What is that?
Today our young people are being sold a lie, a bill of goods about some kind of utopia. A Communist dream that somehow their lives will be much better if they will just simply give in, surrender, and let someone else take charge of their lives. We have grown accustomed to our freedoms and liberty now to the point where we no longer recognize or acknowledge that America and our system of a Constitutional Republic guarantees us the rights and liberties needed to create our own utopia. It doesn’t guarantee success. It does NOT guarantee equality of outcome. It does not guarantee that everyone will be equally prosperous or rich. It only guarantees that each and every one of us has an equal opportunity to try.

Have you ever seen the forests around this country? There is no structure or building nor any monument ever created by the hands of man that can equal the beauty and majesty of a tree in the forest. Whether it be in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine, The Green mountains of Vermont, The Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee and New York State, or the Ozark Mountains of Kentucky and Missouri, The great Smoky Mountains, or perhaps the great Rocky Mountains of the West.
In my travels during my life time I have seen each and all of these places, and much more. Because it has been my privilege to travel all around this great Nation. I thank GOD that I was born in the United States of America. I thank GOD that I was born and live during a time when the American people and our system of government honored and respected that Constitutional guarantee of freedom and liberty.


Throughout all of human history there have been less than one (1) percent of the human population of Earth that has ever known the privilege of living in freedom and liberty. There has always been some group of tyrants and killers that somehow seem to think that they should have the rights to dictate and to force their beliefs on to all others. These people believe that somehow THEY should be granted power and authority to force everyone else to bow to their whims and desires. They think THEY should have ownership and control over everything and that no one should ever be allowed to question their authority.
Our Founding fathers knew about these tyrants. They knew there would always be some groups or some people that would be ready, willing, and able to seize power and to attempt to force their will on all others. It is part of human nature.
Thankfully our Founding Fathers were well educated and knowledgeable enough to create a system that would prevent any such tyrants or groups from ever seizing that much power.
Today Americans have grown complacent. We have allowed some of these ready and willing tyrants, at all levels, to use the very same systems that grant them power and authority to abuse the powers and authority of their offices to persecute and to prosecute any of the rest of us anytime THEY see fit to do so. If you challenge their authority you will be prosecuted. There are no limits to which they will go to defend and preserve their power and authority.

Our rights are NOT granted to us by the Government. Our system of Government is designed only to protect and defend those right which are granted only by our creator, these are known as our inalienable rights. Instead our system of a Constitutional Republic is designed to limit and to restrict the powers and authority of the Government(s). Not only our federal government but also our State and local Governments as well. The Constitution guarantees each State shall have a Republic form of government. This does not refer to any political party, it is neither a republican nor a democrat party type of system. The words democrat or democratic do not appear in the US Constitution. It is a mix of words and meanings that are sometimes confused by those who are less well educated and by those who wish to confuse others over those meanings.
Utopia; You can choose to live under their system of some Utopian concept but you will have to surrender all your rights, freedoms and liberty. You will surrender all right to own property or to own and run your own business. You will surrender any right to grow rich and prosperous. Under their system of utopia none of those right and privileges are allowed.

And as for traveling around the country to see all those forests and the Mountains, you can forget about that too.
Instead you will simply live where and do as you are told. The only utopia that exists is for those who have appointed themselves as some kind of ‘Elite’ with special powers and privileges over you.

I choose NOT to comply.
Utopia – I will make my own – because I can.


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