United we stand; Divided we fall.

United we stand; Divided we fall.

For over 230 years there has existed an unspoken unification among the American people.

That unification has always been what we have referred to as “We-The-People”, One Nation - Under GOD.

But what did that really mean? Yes – those words appear at the top of our Declaration of Independence, and in our pledge of elegance to the Flag, and they are part of our Constitution. but those words have always had a much deeper meaning than just a few words at the top of a 237 year old document. There was a time not so long ago when those words were considered a part of the very fabric of the American way of life. They stood for and defined what made and built America. Those words and their meanings spoke about the blood and soul of the American people. It meant that We-The-People, Americans all, would stand united against any and all enemies of America. Those words and their implications resonated all across the globe. Any potential- would-be foe knew that if they screwed with America they would very quickly find that they would have to deal with ALL of America. In 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Admiral Yamamoto was asked why the Japanese Imperial Navy did not go forward and invade the US mainland. Yamamoto's reply was the now famous quote "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.". That phrase and those words, “We-The-People” and The UNITED States of America had real meaning and some very real implications. And the whole world understood it. No enemy, no matter how big or well equipped could ever defeat America by invasion or attack. You can not defeat and idea and a dream by military means. So how do you defeat an idea, or a dream, how can you defeat one people United in one belief and in a concept? Simple – you break that unity and divide the people, and if possible you destroy the dream.

There was a time in America when the people in the local neighborhoods all knew each other, we all knew our local police. And the police knew just about every person in the community. It didn't matter whether it was a local big city neighborhood, or if it was a small city or town somewhere out in the rural country side. The police were a part of that community. Sure they knew who the trouble makers were, but they also knew who their friends and supporters within the community were. And most importantly the people knew that they could depend on the police to stand up and defend their community when things went wrong. The police also knew who would cover their backs when the time came that they had to make that stand. There was a time when I could (and would) stand right behind a cop with both a hand gun and a rifle. And that cop knew I was there to help defend and protect him, he was NOT afraid or intimidated by my presence at all. Instead he welcomed that support, and I was glad he was there because we probably needed him at that point.

That social unity and civil structure extended all the way from the small neighborhood to the city hall, and to the State. It also extended all the way up into the highest ranks of the Military. We were ALL one United States of America, One people – United. (E-Pluribus Unum – Latin for “Out of Many - One”)

So what happened? What has changed in America? That neighborhood unity has been replaced by social divisions and political and civil unrest. The people no longer know who that cop is that is driving around their community streets. And what is worse, the cop doesn't know who the people are that live there. Oh sure – he's seen their faces, and he may recognize their vehicles in the driveway. But he has no idea which ones he can trust, who can he comfortably and safely turn his back too. And what's more the people don't know if they can safely turn their back toward that cop. Some places now the police don't even dare venture at all unless they do so in force. This social and political unrest has also extending all the way from our local small neighborhoods, up to the big city, up to the State police, and even today all the way up to our own Military. In the 1960's when our troops came home from Viet Nam many of the people were right there waiting to welcome them with open arms. But so were many others also there waiting and ready to spit at them. Instead of walking the beat and talking with your local cop - too many people have been out there throwing bottles and rocks at them and calling them pigs. They refer to our Military as “baby-killers and terrorists” It's no wonder the police don't trust anybody. Who could blame them under these types of circumstances?

