WASHINGTON - Endorsements from the Veterans of Foreign Wars
Political Action Committee have so enraged many VFW members that its elected leaders have asked the PAC to immediately rescind all endorsements for next month's election.

The PAC's leaders flatly rejected the idea Wednesday. The veterans group established the PAC in 1979, but it is operated separately. The PAC bases its endorsements on how lawmakers voted on
specific issues of importance to veterans and members of the military.

"The VFW-PAC will not abandon those in Congress that have supported issues of critical importance to our nation's security and veterans," said a statement posted on the PAC's website.

Hundreds of VFW members have been calling the national headquarters in recent days to complain about some of the endorsements, particularly about two races - both featuring Democratic incumbents.

In one race, Sen. Barbara Boxer of California got the PAC's endorsement over Republican Carly Fiorina. In the other, Rep. Ron Klein of Florida got the endorsement over Republican and Iraq war veteran Allen West.

In calling on the PAC to rescind its endorsements, the VFW's commander in chief, Richard L. Eubank, and two other officers said that the endorsement process "unintentionally provided favoritism to the incumbents."

"It is now evident it was unfairly skewed," Eubank wrote in a letter published on the organization's website.

The VFW has about 1.5 million members, and the endorsement from its PAC is usually widely advertised by the candidates.

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Isnt this Boxer the one who has ties with the Pink group sending funds to Islamic radicals?
she sure is.
Fruits & nuts, now whitch one is Barbara?
Whomever is in charge of the PAC needs to be sent packing! Endorsing Barbara Boxer? Are they nuts? Boxer has a terrible record when it comes to supporting the military or funding our troops. In 1991, she voted against a supplemental to support troops on the ground in Kosovo. In 2001, she voted against $847M to fund much needed mission critical and force protection maintenance. And in 2003 she was one of only 12 other Senators to try to defeat a $87B supplemental for supporting troops in the field and their families at home.

Boxer is no friend of the military or veterans! Anything BUT.

And how in hell can they NOT endorse Allan West...who is not only military, he's a military HERO!
The Veterans need to speak out in outrage and attend the Convention in August! This PAC should be dismantled. To endorse lightweight Ron Klein over Col Allen West, whose boots have been on the ground for 24 years in defense of this great country is an absolute outrage! To endorse Barbara Boxer is unblievable! This pompous twit should be grilled by the General she insulted by telling him to address her as Senator! The General should be grilling her about the assistance she provided to the anti-war traitors Code Pink when they delivered $650,000 in cash and aid to the insurgents in Fallujah in 2004! We lost 51 Marines there and the VFW PAC thinks she is a friend to our troops??!!! When my Son was deployed she and her cronies were threatening to cut funding on our Warriors while they were in the heat of battle! This is disgraceful and disgusting and the VFW PAC should be called out and shamed by every Veteran. I have been told the phones are ringing off the wall from Veterans all over who are outraged. God Bless 'Em and I hope they keep it up!

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers
I have never been a "joiner". The Legion, VFW, et al--none of them wanted me when I came home from Vietnam. Today, they are all clamoring for my money. I had just decided to join the VFW. Guess what? No thanks. I'm not putting my money where they are endorsing. Forget it.
and don't forget Boxer insisting on being called senator in front of the whole nation. she has absolute disdain for the military.
I am a life member of the VFW. I have seen their bias many times and because of that bias I have discontinued active participation in VFW activities. Instead I have devoted my efforts to the Marine Corps League. At least the members are not simply members because their fathers were and their grandfathers were, I actually lost a good Marine friend a survivor of IWO JIMA who voted for a Democrat simply because he believed the garbage the Democrats spewed against George Bush. When I teased him about it, he refused to talk to me about it. I am not surprised at the PAC, but I am surprised that having been asked to pull their endorsements they absolutely refused. As I have said and will continue to say, ignorance is correctable, stupidity is forever, unfortunately, the PAC suffers from the latter condition, therefore, I will not participate further until they are either gone or replaced and that attitude is totally adjusted. If necessary, I will turn in my life membership and go to the American Legion. I never liked the way they treated Korean and Viet Nam veterans anyway.
Thanks, I believe the remarks made here are justified and if the "VFW Leadership" fails to take the appropriate action and "FIRE" those that are responsible for these idiotic endorsements of some of the most anti military "SCUM BAGS" in congress, I would think that those responsible for these endorsements "ARE NOT" veterans, as so many of the employees of veterans organization are not nor have they ever been in the military. I for one will turn in my life membership, and will NOT do one thing for this organization. What are they trying to pull? Are they "IN BED" with these "CREEPS".they endorsed? My advice to the VFW Leadership, LEAD or get out of the way so a real leader can do the job "RIGHT" by FIRING THESE SCUM BAGS.
Easy fix, get out of the FVW.
This pac should be denounced and removed from any VFW paperwork and they should warn all of there members to not contribute to this Pac. This Pac is backing 2 of the most far left idiots in Congress. I recently removed my membership to the NRA for there backing the wrong people. Gene r Swank



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