Time to get real

Time to get real


America – It’s time to get real; Time to get serious.
Inflation, high gas/fuel prices, transportation, shipping and shortages.
These are all ‘Hot-Button’ issues, They can cause a lot of pain and hardships. but they are all transitory, temporary problems. Americans are resilient, and we can suffer through them.
But these issues are not sufficient cause to start a civil war or the next revolution.
We can suffer through these and we will recover.

However there are other issues and things that are happening that can not – must NOT- ever be tolerated. The weaponizeation of the federal government against the American people. The use of the FBI, IRS, and DHS as a weapon against any single individual or groups of people can not be tolerated. We have seen this too many times here in America already.
Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge when the FBI was used to trap Weaver into guns and weapon charges and then they went in and killed his Son and wife.
David Koresh and the Branch Branch Davidians in what has become known as the Waco massacre. The FBI used the National Guard to assault and attack the Compound and ended up killing 85 men, women, and children.
The Hammond family ranchers in Oregon; The Bureau of Land Management from the Department of Agriculture was turned into a weapon to steal their Hammond ranch so that some politicians in Washington could confiscate any Uranium deposits on the land.
The same thing was done to the Bundy ranch in Nevada.
There are literally hundreds of these types of stories that never reached the public notice, they never made the headlines.

Almost every department and federal agency has at one time or another been used as a weapon against one group of people or some family or individual.

Now we come around to the CDC, (Center for Disease Control) and the WHO, (World Health Organization) and this COVID-19 Virus.
The Federal Government under the Biden administration has used nearly every government agency and virtually every trick in the book to destroy the American economy, to limit or restrict transportation, force their phony ‘mask’ mandates on the public, and to force people, (including the National Guard) to take take their experimental vaccine drugs.
Again we can suffer through all of this and we can recover from it all.


But there are some things that Americans must never allow to go unchecked, things that must not be allowed. Things like the Branch Davidians and Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, and the Bundy Ranch assault.
Once again we are witnessing yet another government entity, this time not even a formal government agency, instead this is a makeshift government committee, formed by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party in Washington DC, the January 6th investigation committee. This committee was supposedly formed to investigate the assault against the US Capital on January 6th 2021. But this committee and the people who are running it have gone completely overboard and have gotten completely off track. Rather than investigating what took place and who orchestrated that assault this committee has now turned into a full fledged attack against former President Donald J. Trump and the Republican party.

Their goals now instead of investigating the occurrences of that day, have turned into a vicious hate-group vendetta aimed at indicting and prosecuting President Donald Trump in an effort to keep him from ever holding office again.

This is all part of the “Fundamental Transformation of America” into a Marxist/Leninist/Communist totalitarian State. Run and controlled by some “New-World-Order” and a “One-World-Governance”. Controlled – Governed, and dictated to by some unknown group of “over-lords” or some “committee” based either at the United Nations in New York City or in Beijing China.

Donald Trump wanted to return the power over this Government back to the people. That is why they hate him so much. It’s all about power and control. The proceedings of this January 6th committee and their games are well underway. It all starts with the indictments and potential criminal charges against President Donald Trump. The intention as I said is to stop him from ever holding the office of President again.

These actions being taken against one individual and a group of people in the Republican party are completely unconstitutional and exceed the power and authority of this United States Federal Government.
Whether you love Trump or if you hate him, it makes no difference. They have already gone too far. And it must be stopped.










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  • Short of a complete overthrow of the present Federal government and the re-instatement of the Constitution, based on original intent, I see no way of stopping anything. Without a vast majority of people behind it, nothing will change or be stopped.

    How many of us actually know and understand "original intent"? I know I do. A very small Federal government with extremely limited power with the power residing with the people in the individual states based on a Republican form of government.

  • Joe Biden doesn't run anything. The whole world knows that except Joe Biden himself.
    The problem is, as you say, the people who really do run things are rarely ever known.
    I know of only two - three, names but also know there are many more. From both sides of the pond.
    Their plans and designs for the new-world-order and a "One-World-Governance" are NOT good.
    Not for any people who wish to remain free and independent.
    George Soros said the biggest obstacle to building a New-World-Order was the United States of America".
    Therefore the objective and goal is to eliminate the United States as a free and sovereign Nation.
    Once that is done, the rest of the free world will collapse like a house of cards.


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