The Militia; Fifty years ago if we were to call for a meeting of the local militia groups, half of the local police and Sheriff's departments would show up. Not because they were expecting trouble or to watch for who was the trouble makers or who had guns, But because they (the cops) where part of that same militia group. The militia groups were the people of those communities. They were the ones the police department depended on to cover their backs if and when things went wrong. And the people were right there ready and willing to stand up and to stand behind and defend their local police departments. Now instead of being a part of the militia groups half the country is calling for more and more gun control. Militia has been turned into a bad word. (We can't have private citizen's walking around with guns and forming social groups, and holding meetings). The closest thing we have to a militia today may be referred to as a local emergency response team, but they're not armed and not allowed to carry any weapons. They're only there to help fight fires or rescue people in case of natural disasters. The Police and the Police alone, are charged with and expected to maintain order and peace.
The police are scared to death that some jerk some where is going to take a shot at them for stopping them at a traffic stop. And the really sad part is that the cop is probably right. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that every police shooting is right, or wrong. And I'm not saying that every citizen is right in taking a defensive view of the police. I've seen my share of both sides. What I'm saying is that the social and political views in America have changed over the years, and it has not always been for the better. In today's society if I called for a meeting of the militia groups and the police or Sheriff's department showed up there would probably be some kind of negative confrontation. And it could easily turn into a real violent disaster.

There would be no telling which side would be the primary initial aggressor.

If you want to destroy a Country or a Nation, you first have to destroy it's social, civil, and political unification. “United We Stand – Divided We Fall”.

So why am I writing this article? What is my point and purpose?

Today we face a real looming and eminent threat to America. Whether you choose to recognize it or not, there is a very real potential that our way of life in America is about to come to an end. The Federal Government has called for a US Military “Training exercise” called Jade-Helm-15 which is supposed to begin sometime in July 2015. (Some say it already has started) No one seems to know the details of this except that this type of “Rural” exercise has taken place several times in the past. But this time there appears to be a big difference. This time the extent of the exercise is said to be three or four or more times as vast as any previous exercises. This time (because of the political atmosphere stemming from Washington) there has been a lot of speculation and rumors running around that this Military exercise is intended to confiscate all civilian arms and weapons. There is even talk about some forms of public (Fema) detention camps being set up all around the country. I'm not saying or suggesting that ANY of this is true – or not true. What I'm saying is that our social, civil, and political structure, our local law enforcement, State Police, and Sheriff's departments, our National Guard, and the citizen's Militia groups have now all been separated and broken apart by political and social, and civil, divisions. We are no longer a United people. We are no longer a United force against which no enemy could contend.
I remember the Branch Dividian compound in Mt. Calm (Waco) Texas. And not long ago there was the violent confrontation between several motorcycle groups and the police in Waco, Texas where nine bikers were shot and killed. I remember Ferguson Missouri where rioters destroyed nearly half the city, and only a little later this year the riots in Baltimore, Maryland and the New York City riots. I'm not making any judgments here on either side of any of these incidents. I don't know all the facts in any of these cases. But I do know if we don't try to mend our own social, civil, and political differences, if we don't try to figure out who our enemies really are, if we don't try to understand our own social and civil environment, then we don't stand a chance against any enemy, no matter how weak-kneed half hearted or foreign or Domestic that enemy may be.

If you're not familiar with political corruption go back and take a look at the stories of Athens Tennessee. Then read the story and watch the movie about a Sheriff by the name of Buford Pusser over in McNairy County Tennessee. Two completely different sides of very similar stories. Both involved corruption and the fact that the people had to make a stand. Ultimately in bath cases it came down to the will and actions of the people to take control and straighten out the mess.

Back in our early American history when the world was having a lot of trouble dealing with pirates off the Barbary coasts of Africa and Europe, President Thomas Jefferson decided that in order to confront the pirates he first had to understand who they were. Those problems are what really lead to the creation of our US Navy and the US Marine Corp. Jefferson got a good copy of the Islamic Quran in order to better understand who he was dealing with. Jefferson and the US Military went to war to stop the piracy and destruction on the high seas. (Reference the US Marine Corp Hymn, “From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli”). The Barbary Coast is known today as Libya and Somalia.

Today our American president is inviting those same people to come here to America. The Government in Washington has somehow made a decision that our southern borders apparently don't need to be defended or protected. Immigration and even infiltration from some radical terrorist organizations is not of any concern to them. Reports of ISIS and other terrorists groups either here in America now or possibly massing in training camps just south of our Texas Borders.

