USA Corporation fraud exposed (Part. 1)

The following is a part of a paper presented by Anna von Reitz. The premise is that she has compiled a number of points which allegedly prove the grand deception foisted upon the individual sovereigns of the several States of the united States beginning in the early part of the nineteenth century then continuing through the present day. I take no credit for anything included in this paper and I offer it up to all of you with the caveat that I can present no proof of my own that what is exposed here is, in fact, the truth. Much of what is said in this paper seems to me to be reasonably probable since this is not the first time I have encountered much of this information in my decades-long search for the truth behind the JFK assassination, the Vietnam war, federal income tax, the litany of federal taxes, state and federal laws which declare victim-less crimes punishable with incarceration within the government cages, rampant adventures in foreign lands with little or no justification (that I can discern, anyway) and on and on from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES!!

With sufficient interest from you in this subject illustrated by your comments, I will send other parts of the document so that all may become aware of its entirety. Please feel free to comment at will. 

So What Does It All Mean?

Anna von Reitz

So What Does All This Mean?

It means we have been defrauded by international banking cartels operating "governmental services corporations" as if these entities were our lawful government. It means that the Holy See and the British Monarch have acted in secretive Breach of Trust and Dishonor and have undermined our rightful government since 1845. It means that we have caught the rats red-handed, proved the facts, and demanded remedy.

FRANCISCUS, the dba name of the Pope, issued his Motu Proprio and made the members of the Bar Associations responsible for their errors and omissions. This effectively washed his hands of the criminality of the Bar Members and the continuing assaults upon us by the British Crown and ended their privateer licenses and other protections that had been extended to them in Breach of Trust. So far, so good.

However, there has been no action to dismantle the mechanisms of the fraud that has been practiced against the living people. Every day, babies are born in hospitals and are "registered" as chattel belonging to privately owned and operated corporations masquerading as our government. These corporations patent and trademark our bodies and our names and create "citizens" for themselves that they ultimately control as slaves. This practice of "enslavement by proxy" is no less repugnant than physical enslavement and it has the same results. They have accomplished this by obtaining undisclosed contracts under conditions of coercion and misrepresentation and by blatant fraud upon the probate courts and falsification of the civil records. They have had each one of us declared "legally dead"---- "Missing, presumed lost at sea"---and have seized upon our estates as presumed secondary beneficiaries. This legal chicanery has been assisted and expedited by a few evil politicians who literally conspired to sell their countrymen into slavery for profit.


There are a total of 4 pages so I will send them in 4 different posts.

Perpetually in pursuit of true Liberty,

John Saunders

A free, independent, natural and sovereign human being; one of the People.

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