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First of all, “peaceful protests” end at sundown. Any missing “law” about this is an oversight at best – “peaceful protests in the dark of the night” are riots. Second, if anything happens in the dark (riots, damages, injuries, deaths) make the police chief or the sheriff responsible.Kyle Rittenhouse was there because the Law, then those who’s mandate is to enforce the law failed the citizens. I might stroll out in the night for a beer or two, then walk home. If there is no law, and there is no one to enforce the law my only choices are to become a killer or a victim.So, if there is no law, or no one shows up to enforce the law, we need the local Militia mandated to balance this fact. As soon as there is Law, and the LEOs show up to enforce the Law the Milita no longer exist for that purpose, it no longer has the mandate – LEOs do.I think the communication breakdown happens when people fail to realize the local Militia does not need to cut any red tape to mandate. That’s why we call it a Local Militia, it is going to form and it is going to act on the moment’s notice. Shoot ASAP, then let the “justice system” figure out what happened and why.Blame the English language, for putting “what” before the “why”.
What do you think.. are these valid arguments on my part.. am I mis-underestimating how the a local Militia may function, and for what purpose? Is this ethical, is this legal, is this advisable, is this valid?

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  • Many cities and neighborhoods have what they call Neighborhood watch groups. These are people who simple patrol the streets around their own neighborgoods and watch for any kind of trouble.
    They are usually Armed and have some means to call in the local LOE if and when there is any trouble.

    Although they typically don't use the terms but any kind of neighborhood watch group are actually a form of a citizen's Militia.
    These groups and the people serve their communities in a very useful way, they help keep people safe.
    But the term "Militia" has now been vilified so much and for so long that if they referred to themselves as a Militia then the news media would demand they be prosecuted rather than praised.

     In this case they have only one mandate, - that is to protect the neighborhood and to keep the peace and to protect the citizens. But a Militia really does not necessarily require any kind of mandate .
    This type of neighborhood watch group can also be expanded to include the entire city, or the County and out to the state levels. The mandates remain the same but once they reach the County and state levels the duty also incompaces the duty to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the united states.


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