Trump declares run for 2024

Ex-President Donald J. Trump has declared that he will run again for President in 2024.

Full Speech: President Donald J. Trump Makes Special Announcement at Mar-a-Lago

You have to give the man credit for being persistant at least.
The question is will YOU vote for him in 2024?
We already know the left-wing biased news media will be on full attack mode for the next 24 months.
The weak-kneed half hearted Republicans that have turned against Trump blaming him for the lack of the "Red-wave" in the 2022 elections will no doubt attempt to nominate Ron Desantis in the Republican primaries.
If we don't get the full support of every Republican in this country then we could easily wind up with another for years of Democrat Joe Biden, or who ever they decide to run.
And then we have the problem of these rigged elections and the Democrats padding the ballot boxes.
The way things stand right now I don't see any alternative but to stand and get behind Trump, give him all the support we can possibly muster.
He's the only candidate out there that can beat Joe Biden and the Democrats. And Trump is, when it comes to saying he will make America great again, who can say "I've done once, I'll do it again".
By making his announcement this early in the 2024 election cycle Trump has headed off any attempts by the left to try to prosecute and attack him.
Those attacks can now be publicized as strickly another attack by the Democrats on their political opponent.
So this now raises several questions;
Who should Trump select as his Vice-President running mate?
Mike Pence would not help since Americans no longer trust him.
Ron Desantis could be a good choice if he doesn't get too aggressive while running for the Republican nomination.
Here's an interesting thought;
How about 4 more years of Donald Trump followed by eight years of Ron Desantis?
That could put the Republicand in charge for 12 years.

We might be able to get this country straightened out by then.



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  • Sorry, NEVER.  What is it about "grab a pussy" that you don't understand?  Sorry, I love your postings and find your insights of tremendous value.  But this - NO.  The R field has a lot of depth and now is the time to capitalize on it.  The D depth is weak, including the current President who, in my opinion, did actually win the election thanks to the multiple issues surrounding Mr. Trump (I know you do not share this view.).  The most recent election shows it could happen again. Go with the strength in your depth.


  • There are unfortunately too many people like Bernetta Swartz above, who have been brainwashed to believe all the B.S. that has been said about DJT, the best President this country has seen, at least in my lifetime, which Thank G-d has been over 80 years. He is literally the only President to say he was going to do something and then went ahead and did exactly that. Everyone else has made promises that were only rhetoric. Ron DeSantis just won his big race and isn't about to run yet, IMO. Kristi Noem would be an excellent choice, also IMO. Glad to see you have kept this site active Rooster.

    • Yes too many Burnetta types among us, but it will turn into a big circus for the press and the GOP will reject Trump despite the overwhelming support he has among those that generally support the GOP.

      I have had and still have reservations about Trump's allegiance to our Constitution. Until we return to our Constitutional roots this country will continue to lurch closer and closer to full blown tyrannical rule, we are almost there at the present moment.

      What did Thomas Jefferson opine on the "Tree of Liberty"?

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