The US Currency and the digital dollar

Prior to joining the USA and becoming a State each of the original 13 colonies printed or minted their own currency.

At times competition between the colonies became pretty volitial.

In fact the wars between the colonies of New York and New Hampshire became so violent that in order to stop the wars the Colony of Vermont was created as a neutral zone between the two.

Once becoming a US State the United States took over the task of minting and issuing the currency. The USA became the sole minter and issuer of all currency.

And prior to 1973 the US currency was backed by gold.

In 1973 then president Richard Nixon took the US off the gold standard and put us on our current fiat currency.

The US federal government decided that they could declare virtually anything to be our currency. Including nothing at all, which is what fiat money really is.

Fiat currency is really nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme. When they created the US fiat currency they created the US Federal Reserve Banking system. But the US Federal Reserve Bank is not part of the US Government. It is a wholly owned private corporation owned by the Bank of England and Scotland.

The USA does not print or mint nor issue its own currency anymore.

The USA simply issues another IOU to the Federal Reserve Bank.

That IOU is backed by the good faith and hard labor of the American people, plus all of our land and minerals , and virtually everything else in the country.

Like every other Ponzi scheme ever created this US Federal Reserve system is doomed to fail.

That brings us to what is going to be our next US currency.

The Federal Reserve Bank is now looking at creating and issuing a digital currency.

Similar to a crypto currency.

But this one will be a little different, this one will be backed just as the current fiat currency, by the American labor force and virtually everything in America.

The new digital currency will be like no other system ever created except that in Communist China.

Your money will be exchanged for digital currency, or social credits.

This will be done on the grounds of “saving money” by the Federal Reserve Bank.

Your new digital currency will be totally controlled by the Federal Government.

Every dime you spend will be tracked and recorded.

It wail also be under total control of the Federal Government.

If you attempt to purchase an unauthorized commodity such as a firearm or ammunition your-purchase may or may not be approved.

Depending on your social credit standing.

Since the time of the Brentonwoods accords, and the Jeckal Island accords, the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury department have known that our current system of fiat currency was doomed to failure.

They have been working on creating this new digital currency system for over ten years.


Back around 1983 president George Herbert Walker Bush working with others who control our currency systems came up with and began developing the plans for a new world order. A system of a one world governance. One government to rule the world.

Say good-bye to US Sovereignty;
This new digital US currency will bring us one step closer to that goal.
Under this new digital currency and the new World Order the US Sovereignty will cease to exist.
The US, like you and I, will be granted social credits, according to our collateral and
our ability to pay. At our current level of national debt of $31+ TRILLION dollars the total estimated value of all things in America of around $121 TRILLION will take only about six years to be consumed and spent.
That’s just long enough for the American people to become “comfortable” with the new digital currency syste
m. After that they wont even notice that the USA is no longer a free and sovereign nation.

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