" Rep. Rogers, who by the way, was named the "Porker of the Month" a few months ago, to the House Appropriations Committee and expect him to end pork barrel spending!

This practice must be changed! Boehner is signaling that he doesn't get it! Republicans must ban Earmarks outright! If a project is important and needs funding...then put it in its own bill!! No more Earmarks period!

The appointment process for these chairmanships must be changed. Republicans and Democrats are guilty of appointing chair positions based on senority without qualifications, Qualifications for the job must be their first priority when appointing these chairs.

We must hold their feet to the fire if we want Washington to change the business as usual mantra! We the people, must continue to remind Congress that we want earmarks to end once and for all!

Both of these appointments put marginally good people in important positions based on seniority, we need our BEST!



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