Couple that with race riots being stirred up for political gains and an ever increasing pressure on our economic structure, plus the political and financial moves to try to create some sort of New-World Order or some form of One World Governance. Any one of these stories taken individually could be handled easily, but combined and used as a means to attack America and we could be facing some real potential devastating threats. Law enforcement, Local, State Police, Local County Sheriffs departments and the Citizens of the various Militia and civil defense groups should all be working together, not fighting at each others throats. After every event or mass shooting by some deranged mis-fit, this Administration in Washington makes another call for complete and total ban on all privately held guns and weapons. Under these circumstances the local police are all to ready to agree.

To Law Enforcement and our Military I say “Remember your Oaths”, remember the Constitution. To citizens I say “Remember our pledge of elegance to OUR flag, “One Nation -Under GOD”. Remember these men and women who serve in our Military are YOUR sons and Daughters. And the local cop or Sheriff is probably your next door neighbor. The Police and Sheriffs department have to remember that the next door neighbor who has all those guns and weapons, and belongs to the local Militia is probably only training to protect his family and defend America. He is probably a US Military Veteran. And he or she has sworn that same oath to protect, preserve, and defend America against ALL enemies foreign OR Domestic. He may NOT be your enemy after all.

I can hear the crumbling coming from both sides now. '(If those bastards show up here and think they are taking my guns – they better think twice',,, and from the other side – 'If they show up in MY town carrying any guns I'll arrest every damn one of them'. I once asked a local Sheriff not too long ago who he thought would be his source of back up in case of a real confrontation. His reply was “We've got the DPS” (Department of Public Safety – State Police for those who don't know). That's ok but what are you going to do when you are confronted with 10-15 thousand Muslims and the Nation of Islam with another 10 thousand members of the new Black Panthers intent on getting revenge on a Texas Mayor that ended a Sharia Court in her city? Who will you call then Sheriff?

Either way we better remember one thing,
“United We Stand – Divided we Fall.”

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  • Old Rooster~

    Wow.  Most certainly a lot of history stated here.  Wow.  I'm glad that you included the history of the Barbary Coast.  I tried to talk with people about many of the topics you just wrote about and usually get laughed at --- recently someone asked me: "What are you? The new mobile history channel?" 

    Often times I wonder if America has become a nation of zombies.  I understand that we Vets are a target of the current regime to be imprisoned, disappeared and/or assassinated because we remember the truth, America's history.  We may be the last generation of people to know what Freedom is.  No one will miss their Freedom until it is gone. 

    I will not accept that Freedom is defeated -- I'll keep fighting until the 'bitter end'. 

  • Copy and paste that letter and send it out to every law enforcement, sheriff, local police chief and County Judge you know of.

    It's time to rebuild the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
    Make no mistake about it folks, we are in a war, and this war is about to get HOT HOT HOT.

    The local law enforcement people, and the Militia groups should ALL know who their enemies really are. We had better start figuring that out right NOW.

    • Old Rooster-

      I will certainly pass this message along.  Although my concern is that many are too afraid to do anything about the disasters about to be sprung on us. 

      There are also good links with this article:

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      • Try this link, it works better.

        • Old Rooster,

          Thanks for the link.  :-) 

          Is it just me, or are the Republicans stabbing us in the back - again?  They helped pass the Trade agreement and then helped pass the Obama Health Scare Plan. 

  • We are falling divided, because of the open border policy and excessive liberalism. The Roman Empire had the same happen to them - they'd opened to the Barbarians, incorporating them into their society, government, and military. As a result, they got conquered. However, while the Barbarians converted to Christianity and the Romans did not, aside from the Eastern Empire, and much later, the Western Empire, reverse the role, comparing paganism to the same scum as atheism, and that's the problem we have today: atheist Barbarians are taking our society over. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat, or more appropriately, rhyme with it.
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