Constitutional Emergency

241 years ago men stood up like John Locke and rejected the notion that earthy kings ruled by "divine right". They believed men have been given inalienable rights from the King of Kings that no earthly
King or government can withhold or take away. So the first of 3 ships left England for the Americas. On it were many bibles, there is no recorded evidence that even one Koran be amoung them. From the very beginnings God blessed these pilgrims as they fled the bondage of England as the Hebrews who left the bondage of Egypt. They also had their Moses's and Aaron's they became known as the founding fathers. God blessed these men and woman from the very beginnings of their pilgrimage. The first great awakening swept the American Colonies from 1730-1740. A mighty visitation of God swept the colonies under preachers such as George Whitefield who presched to as many as 10,000 people in the open fields without a PA or loud speakers. Also Johnathan Edwards who preached his famious sermon during that time "Sinners in the hands of an angry God" which resulted in thousands professing their faith in Christ was due in no small part to Johnathan spending 13 hours a day in the Scriptures. The 2nd great awakening was shortly after starting in the beginning of the 1800's under the leadership of pillars in the church such as James McGready, Barton Stone, Timothy White, John and Charles Wesley, Daniel Nash and Charles Finney just to name a few. When Finney preached whole towns would shut down, saloons would shut down many to never open again. Our Nation was blessed because we put God first. Read our founding documents and our founders writings and they are pregnant with God in their bowels. During the American Revolution when the nation was divided and people's appeals were disregarded John Locke said " if appealing to men has failed...Appeal unto heaven!!! That phrase spread like wildfire. Men put that saying on flags as they went into battle. George Washington quickly took it up and flew it on all naval vessels. George cried out " UNDER THIS FLAG OUR NATION IS BORN". Today America is as divided as it was during the Revolution. The black youth of today who's parents fought and some died for integration seek segregation again. Black only graduations, save places for blacks only, black only cafes on campuses. America has turned its back on God. It doesn't even want monuments to remind them of the One who gained them Liberty. One should not criticize another unless he has first prayed and interceded for the one whom he's criticizing. This I have done and will continue to do. What America needs, they only thing that will heal her I am convinced and persuaded by the Holy Spirit is a 3rd Great Awakening in America. I believe this is going to happen. God is going to reap a harvest of untold millions before Yeshua returns. Today let us once again APPEAL UNTO HEAVEN!! Lord may we live Holy lives till you come....

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Thank you Mister Regan, Well said, well written.
On this 4th of July as we celebrate our anniversary as a free and sovereign nation, we can not fail to recognize that we are also a divided nation. This division like a cancer has spread all across the country for over 50 years. No nation in the history of the human race has ever enjoyed the freedoms, liberties, and prosperity of it's citizens as America has for these 241 years. And no nation in the history of the human race has ever survived being so divided as America is now.
We must return to the founding principals and beliefs of our Founding Fathers. That includes their unwavering faith in GOD all Mighty. America was founded as a Christian nation, with a belief in one GOD and only one GOD.
May GOD Bless America once more.

Amen Old Rooster. There are many things Jesus said while with us that the Apostiles and church leaders repeated but on that's applicable to our nation is Jesus prayed to the father "I pray father that they may be ONE even as we are one". There is one faith, one body, one baptizum, etc... For any group or nation to stand their must be unity. E Pluibus Unim. Out of the many one. God in the first chapter of Genesis gives us a hind of the unity of diversity in the Godhead itself: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The Hebrew word throughout the Chapter is Elohim who's is in the plural not singular sense confirming for those who study it, the very Trinity of God. Father, Son Holy Spirit. Three seperate manifestations of the One True God. Instead of unifying on our underlying founding principles and maintaining our individual options on nonessential matters we have turned away from even our founding principles. I can see no lasting America now as it was intended then. We are eating ourselves alive which is the end result of anyone or any nation that turns from its creator.
Pray. Appeal Unto Heaven...
Salvation is if the Lird and Him alone "It is vein to put thy trust in the arm of flesh".
I have an observation and a comment I feel that the time has come to make...... for several years now I have counted myself amoung the patriots here and have spoken to you on Gods behalf and spoken to God on your behalf. I know that there are several ministers of the gospel of our Lord (or so they say) who are members or at least viewers her also. Yet "I have not once" see thee stand in the pulpit to rally the troops here..Not once encourage the discouraged or the down hearted. You have not once raised your voices against the injustice and ungodliness that has overtaken this nation that God has so mightly blessed. God will not hold you guiltless for your silence. Here me you who say you speak the words of God out of one side of your mouth while in truth you are silent as Satan continues to attack both Saints and sinners. You are a living, visual example of all that's wrong with the Church and America today. You sit silently in your great buildings speaking to one another, patting each other in the back many just holding on till Christ returns while our nation is run by devils and the heathen are on their way to hell. I speak to you in Jesus's name and beg you repent of your silence. "Silence means consent"!. Pray for a holy backbone, pray God put fire in your bowls and make you an Isiah or a Jerimiah or a John the Baptist and cry out "REPENT for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" and that our nation is is great peril. If and if say if you were called as His minister, you were called to be a watchman on the walls. But if you are truly what you say you are you have fallen asleep and your commander will not hold you guiltless when you stand before him. And don't try to say "I'm just a pilgrim passing through". That you are but even a pilgrim who's residency is in heaven takes pity and comes to the side of those who live hear and are in pain and misery.
Wake up you sleepers and the light of the glory of God will shine be upon you again. I beech you by the mercies of God to honor your calling and rally the troops here if you have been called at all..... if you can't say Amen at least say ouch and repent.
God birthed this Nation and its part of your responsibility to see she lives.



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