Jack posted this on my Facebook page. I thought it was important to post a response.

Jack writes: "So, how's Call the Colonel going? Another OAS flop. I applaud the American people for their intelligence in rejecting everything OAS stands for. There is clearly much hope for our country."

Here is my reply:
Rejecting everything OAS Stands for ?!! Well lets see now, What is it that OAS stands for? American Sovereignty, freedom, liberty, the rule of laws and not of men like dictators. The restoration of our Constitution, the rights of the people to own property, the rights of the people to live and to work at what they love and enjoy instead of being dictated too every minute, the right to keep what you earn, the right to earn what ever and as much as you want and are able, the right to travel and live where you want, the rights to reap the rewards of your inventions and patents, the right to prosper, and grow, and get an education. The freedom from slavery, (No - we are NOT going back there). All of these things that America has been for 237 years. And you're glad Americans are rejecting all this !!?? In favor of what Jack? A dictatorship like Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Adolph Hitler? In favor of the United States being controlled by the United Nations?? Are you in favor of working all week long and having to give all your earning to the Government only to receive what they decide you should have?
OAS Stands for freedom and liberty and the restoration of our American Constitution. OAS stands for a government of the people, by the people, and FOR the people Jack. And you're glad they are rejecting that !!?? I hope you enjoy your life under this Marxists/ Communist dictatorship. But you had better enjoy it fast and while you can because if they continue to follow their play books that life wont be very long.

If anyone cares to respond to Jack's comments they can be found on our OAS Facebook page.